Dragon Princess Chapter 24

Hah! How are you liking the dark mode now? You asked for it, and I listened. Went and hired a programmer to change the theme to dark mode by default. The toggle button is still in development but it should be available before the day ends. If you prefer to read in light mode, you will be able to find the toggle button at the top menu navigation after it has been implemented.

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7 thoughts on “Dragon Princess Chapter 24”

  1. I tried turning on the night mode before (a day or two ago i guess?) but it wasn’t working yet, this looks nice šŸ™‚

    1. yes, we were testing the toggle button at the time. There were a lot of bugs and incompatibility. Decided it would be easier to just switch the default theme to dark mode, so we worked on that first.

      Now we just need to modify the toggle button a little and it should be done.

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