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Chapter 140 – The night before the wedding

“Bundled sales?” Chu Gao said in confusion. He already tried this method, but the local scanner factories refused it.

“Yes! Bundled sales. I will make all of the Russians’ computers be installed with our OCR product, ‘I nodded.

“Everyone? How is that possible!” Chu Gao exclaimed.

“Of course it’s possible. All we have to do is bundle the product in Shuguang’s operation system,” I said evilly.

“****! So sinister,” Chu Gao also laughed.

Two people said that I was sinister for two days in a row? Was I really so sinister?

I left the business of contacting Shuguang to Chu gao. Since the higherups of Yanjing city’s Shuguang Corporation already knew my relationship with Zhao Junsheng, it made this sort of mutual beneficial thing much easier.

I didn’t plan to use this sort of unethical sales techniques, but Company A’s press conference truly angered me. I’ll let them suffer this time.

Professor Dong was very happy about his product being introduced. What’s more, he was also very confidence in the research team that he handpicked himself, and got ready expand this research team in order to research and develop even more advanced technology.

What’s more, these people also gradually the most solid foundation of New Century.

Who would dislike there being too much money? What’s more, I earned money in order to support an even grander plan.

Recently, Sun Sikong needed a large amount of metal in order to develop a larger aircraft-carrier-styled spaceship. Due to this, I bought all sorts of metal from all around the world using a large sum of money in order to give it to Sun Sikong for experimentation.

Although Sun Sikong’s laboratory had already controlled the method of changing the atomic construction of items, doing so required a cost, it wasn’t as affordable as directly buying the metals.

June had arrived in the blink of an eye. There was still five days from Xia Jing’s wedding.

I told Du Xiaowei to send all the information he got as a result of his investigation over.

Xia Jing originally studied in the Stafford University of the US. Her father worked in National Security, while her mother is the chairman of a certain famous nationalized corporation. From the looks of it, Xia Jing’s background was rather impressive, it was a huge different when I compared it with my original background. No wonder Xia Jing told me to increase my society position no matter what. If I was just a normal person, even if Xia Jing was willing, her parents would not accept their son-in-law to be a normal person.

It’s just that this Lei Xiaolong was a bit troublesome. If the Lei family was just a normal family, then it would be easy to deal with. The main issue is that both the Xia family and the Lei family are reputed families. If the Xia family abandons the marriage, the Lei family would definitely lose all their face. Would the Xia family go against the Lei family?

I shook my head and stopped thinking about that for the moment. The most important thing was Xia Jing’s thoughts. If she had already decided to marry that Lei Xiaolong, it would be a waste of time regardless of how much I try.

If Xia Jing still likes me when I go and rob the wedding, then my actions would be a spectacle of the century. If Xia Jing doesn’t like me, then my actions would be completely retarded.

But I didn’t mind being a ****** for once.

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“Did you contact the branch office of US?” Du Xiawei’s mercenary company had started up a rather huge firearms company in the US and was very well connected there.

“Martial Uncle, it’s all ready. No matter how much of a commotion we cause, nobody will come and interfere,” Du Xiaowei smiled. “What’s more, the television channels wouldn’t have anyone there.”

I nodded. I knew that firearm companies had very powerful social positions and powers in these countries. They were able to do a lot of things that others could not. This was also the reason I got Du Xiaowei to do it instead of Shuguang’s branch office.

Within a bar owned by the local mobs, the Hellspawns, in New York, USA.

“Chief, Instructor,” a white young man spoke to Du Xiaowei and I in stiff Chinese.

“Call me boss in front of other people,” I nodded.

“Yes, boss,” the white young man immediately changed the way he addressed me.

“He’s Hank, the person in charge of our company in the Americas. He is mainly in charge of firearm dealings, but he also accepts assassinations or temporary mercenary employment for the local gangs,” Du Xiaowei introduced him to me. “The one we’re going to meet later the boss of the Hellspawns, Gree, he’s the emperor of the underworld in New York.”

“How trustworthy is this person?” I asked.

“Hehe, the Lei family is just a rich family, while us, to be frank, is the ones who provides firearms for their gang. Do you think that they have a need to offend us just because of the Lei family?” Du Xiaowei smiled.

“That’s good,” as I replied, the door of the room opened, and a forty-something years old white fatty walked in.

The white fatty scanned us, then walked straight towards me and reached out his hand, “Hello, esteemed guests from the east. I’m the person in charge here, David Gree. Of course, you can also call me David, this makes us more intimate.”

“Alright, Mr. David,” I stood up and shook his hand with a smile. I couldn’t help but say that David was very observative, he could immediately tell that I held the highest position in between the three of us.

But it wasn’t hard to see. Both Du Xiaowei and Hank wore suits, which were very formal clothing. On the other hand, I wore a casual set of sportswear. If I didn’t have a higher position than the two of them, it was impossible for me to act so casual in front of the two of them.

David also understood from my attitude just now that I was much more powerful than him. The fact that the owner behind the scenes of the largest mercenary company in the world would come to trouble him was a sign of recognition.

David definitely knew that if he really got on my boat, then he would definitely get huge advantages for his future!

“Did you bring Lei Xiaolong’s information?” David and I needed no false courtesy, so I went straight into the main topic. I already got brief information on Le Xiaolong, but I needed a local like David to help for more detailed information.

“Lei Xiaolong is very arrogant, he completely lacks his father’s calm. During his time in New York, he has frequented places like bars and casinos that uses up a ton of money,” said David.

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It seems like this person was the same as before, he didn’t know how to do anything other than spending money and showing off. It shouldn’t be very difficult to deal with him. I had originally planned to go head to head with him on the wedding, it seems like I no longer needed to do that. As long as I deal with him beforehand, then everything was good.

Most importantly, I was already sure that Xia Jing would definitely not like such a useless young master!

“What does Mr. Liu plan to do?” asked David.

“Hmm, I had some ideas, but I need your cooperation. I want to borrow a few subordinates from you. You should know that I didn’t bring anyone this time,” I said. Since this was David’s place, I wasn’t really giving him face if I brought my own people.

“No problem, this is easy to handle,” David nodded. “Anything else?”


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