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Two as One Princesses Interlude 6

HAHAHAHAHA! It’s Wednesday my guys, and here’s a chapter for you~
There’s no deep reason for this, though it is because it’s another interlude and I want to forward the story instead of posting this one this week, but you can fully blame my impulsive, short sighted brain for wanting to do this today.
Anyway, last time: Carol POV recollecting what happened during a short time-skip with alcohol on hand. Our princesses just sleeping on the cold hard ground when camping out, which is the usual for them but absolutely appalling for the POV Mage and Ain (Most likely) being cutely struggling with a tent when prompted to set it up. More information about the mysterious newbie party.
And so on this interlude: Where is this going from here? Why another Interlude? And who’s POV are we going to be in next?
Find out what happens on: ……..!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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