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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 316

I don’t have the level of brain power or effort to write much for this pre-chapter rambles today.
I’m quite a bit exhausted.
Spent all the day roleplaying, had to do the event on Genshin which I suck at and it took too many attempts to get it half done…I still need to do the other half tomorrow.
My X4 game is either a miracle or a disaster…I can’t decide which…because two of the major factions of the game have been eliminated in a war, removing an entire race from the universe sandbox. It’s amazing that it’s possible but also not so amazing that my game is now half wrecked by what is blatantly a violation of canon…especially when I was hoping to use that save to experience all the future DLC new too for a unique experience of what happens when a well established empire collides with a brand new one that DLC added instead of coexisting from the start.

Basically I have no energy. It sucks.

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