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Update on Project Gender Bender

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 105

Hey guys, a sort of personal announcement here but I’d be really happy if you read it!
So this week a small indie game that I have been supporting for quite a while finally released.
It’s called Tears of Avia, and it’s on XBOX and PC.

I really love this game, and the reviews for it right now are…middling at best.
So I’ve decided to try and share the love and throw it out at you guys.
It’s a SRPG/JRPG type hybrid that basically any anime fan will love! You can think of it something akin to Final Fantasy Tactics but…well less AAA.
And when I said small, I meant a small team, but there’s at least thirty hours of content in this game. At least. And that’s not including replayability and alternate endings and the hardcore mode.

The Steam link is here!

To celebrate its launch I’m thinking of doing a steam key giveaway too.
So let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a chance to win!
Also shameless plug of my twitch channel that has my ongoing playthrough.

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