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Chapter 17 – Nice things are temporary

“I want to as well, but there is no beauty on the side when I run on sports day!” I didn’t know why, my very honest mouth actually casually said such a line!

Hearing that, Yu Ting clenched her tooth and said a with a bit of embarrassment, “Why don’t you go and die!”

“Ah?” I smiled wryly.

The two of us arrived to Zhang’s Snacks that was nearby and ordered two tofu pudding and two youtiao, after we finished eating, I prepared to pay, but Yu Ting said, “No need, my dad pays Zhang-bo at the end of each month!”

Thus, I could only put away my wallet.

After we walked out of the snacks shop, we saw a Mercedes stop at the entrance. When we came out, the Mercedes car doro opened, and a thirty-something years old man ran out from within. It was Yu Ting’s father than I had saw on the photo in Yu Ting’s room the previous day!

“Xiao Ting! Are you alright? It’s all dad’s fault, and got your Uncle Wang to accompany me outside, that’s why other people were able to take advantage of the situation!” The man ran over and said.

Yu Ting looked at the person in front of her coldly and said plainly, “I’m fine! Go and busy yourself with your own stuff!”

“About this…” The man felt a bit awkward, but seeing me there, he felt like he should really say too much with an outsider there, thus he only said, “Xiao Ting, dad has business to attend to!”

“Do it, do it, since you’re busy every single day, otherwise mom wouldn’t have died!” Yu Ting said in a really worked up tone.

“Xiao Ting!” The man’s expression momentarily showed a bit of suffering, only after quite a while did he finally say, “Xiao Ting! Isn’t dad still trying to find a chance to get revenge for you mom all these years!”

“Take revenge? Do you have to get into the underworld? Could you not deal with it in other ways!” The more Yu Ting said, the more worked up she got!

“Xiao Ting, you’re still young! You don’t understand! Those people aren’t normal people! Other ways? Haha! Is that even useful! I was a senior officer of the armed police back then! The murderer was caught, but that was just a scapegoat! Normal methods can’t do anything about the mastermind!’ The expression of the man also became worked up as he ignored the outsider and roared at Yu Ting.

As expect, after hearing the man’s words, Yu Ting stopped speaking and just said quietly, “Dad! I don’t want you to break any more laws…”

That man, who was also Yu Ting’s father sighed, “There are somethings that once you do it, you can’t help yourself! Yu Ting, you’ll understand when you’re older!’

Saying that, he looked awkwardly towards me and said, “Little fellow, we let you see something unsightly, we’re always like this! Hehe!”

Seeing Yu Ruizhong’s easy going appearance, it was hard to imagine that he is powerful and ambitious person in Songjiang city.

“It’s alright!” I said.

“I heard Xiao Ting say that you saved her, thank you, little fellow!” Yu Ruizhong said. “You don’t have to worry either, that Zhang Guodong will never take revenge eon you!”

Zhang Guodong! That’s right, I was very afraid that he would take revenge on me, you have to know that I had only barely stayed alive due to being reckless, and I have beaten him so hard, he definitely wouldn’t let me go!

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“Thank you, Uncle Yu!” I said.

“No need to thank me, it should me who thanks you!” Yu Ruizhong smiled. “Little fellow, if you get into any trouble, feel free to say it! I owe you a favor!”

I smiled and didn’t take him seriously.

As I expected, something occurred to Zhang Guodong!

News pass around schools the quickest! Within a few days, every middle school student in the city knew that the boss of the First Middle School, Zhang Guodong, got turned into a vegetable, and all his limbs had a comminute fractured.

Using other words, he had a fate worse than death!

However, no one pitied him! Even though former subordinates of Zhang Guodong in the First Middle School, since Zhang Guodong fell, they would rise!

On the other hand, Yu Ting and my relationship became weird! Although neither of us said anything, after that night, Yu Ting clearly enjoyed being with me, and would often blush!

I don’t know if this counts as my first love, I knew that Yu Ting started liking me and I started liking her! Yet, neither of our relationship clear!

Nice times are always temporary!

One day, while we were in lesson, the class tutor suddenly called Yu Ting out, and told her that there’s a call for her!

When Yu Ting came back, she hurriedly said to me, “Liu Lei, something’s up with my family, I might have to leave for a while…”

I momentarily blanked after hearing it! Something’s up with her family? Thus, I quickly asked, “What is it?”

Yu Ting shook her head and said, “There’s no time, I’ll tell you in the future, my dad’s waiting for me at the school gates…” She then paused for a bit, and said quietly, “Liu Lei… Don’t forget about me!” With that, she blushed, then she thought about it a little and took out a photo from her purse within her packet and put it on my desk!

Forget? I momentarily blanked again! Why did she suddenly say that out of nowhere? Could it be that… She has to leave for a long time?

Thinking that, I knew it wasn’t good! I wanted to ask more, but as I was blanking out, Yu Ting had already taken her things and left!

At the moment, she was leaving the classroom, Yu Ting turned her head around, and looked at me with reluctance in her eyes…

Yu Ting left! Yes, she left!

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In the following period of time, I waited for the owner of the seat in front of me to appear! However, it was as if Yu Ting evaporated from earth!

Then one day, the newspaper showed Yu Ruizhong’s wanted poster! Only then did I knew that Yu Ruizhong was suspected of murder! The person he killed was also an infamous person in Songjiang City, the famous entrepreneur as well as the city’s deputy to the People’s Congress!

I knew from that point, Yu Ting will never come back!

I went into despair! I gave up on myself! My grades dropped completely and utterly as I suffered through the four years of middle school!

Only after I met Zhao Yanyan did I push myself again!

Yet, I never met Yu Ting after that!

It could be said that, adding onto the time in my previous life, Yu Ting and I haven’t met each other for thirty years! I had completely put her behind….

Yet, seeing her again today caused the sealed past in my memories to be played in my mind like movies!

She actually came to Huaxia University as well!

Although I haven’t seen her for thirty years, for her, it has only been a few years…

“Laosan!” Ouyang Tianqi patted my shoulders and said. ‘What are you blanking out for!”

I recovered from my memories and shook my head, “Nothing, I just thought of something in the past!”

“A girlfriend from the past?” Ouyang Tianqi asked.

“…” I don’t know how I should answer. Was Yu Ting my girlfriend? She seemed like it, yet not. However, I still nodded.

“You still like her?” Ouyang Tianqi asked with a smile.

“I don’t know! We… haven’t met for a long time, but seeing her caused my heart to feel weird!’ I replied.


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