Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 129

I should really write something here but it’s 4:30am and I am REALLY TIRED.
I got tunnel vision while watching Railgun S and totally forgot to do anything else today!

Well I was also plotting out my Index FanFic.
I finally reached the Sister’s Arc climax. I had quite a bit of trouble working out what to do for this arc since I didn’t want to change it too much, but also didn’t want to risk leaving it out because of how significant an event it is for any fan.
I think I struck a nice balance though!

Also I’m relying on you guys, think me up some ideas for “space” magic will you?
So far I’ve got things based on planet orbits, dyson spheres, sunspots and stellar cartography.

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3 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 129”

  1. Teleportation fall under spatial magic ?

    Here is the king of that genre.

    It’s about an alien race that has the ability to naturally teleport things with their minds. Vinge explores some of the ramifications such as their global transportation being a system of lakes located at points to minimize the differences in angular momentum and potential energy. The royalty are royal because they can do things like teleport boulders from the surface of the moon to the surface of the world (Kinetic/ Gravitation Potential energy release on the order of an atomic bomb). They also have a method of dueling where they try to overcome each other’s defenses and teleport parts of their enemies brains around. (not probably but a real nasty thing to read)

    The other classic would be portals. I remember reading a story in Analog back when it still published science fiction where the setting was an alien world that had plants that naturally grew connected wormholes (not likely but why not). The author (shame I forget his name) had great fun exploring how the humans stranded on the world used them for recreation, and to substitute for the tech the no longer (communication, transport, heating cooling (energy comes from some place and goes to another always)

  2. I’ve read or watched this somewhere but this spatial magic basically walls off a section of a dimension parallel to ours where time flows at a different pace to ours and depending on how much power is injected into the spell determines it’s starting size. It can get bigger by injecting more power into it so that as the user gets more powerful, the larger they can make it.

  3. Don’t know if this is what you want, but have you ever seen the TV show “Supernatural”? Well, the angel Gabriel in there was strong enough to basically create miniature universes, all with their own timelines even and the funny thing is that his pocket universes are mostly parodies of TV shows and commercials lol. He mostly does it to mess around with people and to hide the fact that he’s an angel and play the trickster role so that he wouldn’t have to get involved with his family problems (namely Michael’s and Lucifer’s problems with each other).

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