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Chapter 18 – First love

“Laosan! I support you! If you’re a man, then don’t be a *****! That Situ Liang isn’t anyone good, but he isn’t someone you should piss off easily, so you need to be careful!” Ouyang Tianqi said. “He is the second young master of the Situ family in the Six Renowned Families! He doesn’t have much talent, and just acts oppressive with his family’s power, in truth, he’s just useless!”

I didn’t have any expression after hearing that, Situ family’s second young master? So what if he is, so what if he isn’t?

In the last two years, aside from being with Zhao Yanyan, I would practice those powers that Footy taught me, there probably isn’t anyone in the world can could hurt me right now!

All of a sudden, I thought back to the photo Yu Ting gave me!

I hurriedly took out my wallet and opened it!

My wallet is the one from a long time ago, and I haven’t changed it! Although I liked new things, I didn’t detest the old! I would be very reluctant to throw away things that I got used to using!

Within the wallet was a photo of my family! I remember that I was scared of my family finding Yu Ting’s photo, so I specifically put it behind the family photo! Then after I was reborn, I didn’t think of this at all! Thus, I never touched the photo in my wallet! Basically, I just didn’t remember that I had such a photo in there!

It was different now, my memories were awakened, and thus, I naturally thought of the photo!

I took out the family photo with a tremble. It really was as I expected! Behind the family photo was a photo around three inches! Yu Ting was wearing her middle school uniform and standing brightly beside a lawn!

The corners of the photo were already wrinkled from me taking it out during countless sleepless nights and looking at it with a torch under my blanket!

Yet, that was my mindset when I was younger, as time passed on, she faded into the back of my mind!

I sighed lightly. It seems like tonight was going to be another sleepless night!

I casually finished the food in front of me and looked at the time, today was the first day of military training, although I didn’t have much interest in the school’s military training, since most people that have gone to university would know that the military training for university students was actually very simple, aside from walking steadily together and other basic actions, the most they would do is teach a set of military martial arts. You couldn’t learn other things actually used in the military during the military training! However, the school’s regulation should still be followed, thus Ouyang Tianqi and I walked out of the canteen and hurried to gather at the sports field.

There were around two thousand students in this year’s new students at Huaxia University, this amount was one of the top in the country! The entire sports field was filled to the brim, every class had a temporary teacher that took charge to organize the students in each class.

Ouyang Tianqi and I found the queue in front of a teacher with a board that had “Computing Class A’ written on it. Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing had already arrived, seeing us, they quickly said, “Big bro, laosan (San-ge), where did you guys go? We thought you two disappeared!”

“Hehe! Laosan and I woke up earlier than you guys, so we went for a run! Then we had breakfast on the way!” Ouyang Tianqi explained.

“Awesome person!” Huang Wenjing said in admiration. “I did say laosan wasn’t normal, no wonder he was so fierce last night, so it’s because he has continued exercising eeveryday!”

I smiled and didn’t reply. I saw Zhao Yanyan standing not far away at the girl’s queue smiling at me, to which I returned an ambiguous smile. I didn’t know why, but Zhao Yanyan’s face was actually a little red, and then she lowered her head. At this moment, Chu Gao suddenly shouted, “Bros, look! Our class has a beauty! And she was smiling at me!”

Then I understood why Zhao Yanyan would blush, so someone misunderstood and thought that she was smiling towards him!

“Where?” Huang Wenjing wasn’t a person easily dealt with, hearing that there was a beauty, he immediately dashed out and looked around. When he saw Zhao Yanyan, he was first shocked, then he shouted, “Oh my god, which celestial-jiejie is taking care of me so much, and put me in the same class as such a beautiful girl! I’m willing to bet that Huaxia’s school beauty is definitely her!”

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Even Ouyang Tianqi, who has seen a lot, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as he thought secretly, “She is even more beautiful and elegant than the girls from the Renowned Families!”

“Ai!” Huang Wenjing sighed. “Never mind, I can’t get this sort of girl! Big bro, laosan, I think you guys have some hope, at least you are guys on the level of the school hunk, people like me who have a face full of pimples still have some self-conscience!”

Chu Gao also said, “That’s right! Ai, it’s all because if my conditions, to be fair, whether a man is handsome or not doesn’t matter, the most important was that they were rich, powerful and capable! Only that would gain a girl’s affection! It would be great if my dad was Shuguang Corporation’s director, ****, who else could be more awesome than me!”

I snickered in my heart, I’m unwilling if you wanted to be my son! However Shuguang Corporation’s director was Zhao Junsheng, he doesn’t have a son, and the only daughter is the beauty you’re discussing about!

“Ai? Bros, since there’s still a bit of time, how about let’s play a game?” Huang Wenjing is that kind of person who fears that there is no trouble at all, and thus he started to give out crappy ideas again.

“What sort of game?” Chu Gao was already board, hearing that a game could be played, he immediately said.

“It’s like this, each of us will shout one sentence, whoever can catch the girl’s attention wins!” Huang Wenjing said.

“Oh? It sounds like fun!” Although Ouyang Tianqi came from a large family, he was still a young man, and was very interested in beauties, thus he also agreed.

“Laosan, what about you?” Seeing that the other two didn’t object, Huang Wenjing asked me.

“Wait!” I waved my hand and said.

“What? Laosan, you can’t be too much of a wimp to play right?” Huang Wenjing asked. “Seeing how fierce you were at fighting, you don’t look like a wimp?”

“No! I didn’t say I’m not playing!” I shook my head and said. “What I mean is, how boring is it to just play like this, why not add some prize to it!”

“Prize?” Chu Gao repeated. “Sure! I also think that! How boring would it be without any prize! Say it, what prize?”

“What prize, let’s hear it!” Huang Wenjing said.

“En…” I deliberately paused for a moment and said. “How about this, the winner doesn’t have to do any chores in the room, the losing three has to take over his days for cleaning the place and washing up clothes!”

“Sure!” Huang Wenjing agreed without thinking about it, since with one winner, there were still two more losers, what’s more, in terms of appearance, he wasn’t as good as big bro and laosan, but in terms of speaking, who could be his opposite? It’s not guaranteed who would lose!

“Alright, Ouyang, as the big bro of our dorm, you should start first, right?” Huang Wenjing said evilly. Normally speaking, the success rate of the first person wouldn’t be high, but it was different for the second person!


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