Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 67 (Part 2)

This here will be the 2nd part of Chapter 67, as mentioned last month, we will split each chapter into an appropriate length consideration how long each chapter is compared to your average joes. Since Chapter 67 made up more or less 9k characters, like wow, we will split it into three parts.

And we also mentioned this last month, but since we are still in the middle of reworking the past chapters, these new chapters has yet to be proofed by our editors and the terms might differ. It sure ain’t easy to rewrite the past chapters, many tried to brave through the perilous task, but ends up with a broken mind. Mad respect to those fallen warriors and even more respect to those who remained steadfast and continued to push through. We’re slowly but surely making progress, we already covered 20 out of 66 chapters we needed to rewrite. Just a few more push and we can finally take on this project in earnest.

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