New Series Pickup – Slutty Chivalrous Woman

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Nope, sorry to disappoint you, there is no mass release for Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel today, however, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting anything.

Spread the love, spread the joy, spread the ****. Embrace the lewdness within you on this special Valentines Day. Please come join Qin Mengyun as she explores her inner self on her path to vengeance!

Yep, here’s a new novel pickup by yours truly (i.e. me). This is going to be an R18 published novel titled “Slutty Chivalrous Woman (浪情侠女)”, I hope you’ll enjoy the first two chapters!

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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      1. What rate would that be? Will it be worked on it casually or will it be worked on similarly to Very Pure…. Mass releases?

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