Two as One Princesses Chapter 111

Hiya! It’s been a long time, too long of a time! So this should be enough formalities, let’s go go go~
Last time on AinCiel: Leaving for their errand, our princesses headed to the adventure guild to see the witch from the party of fools waiting for them. However, having not been given enough context, the sorceress was shaking in her boots, wondering exactly why the daughter of their overlord landlady called for her. And after getting a more private place to have a more relaxed chat away from the public eye, they’ve reached the topic of there possibly being a power wanting to bring down the landlady, where our princesses decided to hear which side her family plans to be on. Now then:
What will happen next? Will Viviana be able to give a concrete answer? How exactly do these people plan on usurping Fii? And will we be staying in the guild for more than 2 chapters?
Find out in the next chapter: Viviana, Family, and…!!
Anyways, once again (for the second time in a row), I’m sorry for the extremely long absence. I hope you enjoy the chapter and please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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