Two as One Princesses Chapter 79

Hiya~! What can I say except-…… I’m late. I’m really sorry for the delay. I have an announcement after the usual summary, but please enjoy the chapter.
Last time on AinCiel: Out of the meeting hall, into the mysterious mistress’ mansion! Led to the balcony for a refined cup of tea, our princesses continued their chat with the mistress of Central with a more casual and relaxed mood. The mistress questions them but never tries to force an answer from her adorable guests. And with the discussion leading to the crosschecking for the main suspect of the recent gold monster issue, all eyes were fixed on an unexpected individual, the forest spirit! Now then:
What will happen next? What secrets might the forest spirit have? What is Fiiyanamia’s actual relationship with spirits? And what exactly will their coming exchange reveal?
Find out in the next Chapter: Fiiyanamia, and……!!!
Once again, I’m really sorry for the delay. I’ve noticed that things haven’t been getting too better these past few weeks, so I’ve decided to take 2 weeks off after I post this week’s chapter. It’s really been a bad trend lately, culminating to the previous extended delay and this one too. So I’m thinking of putting my life in order to hopefully improve this current trend. Again, there will be a chapter this week, but I do want to say this before ~~next~~ weekend.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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