I am a Succubus Chapter 51

I am a Succubus! is an original Gender Bender webnovel written by Jammin’ Rabbit in collaboration with Tamaya Kagiya‘s visual novel of the same name.

Tamaga Kagiya is a visual novel developer currently working on gender bender comedy Visual Novel with high sexual content called “I am a Succubus!”

:shocked_pikachu_face: A revelation was revealed… So Torii Sensei is Beatrice..? If you don’t remember who Beatrice is… it’ll be explained again in this chapter~ I know she was suspicious but this plot twist though…

Oh also, since the author, Jamminrabbit, shouted out our site, it’s only fair for me to do the same~ If you guys like I Am a Succubus, then be sure to check out his other original works like “Ellori, the Ero Witch of Parthun“. You can guess by its name but it has some lewd scenes like this novel~ Even though it’s not Gender Bender, it still is an interesting novel. You can check out his profile and other works here. To contact or ask the author any questions or maybe just hang out with him, you can join his Discord.

Without further ado, enjoy the chapter~

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