Chapter 241 – Grand Assassin

Part 1

Experiencing tranquility in the commonplace, realizing selflessness in tranquility. Xiao Chen sat in an outdoor teahouse, looking at the people come and go, listening to the peddler hawking their wares, he felt that it was so lively.

Everyone in this world was always pursuing the extraordinary, they were always discontent being nothing special. However, what would they get in return after completely exhausting themselves?

Perhaps being ordinary was a true blessing. Looking at the stream of people bustling with activities, Xiao Chen tasted the fragrant tea and felt that the life of the common folks were very rich.

A medium sized man with thin clothes rocked his body as he walked over. He had a slightly above average look, but judging from his attitude, he was an extremely vulgar person. His eyes would occasionally stick to a beautiful woman on the street like a hook. He arrived at the table in front of Xiao Chen and threw his butt onto the chair. Then he said with a stutter, “B-b-bro… you se-se-se-seem… rather free now.”

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Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You are?”

“M-m-me, p-p-p…-people call… m-me the butcher, n-n-n-n-no, I mean, I am a tiger slaughtering… sp-sp.. specialist.”

Xiao Chen suddenly felt a thump in his heart. He didn’t say anything and looked at him with a smile.

This average looking yet extremely vulgar guy was chasing after the sight of beautiful girls with his slitted eyes. He poured tea for himself without second thought and downed it in one go.

“G-g-go-good tea… t-th…this is definitely the first grade v-ve-vermi-vermilion tea. I-i-it is said that… y-y-young ladies… i-i-in the early m-mo-morning… h-h-harvested… t-th-these… these… these…”

“These soft shoots!” A big guy at the side let out a thunderous roar. He said angrily, “Let me finish your words for you. I almost choked to death because of your stuttering!”

The extremely vulgar and stammering guy nodded and said, “T-th… that’s… that’s r-r-right… That’s what I wa-wa-wanted to say!”

“O-o-oh… my god!” Even the big guy was influenced by his stuttering. After that, he jumped up in anger and said, “If I am to hear you say a few more words, if I don’t’ die from choking, I’ll die from impatience!” The impatient big guy left immediately.

“T-t-that guy… i-i-is… terrible, he l-l-lacks… training!” The self-proclaimed tiger slaughtering specialist unexpectedly revealed a disdainful expression and looked at the big back’s rear view with fury. It was a little out of place when paired with his vulgar look.

“I-i-i-isn’t that… right?” As he spoke, he turned his head to look at the people all around.

As a result, everyone quickly finished their tea and left. Listening to him speak was one kind of torture. It felt as if there was a lump of air trapped in their throat.

“W-w-why… why i-i-is… e-everyone… l-l-leaving?” The vulgar guy stood up and tried to detain the other people.

“Shoo! Shoo! Let go! It’s stifling with you around!” The last official looking guy shook him off and left with a huff and a pull. ⌈1

“H-h-how… how r-r-rude!” The vulgar guy slapped the table in fury and said, “N-n-n… no manners. N-n-no self-restraint. N-no… ethic!”

“Gulp! Gulp!”

Part 2

This guy grabbed the teapot directly and madly poured the content into his mouth. He gulped down the fragrant tea as if it was water. After wiping the tea that leaked from the corner of his mouth, he turned around to face Xiao Chen and said, “I-i-i-isn’t… that… r-r-right, B-b-bro…?”

This guy was really amusing. Xiao Chen did not feel agitated. On the contrary, he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore after hearing his last word. He laughed and said, “Don’t call me bro, I doubt I am older than you.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” The stuttering guy gasped for air, then he shouted angrily, “B-b-bro… b-b-bro…”

“Stop shouting.”

“I-I-I… I didn’t shout! I-I-I… I was s-s-s… s-saying, b-b-b… b-b-b-…brother!” The vulgar guy slammed the desk and finally managed to utter the word “brother”.

“What is your business with me?” Xiao Chen ordered another set of tea. He poured one cup for the stuttering guy, then he poured one for himself.

“I-I-I… a-a-a… already said it, I a-a-am… tiger slaughtering… s-s-s… specialist!” After the vulgar man said these, he was unperturbed and actually stopped speaking, seemingly waiting for Xiao Chen to raise a question. His slitted eyes were glancing to the left and the right of the main street.

Xiao Chen thought that this guy was very interesting. He didn’t have anything to do anyway, so he was not in a rush. After carefreely tasting the tea, he looked at the stream of people on the main street.

The two of them continued to drink is this leisurely manner for an hour. None of them said a thing even after clearing three pots of tea.

After one and a half hour later, the stuttering guy finally couldn’t stand it anymore and opened his mouth, “Y-y-y… you are really t-t-too… too boring. Even after h-h-h… half a day later, you d-d-didn’t say a single word, t-t-too… too boring!”

“Aren’t I waiting for you to speak first?”

“O-o-o… originally… I-I-I… I am the one who… p-p-p… pissed others off! But today, I-I-I… I-I-I… I almost got pissed off by you!”

Xiao Chen absolutely never imagined that, the stuttering guy in front of him was a member of the number one assassin guild, the “Million Chrysus”.

“You are an assassin, and yet you actually dared to reveal yourself under the sunlight. Are you not scared that your career as an assassin would end?”

“T-t-t… that is… the way of an ordinary assassin! W-w-w… who am I? I a-a-am… the future g-g-g… grand assassin!” The stuttering guy before him was very conceited and boasted shamelessly, “I-I-I… I am the daylight’s… a-a-a… assassin! I can h-h-have… an ordinary life. I-I-I… am unrivalled!”

He was a peculiar assassin named Chrysus. He was conceited enough to use the name of the guild as his denomination. But due to his stuttering, it was impossible to judge his true strength. The only thing one could feel from him was vulgarness.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen recalled an event from two years ago. Wasn’t there an assassin called Chrysus who killed the seventh son of the Tiger clan? The same guy who was to be wed to Fairsnow from the Southern Wasteland.

“It’s you.” Xiao Chen smiled.

The ‘Million Chrysus’ was an organization founded since olden times. They had a deep grudge with the Tiger clan. According to legend, the founder of the guild had once tried to assassinate the old ancestor of the Tiger clan. That old White Tiger Saint nearly lost his life as a result. Since then, both parties bore grudges impossible to unravel.

Chrysus fixed his eyes on a beautiful girl with revealing clothes who happened to walk past the main street. Even his soul was almost hooked away by the beauty. However, he still said absentmindedly, “B-b-b… bro, h-h-h… have you recalled who I am? T-the… future grand assassin!”

Part 3

Xiao Chen wanted to laugh yet didn’t. This vulgar guy actually wanted to become a grand assassin… However, if he thought about it carefully, it was also hard to say. Nothing in this world was absolute, and this Chrysus didn’t look like a simple guy.

“Alright alright, let’s hurry and find a pen. With your way of speaking, it’ll take more than two hours to understand what you’re saying.”

With smooth movements, Chrysus nimbly retrieved a slate from the parcel at his back.

“Let us work together to kill that big tiger.” Chrysus quickly carved the words on the slate.

It seemed like he frequently communicated with others like this. His proficiency was beyond the norm.

“He should’ve taken the slate out earlier.” Xiao Chen cursed silently. Then he looked at him with a smile and asked, “Can the two of us take down a demigod?”


He wiped the slate with his hand, the writings on the slate were turned to dust and another set of writings appeared: “The two of us are about enough. If we include Dugu Jianmo, the three of us should be enough to take his head. What’s so special about a demigod? If the three of us use our divine power simultaneously, he is nothing more than a sickly cat.”

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“I need to think about this carefully. But…” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen looked at this vulgar guy and asked, “How can I believe you are Chrysus?”

All of a sudden, an aura of death burst out. The ice-cold murderous aura immediately caused the tea maker to pass out and die.


There’s no need to probe more than necessary. This was definitely an aura unique to the assassin.

“B-b-b… brother, it’s a promise. L-l-l… Let u-u-u… us kill the old tiger together!”

“Alright, it’s a deal!”

Just at this time, chaos ensued on the main street. Many pedestrian ran over there. While some of the women ran the other way with their child.

Xiao Chen called one of the child into the teahouse. He gave him two pieces of gold coins and asked, “Kid, what is happening?”

The Ox… the Ox King is here. Granny said that the guardian of the underworld has come to reap our souls.”

“N-n-n… Nonsense! H-h-h… how could the guardians of the underworld show up in broad daylight?” The slitted eyes of Chrysus widened.

“It’s true. That Ox King is really strong. He has defeated many practitioners. He even wanted to reap the soul of a person called Xiao Shishui.”

Xiao Chen let the kid go, then he faced Chrysus and said, “Let’s go take a look.”

At the bustling crossroads, a seemingly honest fatty with two horns growing from his head stood there. He looked like the reincarnation of a kindhearted Ox King. And beside him was a banner with these letters: Challenging Xiao Shishui.

“This guy…” Xiao Chen never thought Oxman had actually arrived at Yindu and used this kind of method to find him.

He must have already learned about the battle from the other day. He could trick the others with the Telepathic Sword Wave, Seal of Aquarius, etc., but he couldn’t deceive the little fatty. He was also proficient in many of these skills. He should’ve already guessed the true identity of this Xiao Shishui.


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