Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 117

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 4 Final:

Hello, I’m writing this the day before I leave.
It’s also the day before the Da Vinci event starts on FGO. Rotten luck right?
Why do I have to be away for the first four days of a major game event? Actually on that front, I’m going to really struggle to fit in time to play all my gacha games aren’t I. Luckily both Honkai and FGO are mobile games.

When this goes live I will actually be back home though, pretty funny to think about right?
I’m writing this before I go but you won’t even read it until I’m back.
As you’re reading this I’m probably frantically trying to farm materials to catch up on those games.

Anyway, if I remember I’ll edit this to have an update on how things went.

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