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Chapter 94 – How many in total?

Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but take out her phone, but there were no miss calls on it. Seeing that, Zhao Yanyan was worried that the signal was bad, so she shook it a bit, but the phone still showed an extremely strong signal.

Did she cross the line too much? With the blink of an eye, Zhao Yanyan started to consider her issues. Hmmph, she didn’t cross the line, him finding women behind her back was crossing the line!

Zhao Yanyan remained unsure, but still couldn’t help but call at the last moment.

“Where are you!” Zhao Yanyan sounded very unfriendly.

“I… am at the entrance to Yanjing Hotel,” I was a bit confused, but also shocked and happy at the same time. I was happy that Zhao Yanyan actually called me, but I was shocked about why she suddenly asked me that!

“Good bye!” Zhao Yanyan couldn’t get more angry, and directly hung up the call. This fellow was actually at Yanjing Hotel.

I quickly dialed back. Fortunately, Zhao Yanyan didn’t refuse to pick up this time. She merely answered coldly, “Just eat with your girlfriend, why are you calling me!”

“I’m not eating with her!” Hearing that, I immediately knew that there was still a chance, Zhao Yanyan was definitely jealous!

“Then what are you doing!” Zhao Yanyan said in annoyance.

“I’m calling with her!” I said innocently.

“Call?” Zhao Yanyann momentarily blanked, then snorted. “Who’s your girlfriend! Hmmph!”

“Of course it’s you! I just said that I was at Yanjing Hotel, I didn’t say that I was eating here! It was just to deal with some matters! What, you miss me after not seeing me for a day? I thought you stopped paying attention to me!” I smiled.

“Who is paying attention to you! I just called to see if you died yet!” Hearing me say that, Zhao Yanyan’s mood improved a lot. In these few days, she also thought it threw, since she couldn’t put down this relationship, she might as well take the initiative. With her conditions, it didn’t seem like taking him from other women was a problem. Thus, she asked, “How many is there is total?”

“How many of what?” I naturally didn’t know what Zhao Yanaynw as thinking, so I got very confused about her random question.

“Aside from me, how many do you have?” Zhao Yanyan said obscurely. However, she already made it pretty clear this time.

“Ugh… For now… There is two by my side!” I said. I don’t know if Xiao Zi an Xiao Xiao counts, we’ll see about that when the time comes.

“For now! Two! What do you mean! Call them out, and wait for me at the entrance of Yanjing Hotel!” Zhao Yanyan said everything in one breath.

“Do you need me to come and pick you up?” I asked.

“No need! Fifteen minutes!” With that, Zhao Yanyan hung up.

I shook my head, just wait did Zhao Yanyan want to do? Did she want to have a family meeting? Yu Ting was beside me, so I called Chen Weier for her to come over, then I got Yu Ruizhong and Guo Qing to go back first to prepare developing against the Daxing Gang.

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After a while, a taxi slowly stopped in front of Yanjing Hotel. The car doors on both side opened. Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier actually came out from the same taxi!

I opened my eyes wide! It seems like the current Zhao Yanyan does not know Chen Weier! I looked towards Chen Weier in confusion, and saw this chick smile.

Seeing that I stared at Chen Weier, Zhao Yanyan ran over and pinched me, “What are you looking at. Seeing a beauty, your eyes can’t even turning!” Then she smiled towards Chen Weier, “I’m sorry Weier-jiejie, this is my boyfriend, Liu Lei! This guy is normally like that, he’s always so lecherous! See if I teach him a lesson when we get back!”

“You guys…” I pointed at Chen Weier, who was seemingly smiling and not smiling, with a stutter.

“Oh, it’s like this, this is Chen Weier, she’s also from Huaxia University! I met her when I was waiting for a taxi at the entrance just now. Since the taxi drivers at this time are mostly changing shifts, there were very little free ones. Since both of us were going to the same place, we came over on the same car!” said Zhao Yanyan. “Weier-jiejie is very nice, she even paid the taxi fees just now!”

I faint! Yet, at the same time, I looked thankfully at Chen Weier, I knew that this chick did it on purpose to help me.

Thus, I could only pretend to be very awkward and say to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, she actually was called over by you…”

Zhao Yanyan looked at Chen Weier in confusion, to which, Chen Weier replied with a nod.

“Ah!” Zhao Yanyan screamed, then covered her face and hid behind me as she complained, “Weier-jiejie, why didn’t you say so earlier! You must know me, seriously, this is too embarrassing!”

“You didn’t ask me just now…” Chen Weier replied innocently.

Zhao Yanyan stomped her feet and said angrily towards me, “How is this possible, Weier-jiejie is so nice, how could she fall for you. Say it, why despicable methods did you use?”

“If he isn’t nice, then Yanyan-meimei, why are you so worried about him?” Chen Weier smiled.

“Hmmph! I’m don’t care about you now!” Zhao Yanyan pulled on Cchen Weier’s hand and said coyly. She even forgot about her purpose, which was to put her rivals in love down, and actually acted like she was good friends with Chen Weier for many years.

Zhao Yanyan was also very confused, Chen Weier gave her the feeling of a sister that she haven’t met for many years. There was an indescribable intimacy from her. It was like the two of them had endless things to say on the taxi. When they got off, they were already very familiar with each other. A woman’s friendship was sometimes very weird, it would be established very randomly.

Looking at the two of them, I let out a huge sigh of relief in my heart, it seems like only Yu Ting’s issue was left.

I pulled Yu Ting over, and introduced her to the other two, “She is Yu Ting, also a student at our school, hehe!”

The happy smile on Zhao Yanyan’s face instantly disappeared. She merely rolled her eyes at Yu Ting without saying anything.

On the other hand, Chen Weier was much nicer, she smiled and nodded towards Yu Ting.

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Zhao Yanyan pulled Chen Weier and entered Yanjing Hotel with me, while Yu Ting followed carefully behind me. It might be because she knew that she joined later, so Yu Ting very nicely didn’t say a single word.

Seeing how Yu Ting was like a wife that was brought up in the family in the old society, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t get mad even if she wanted to. On the other side, Chen Weier had already become good friends with her, so she didn’t want to destroy their relationship due to this.

There was no helping it, she could only let her temper out on me. After we arrived in the room, Zhao Yanyan impatiently asked me, “Tell me how you met them first?” The way she did it was completely like a wife that had caught her husband with his mistress in the middle of the act.

Since she said that, I guess that Zhao Yanyan wouldn’t make me do anything too over the top, it seemed like she kind of submitted to the situation.

Thus, I told her and Chen Weier how Yu Ting and I met, as well as how we met again, and the grudge with the Situ family. Originally, Zhao Yanyan wanted to strike a few blows against Yu Ting using the chance, but when she heard about how depressing Yu Ting’s story was, her anger instantly turned to kindness as she pulled Yu Ting to her side.


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