Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 215

So this will be a couple of days overdue by the time it posts.
(I completely forgot to mention it in yesterdays chapter releases!)

But IDOLM@STER just celebrated 15 years!
This is probably my favourite idol franchise despite never playing the games, but the original 765PRO group of girls are some of the most memorable characters I’ve ever come across.
I actually have figures of Miki, Iori and Chihaya.
They won out over the Love Live trio of Umi, Eli and Maki that were also contending for the idol slot on my shelf.

Speaking of anime figures, my Nemesis figure from Infinite Dendrogram shipped recently.
This is the last figure for the year (unless I order another one). My next figure is the Fate Anniversary Rin who I won’t be seeing for over a year.
That Rin figure is special because it’s the first figure I own to violate my ‘canon or iconic outfit only’ rule for figures.

Anyway I bet most of you skipped this because we all want the resolution to our collective bloodthirst!

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 2: Chapter 60 «

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