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Update on Project Gender Bender

Dragon Princess Chapter 77

Purge Carol.

And here’s an announcement brought to you by Silva. Due to the lack of resources to go around, we’ve decided to do a little purging of our own and replace some of our less competent translators. No, we’re not purging Carol, yet. Instead, we’ll be purging Nexus Flameheart. He has been working with us for a few months and had shown considerable improvement, it’s sad that we have to remove him from the team, but there are times his quality would randomly fall to smithereens, and we can’t afford that kind of randomness.

As our team continues to grow bigger, I can’t expend more time checking his translations every time. Which is why we have replaced him with FrozenFirez. Now I don’t know if any one of you know him, but he claimed to have translated the Great Ruler and Wu Dong Qian Kun for WuxiaWorld. Regardless of that, however, he is now translating Dragon Princess for Re:Library, do give him a warm welcome. That’s all from me, ta-ta.

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