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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 104

Hello Future Robinxen,
I wonder…Are you still rolling the gacha for Ereshkigal?
Or perhaps have you already finished?

Did you get her? If you did how many copies? Did you reach at least NP3? It can’t be NP5 can it?
Or was it the worst case scenario? Please don’t give up on life if you failed. Well, I can understand that feeling though. I’d do the same if I were in your position.
Either way I hope some people donated to prevent your spending from becoming self destructive.

Ah I’m so anxious. It’s been two years after all, I hope my saving served you well. I’m sorry that I ended up spending a lot on the kickstarter for Invaders though, and some other side projects. I was hoping to have 1000 in the bank but we only have 350. That 750 on the kickstarter really did a number on us.
I hope you managed to restrain yourself from claiming our work payment! We need that for next month! Well, I’m sure you can make do if you need it for her.

Wish me luck.
From, Past Robinxen

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