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Chapter 39.5 – Meeting my little bro

In shock, Zhang Chengman quickly ordered Li Qiang, “Li Qiang, why aren’t you restraining your students, quickly take him away!” With that, he quickly gave Li Qiang a cue! However, he did forget that his subordinate, LI Qiang, someone that lost to me. If I really wanted to rush over, how could he stop me!

However, Zhang Chengman might have forgotten, but it didn’t mean Li Qiang forgot! During the contest just now, the moment that person chopped down on his throat, there was an unforgettable feeling of death! This experience caused Li Qiang, who has not truly been on the battle field, feel the threat of death! This threat was something he will never forget in his life!

Li Qiang forced himself to walk over and prayed, please don’t let this brat get pushed to the corner, otherwise, he’s screwed!

“What are you guys doing, quickly, let him come over!” Seeing that his subordinate was actually going to block his boss’s path, quickly ordered.

At this moment, when Li Qiang hurt Wu Tian’s words, he was truly too happy, he didn’t want to anger this dangerous fellow again, god knows how he learnt those weird martial arts.

“Boss… E—— Old Liu, why are you here!” Fatty Wu said “Boss” naturally, but then realized that his identity was different now, his subordinates were around him, so calling someone else “Boss” didn’t seem quite right. It made him sound like a mobster, thus he quickly corrected himself.

Hearing Fatty Wu call me boss, I was very happy in my heart, it seems like I didn’t accept this little bro for nothing, I also knew that he couldn’t call me that in this situation, so I smiled understandingly, “Fatty Wu, you called me Old Liu, I don’t think I’m that old, right?”

“Haha, it’s a mistake, a mistake!” Fatty Wu smiled. “Liu Lei, why did you come here?”

“Me? For the military training, I am a new student in Huaxia University right now!” I said.

“Hmm… It seems like we haven’t met for two years, that’s right, you should be going to university, oh yeah, where’s Zhao Yanyan? Did she not come to Huaxia University? The three of us haven’t met for so long, I’ll treat tonight, and treat you and saozi…s for a meal,” When Wu Tian said half of what he was going to say, he suddenly remembered I didn’t only have one wife, thus added “s” after saozi.

Hearing Fatty Wu mentioned Zhao Yanyan, my expression darkened.

Seeing my expression, Fatty Wu found it rather strange, thus he quickly asked, “Liu Lei, what happened?”

“Wu Tian, Zhao Yanyan got in a car accident!” I sighed. “Although she has left the danger period, but I don’t know why, she still hasn’t woken up yet…”

“What!” Wu Tian got worked up. “What did you say, Zhao Yanyan got in a car accident! When was this? How is she now?”

“Just a few days ago, she’s in the hospital right now, but the doctor said she’s fine, waking up is just a matter of time,” I said.

“What exactly happened? She was fine, why would she suddenly get into a car crash!” Fatty Wu said anxiously. Although he already lost all thoughts of getting Zhao Yanyan as his girlfriend, he still cared a lot for her, so he was very worked up right now.

Thus, I told Fatty Wu about how Chen Zelong crashed into her. Hearing that Fatty Wu said in an extremely angry manner, “That son of a *****, laozi’s going to take the troops there to bomb his Chen’s Corporation!”

“I already decided to take revenge on him, I’m going to Hong Kong these two days!” I said. “Oh yeah, I have to ask for leave from you, the major chief, I won’t be able to participate in the military training these few days!”

“This isn’t an issue, I’ll tell them now!” Fatty Wu then said to Zhang Chengman, “Company Commander Zhang, this student has some business at home, he won’t participate in the military training these few days, don’t worry, he already trained in the things for military training!”

Seeing the battalion commander say it, how could he not agree. Within the military, an extra level was enough to destroy you! What he was most worried about was that me telling Fatty Wu about what happened just now, otherwise their company might be screwed! From the looks of it, I must be old friends with Battalion Commander Wu, Zhang Chengman felt a silent regret. He should he scodled Li Qiang harshly, then allow the request for leave, this way, the student might even help him put in a few good words in front of Battalion Commander Wu. Yet, now… Ai!

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“Yes, Battalion Commander!” said Zhang Chengman quickly.

Fatty Wu nodded and didn’t say anymore to him. This allowed him to calm down quite a bit, it seems like I didn’t speak about what happened just now.

“Oh yeah, Fatty Wu, how did you get promoted to Battalion Commander in the two years we didn’t meet? This promotion is a bit too quick, right?” Could it be because of your dad?” I remember that Fatty Wu’s dad was a commander of the battalion in Songjiang province.

“Ugh! What are you thinking, although you can go through the backdoor in the army, no matter what, it’s impossible for me to rise to a battalion commander from a normal soldier!” Fatty Wu shook his head and smiled. “No matter how capable my dad is, it’s impossible for him to get me the position of a battalion commander, what’s more, I even got transferred to Yanjing!”

Thinking about it, he was right, how could they go through the back door to become an important official so easily, otherwise, how were they supposed to place the many young masters of the commanders.

“My old man threw me to pilot a helicopter for a while, then pilot a plane for a while, after that, I got promoted to a platoon commander. Then, during a mission, I made a huge achievement, with my dad’s work, I irregularly got promoted two levels, so now, your little bro, I, is already a battalion commander, I didn’t bring shame to you, right?” Fatty Wu said proudly.

I nodded, so it’s like this, it seems like he made a military contribution, then since his dad was also very powerful, his dad used this to help him get a good position.

“Oh yeah, did you got your passport and the plane ticket to Hong Kong? Do you need me to send you over with a military plane?” Fatty Wu said.

“No need, Yanjing city’s government is cooperation with Uncle Zhao, they organized it for me,” I said.

“That’s good, then I don’t need to worry, if the government of the capital can’t do this, then there’s nothing I can help you with,” Fatty Wu smiled. “How about it, let’s not think about it for now, I’ll treat tonight, let’s have a drink?”


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