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Loli Elf Chapter 2

Oops, silly ol’ me, almost accidentally published Chapter 2 as Chapter 1 last week. Remind me to never schedule a chapter release at 4am midnight!

Anyway, this chapter is still taking place in the modern world, and so will the next chapter, I believe the reincarnation thing happens at chapter 4 though. Oh yes, and one more thing, this author is 120% confirmed weeb, in the editing process, I noticed the author literally using the Chinese equivalent of nii-san, which fellow weeb should be aware is a Japanese word for Brother.

Though I have to apologize to my fellow weeb in advance that I have opted to not use the weeb term and translated the nii-san to brother instead. Please forgive me for that. (Hey, what do you think you’re doing with that knife… wait, don’t come any closer, ahhhh!!)

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