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Wild Last Boss Chapter 191 [END]

A Wild Last Boss is translated by TpstT and Vecna. Both translators have agreed to allow Re:Library to list this on our site with a two weeks delay policy.

You can now read A Wild Last Boss on Re:Library at your own convenience, no more juggling between two different sites. But of course, if you wish to catch the latest update, you’d still have to visit the translators’ respective sites, unless you’re willing to wait two weeks before they’re uploaded on Re:Library.

Fire: This is it guys, the final chapter. Huge props to the translators, Shurim, Vecna, and TpstT. Also to the fellow editors such as Keii. Even though I’m just publishing it here for easy access, I’ve got to say, what a long ride we have experienced. As always, I hope we’ll meet again soon and thank you! Alas, here it is. Enjoy!

Also, there’s maybe side chapters. Enough of that.

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