Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 92

You know I could have sworn I had an update to accompany this post but it has completely slipped my mind now that it has come to writing it!
Did anyone watch Sol Press’ news panel? They’ve just licensed Rakudai in English, so you’ll now be able to buy physical copies of those books in English.
You can decide for yourself to be happy or sad at the fact Sol Press got the license, their Light Novel release rate leaves a lot to be desired sometimes but I’m still a fan of their Visual Novel work.

And as always, I love imoutos, bye.

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  1. Ngl I’m pretty sad about Rakudai becoming licensed by them. I was so happy when some translators started to translate it again after vol 9, but now they have to stop and I’ll have to wait for the official translations to catch up to volume 12…

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