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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 137

Here’s the fourth of this week’s chapter!

For those of you that read Red Packet Server, you might have heard about this news already, but for those of you that don’t, here is it – I have just launched my Patreon! It is an alternate method that you can support me, if you choose to support me through Patreon, then all pledges will go towards the donation queues of both of my novels. In commemoration of this, I have decided to launch a limited event! Every 5 new patrons I get in the coming month will result in 1 extra chapter released at the end of this event. Currently, I have gotten 6 patrons, so that is 1 extra chapter for both RPS and Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel that will be released when the event ends!

If you’re liking this novel, consider donating to me; support us by turning off Adblock when you read; pledge to my Patreon; and read the other novels I translate (Light and Red Packet Server over at volare)!

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