Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 225

So I’m going to use this pre-chapter ramble to rant about how awful Amazon delivery was today.
So basically I had a delivery scheduled and that was fine and all but while waiting I got an email saying it had been delivered.
Now I had been asleep for most the day so I figured “Oh it was delivered earlier and my parents got it I guess.”
So I begin my hunt, looking at each place in the house and find nothing.

In the end I give up and decide to wait for my parents to come home from wherever.
Turns out, they hadn’t had it either.
So what was this email about? There wasn’t anything in the letterbox to say it had been handed to a neighbour or something.

Turns out. They just left it on my front doorstep.
In the open.
Where it could rain.
Or be stolen.
A super expensive piece of electronics.

Yeah. Thanks random Amazon delivery driver. I hope you lose your job and I’m not even being sarcastic.
Suffer the consequences of your dumb decision.

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