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Chapter 95 – Can’t afford to get jealous

I finally let out a sigh of relief, it seems like the three of them are fine for now.

“Yanyan-jie, sorry, I shouldn’t fight over your boyfriend with you!” Yu Ting said carefully. Although she was of the same age as Zhao Yanyan, since Zhao Yanyan was with me first, Yu Ting decided to call Zhao Yanyan as jiejie.

“Ai, whatever. I had originally thought that you were al bad women in the society, from the looks of it, both of you are excellent girls. It’s just that this guy got lucky!” Zhao Yanyan said with a bit of anger.

“Yanyan-jie, you are not blaming me?” Yu Ting said happily.

“You have to help me control him in the future, so that he doesn’t go and hook up with some bad women!” Although Zhao Yanyan was unwilling, she still accepted the truth in front of her eyes.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier and Yu Ting chat about girl topics, I really wanted to laugh out loud. I finally did it.

Eventually the topic between the three of them unknowingly turned in that direction.

“Yanyan-jie, what was it like when you had your first time with that baddie?” Yu Ting asked curiously.

“I…” Zhao Yanyan blushed and said shyly. “We haven’t…” In Zhao Yanyan’s current memories, we didn’t have that level of relationship yet.

Chen Weier momentarily blanked after hearing it, then immediately understood and said to her, “Then you have to grab the chance, otherwise, it’s hard to make sure that he doesn’t go and find other woman!” The chick Chen Weier has been with me just a bit less time than Zhao Yanyan, so she understood me very well, all of the things she said helped me to quickly take Zhao Yanyan.

“What do you mean?” Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan was a bit confused.

“It’s just that he’s too good in that area, I can’t handle him alone!” said Chen Weier. Since it was just our people in this room, Chen Weier didn’t feel like there was anything to be embarrassed about.

“You’re terrible, Weier-jiejie, why aren’t you embarrassed!” Zhao Yanyan said in embarrassment.

“What is there to be embarrassed about, since you are going to be his sooner or later, there isn’t anything to hide between us!” Chen Weier giggled.

“Yeah, I feel like that too, Yanyan-jiejie, you have to work hard!” Yu Ting also nodded.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t think that Yu Ting also had that level of relationship with me, after so long, only she hasn’t done it! What was funny was that she had wanted to teach them a lesson! From the looks of it, she really was pathetic.

Zhao Yanyan started to feel anxious in his heart, originally girls wouldn’t be anxious about this sort of thing, but when they have a comparison, it all changes. When she heard that Chen Weier and Yu Ting were all my people, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of suppression in her heart, she didn’t want to be behind. So, Zhao Yanyan silently made the decision, as long as this guy requests it, she definitely would not refuse.

Chen Weier was worried that Zhao Yanyan would feel awkward when they speak too much about this topic, since just a little was enough, so she immediately changed the topic. The women all gathered together to talk about clothes, cosmetics etc. The three of them were all naturally beautiful and looked good wearing anything, so the topics that had to talk about were surprisingly the same. Otherwise, when a beauty and an ugly girl got together, they definitely won’t be able to have many common topics, because their starting point were different.

After dinner, the women chattered like real sisters. Since Zhao Yanyan decided to let it go, she felt like it was right to get along with each other. Her attitude towards the other two were like close friends, since the three of them might very well have to live together in the future.

“Yanyan, don’t leave tonight!” I said as I held onto Zhao Yanyan’s hand.

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“…” Originally Zhao Yanyan had already made the decision, but hearing me suddenly ask for it, she started to hesitate again.

In this situation, a sentence was right, not refusing was accepting!

At the same time, Chen Weier winked towards Yu Ting. Seeing that, Yu Ting immediately understood, so she said to us, “Weier-jiejie and I will be leaving first. We’ll walk around a bit, then go over to Wangfujing to buy some clothes.”

With that, she didn’t wait for my reply before directly leaving with Chen Weier.

That left Zhao Yanyan and I in the room, causing the atmosphere to immediately become ambiguous.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t know when, but she had already closed her eyes.

My heart leaped, then directly kissed Zhao Yanyan’s alluring mouth, while my hands also started to wander.

I couldn’t be more familiar with the sensitive spots on Zhao Yanyan’s body, so with a few touches, Zhao Yanyan started to get aroused, as she held me tightly and squirmed…

“Sir, may I clean…” A waitress pushed open the door, but when she saw the scene in front of her, she momentarily blanked. However, since this sort of scenes was frequently encountered as waitresses in this sort of high-class restaurants, she quickly said, “Sorry, excuse me!” Then, she quickly left the room and shut the door.

Zhao Yanyan freaked and quickly pushed me away, only when she saw the waitress leave did she pat her chest and said, “You’re terrible! Why did you do it here…”

I smiled, then kissed her again without saying anything

“Not here okay… Let’s… get a room!” After getting kissed by me, Zhao Yanyan stuttered.

“Sure!” I enjoyed a bit more before reluctantly letting go of Zhao Yanyan.

The two of us cleaned ourselves up before leaving the room.

The waitress at the door looked ambiguously at Zhao Yanyan, who’s face was flushed, causing Zhao Yanyan to be unable to be more shy. Even if nothing happened, other people would naturally

“A double room please,” I said to the clerk at the front desk.

“Sir, all the double rooms are full…” The clerk said apologetically. “However, there is a presidential suite left, is that okay?”

“Alright!” Since I was completely aroused, I didn’t care about this sort of things anymore.

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“Okay, sir, the price of a presidential suite is 88888 yuan!” said the clerk.

“Ah! It’s so expensive!” Zhao Yanyan muttered. Although Zhao Yanyan’s family was very rich, she still felt that this price was a bit too much.

The clerk rolled her eyes after hearing that, and muttered quietly, “You’re still coming to get a room even when you don’t have the money!”

I smiled after hearing it, then casually threw my bank card onto the front desk. That clerk immediately shut her mouth, and her expression was replaced with shock, because this sort of bank card would not be issued if there was less than a hundred million in the account.

Zhao Yanayn stared at the bank card for a while, clearly having started to ponder.

At the moment, I didn’t pay attention to Zhao Yanyan’s expression, if the clerk didn’t say that, I wouldn’t have thrown this card out.

After getting to the room, I closed the door, then used my powers to scan the whole room first. After noticing that there were no cameras in it, I finally relaxed.

Zhao Yanyan seemed to have realized what was about to happen, so she nervously sat at the side of the luxurious twin bed.

I walked over with a smile and lightly pushed Zhao Yanyan onto the bed. Zhao Yanyan moaned softly, then held me tightly.

I took off Zhao Yanyan’s clothes softly. Hehe, back then, when Zhao Yanyan and I had our first time, this girlie took the initiative. Now, I can finally get back at her. As I looked at Zhao Yanyan, who I stripped naked, a sense of accomplishment instantly rose in my heart.


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