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Glossary of Common Chinese Slangs, Gaming and ACGN Terms

Hi everyone, Selutu here. No, this is not another mass release, that will be in an unknown time in the future, most likely after we got a better server and everything so our site doesn’t overload from everything.

What I’m going to present to you today is a glossary of common Chinese slangs, gaming terms and ACGN terms. It’s something I decided to create in order to show interested readers as well as translators that find it hard to understand/translate these terms.

Even though I said that I created it, it is not completely true, I definitely couldn’t do it without Frozen (from Frozensama) , he pretty much wrote (rather, rewrote) all of the ACGN terms and moe characteristics section.

I hope everyone will find this useful and don’t hesitate to give us suggestions in the comments section.

In the mean time, I shall shamelessly advertise the Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel Fan Art contest.

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