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Chapter 132 – Truth

“Geezer, since you don’t allow it, then why didn’t you stop us back then?” I said a bit speechlessly. Could it be that this geezer got confused due to age and couldn’t think clearly?

“I already said it, why did I have to stop it?” Liu Zhenhai said as he finished the red wine.

“Geezer, you can’t have been sent to deliberately mess with me, right? Are you confused due to old age, or what?” I finally said after being unable to resist my anger. Did he call me over to make fun of me?

“No, of course not. Why would I mess with you? Do you think that I got nothing to do, so I deliberately came over to Yanjing to mess with you?” Liu Zhenhai shook his head and said. “I just don’t want to see my granddaughter depressed every day!”

“Can you say just what you want?” I already felt rather confused right now.

“Dun get anxious! Young people are just too impatient,” said Liu Zhenhai.

I sweat! Liu Zhenhai actually used an internet slang!

“I think you’re pretty good. Most importantly, you’re older brother’s grandson, so I won’t feel bad about the Liu family’s properties going into your hands. When Liu Yue and you gives me a great-grandson in the future, his surname is still going to be Liu!” Liu Zhenhai chuckled.

“I think your confused,” I said with a clench of my teeth.

“Why are you so anxious, don’t you know how to think about it with your brain? Being so smart, you can’t not understand, right?” Liu Zhenhai shrugged.

Think about it with my brain? Liu Zhenhai doesn’t allow the people within the family to marry in order to ensure that his great grandson is excellent and healthy, but from the sounds of it, he probably doesn’t object to Liu Yue and I being together, could it be… I was shocked and understood the gist of it.

“Liu Yue isn’t your flesh and blood?” I asked.

“She is, she couldn’t be anymore so,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head.

“Then you mean I’m not my parent’s?” I remember that I’ve never heard of them saying that I wasn’t their own in my previous life!

“You are too!” Liu Zhenhai shook his head once again.

“Liu Yue’s father is not your own?” I asked.

“He is, he can’t be any more so,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head once again.

“Then my dad isn’t?” I started to wonder if Liu Zhenhai was messing with me.

“I never heard of him not being so,” Liu Zhenhai continued to shake his head.

“****, geezer, you’re just messing with me, aren’t you?” I nearly jumped up in anger.

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“I already told you not to get so anxious!” Liu Zhenhai continued to sit there calmly.

“You can’t be telling me that you were picked up from the streets, right?” I said in annoyance.

“I’m not, but it’s pretty close,” Liu Zhenhai took out a small black leathered book and handed it to me. “Have a read and you’ll know.”

I momentarily blanked and received that notebook. It was already very old, the black sheep leather on it already started to break.

“Have a look at the page with the book mark… Then you’ll know. The answer is on there,” With that, Liu Zhenhai poured a glass of red wine for himself and started to enjoy it once again.

I flipped open that booklet curiously to the page with the bookmark…

“June 24th 1938

The eldest son Zhenjiang refused to marry the young lady from the Meng family. He continuously messes around with the Zhang woman. I disowned from in rage.

Although Zhenjiang was not my own, but he was just like my own. He was calm and talented. I had wanted to have him inherit the family properties, but it was truly a blasphemy for him to defy his parents’ orders.

Although my heart aches, I cannot go against the family rules.

Fortunately, I still have the young son, Zhenhai, but he is still young. I hope he becomes one with potential…”

Some unrelated stuff followed, but I couldn’t suppress the excitement in my heart. Zhang was my grandma. This means that Grandpa was not born of the Liu family, he was an adopted son!

This means that I am not related to Liu Yue by blood at all!

“Does Liu Yue know?” I asked excitedly.

“I only got to Yanjing this morning. I didn’t have time to tell her yet,” Liu Zhenhai chuckled.

“Lend me this diary, I’m going to find Liu Yue right now,” I said.

“What, you’re in such a hurry?” Liu Zhenhai continued. “Liu Yue is going to have a businesss meeting with the representative of a company this morning, she would only have time around noon. I already told her that I came, so she’ll come over at noon.”

“Oh, then I’ll wait for her here!” My sullen mood from recently was completely gone.

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“Now, tell me about you!” said Liu Zhenhai. “The two of us are family, you are both my grandson and my grandson-in-law. You shouldn’t have anything to hide from me now, right?”

“Actually, you might not know about this. To tell you the truth, I really haven’t thought too much of the Liu family’s bit of properties,” I said.

“What? You don’t think much of it? Although the Liu family is not comparable to what it was previously, it still has several hundred million!” Liu Zhenhai said slightly unhappily.

“Since it’s like this, then I won’t hide it from you. Actually, I started up Shuguang Corporation,” I said calmly.

“Shuguang Corporation! You are that owner behind the scenes?” Even Liu Zhenhai, someone who was extremely calm usually, couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Yes, Liu Yue also know about this. That’s why, I’m with Liu Yue because truly like her as a person, not because I want to gain anything!” I said.

“It seems like I was being petty. At the start, I had hesitated for a long time and only did not stop you and Liu Yue making contact because you are elder brother’s grandson…” Liu Zhenhai sighed. “You should also know, there are a lot of people wanting to get with Liu Yue for the Liu family’s properties…”

“I naturally know this! Isn’t Situ Liang one? However, geezer, you were a bit over the line with this, how can you use Liu Yue’s feelings as a chip!” Thinking that, I felt a bit unhappy.

“From your point of view, the Liu family’s properties really isn’t much, but this was also saved up difficultly by my father’s generation, I don’t want it to fall in my hands. I only thought of this way without any other choice,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head and said. “You won’t understand the thoughts of my generation.”

“Family interests?” I asked.

Liu Zhenhai nodded.

He wasn’t actually completely in the wrong, these situations have existed since ancient times. In the ancient times, a lot of emperors or kings used marriage alliances to increase their strength. I only had such a huge reaction because the person involved was Liu Yue.

“Alright, I understand, let’s not talk about what has past. At least it ended well,” I nodded.

“Yeah! Oh yeah, there is another very important thing that I came to find you for. The Huaxia Martial Competition every five years is about to be held, I hope you can enter representing the Liu family!” Liu Zhenhai said solemnly.

“Me? Representing the Liu family?”

“That’s right, you!” Liu Zhenhai said it word by word. “You are elder brother’s grandson and Liu Yue’s fiancé, so who’s supposed to go if not you? According to my understanding, you seem to have superpowers, right? Don’t tell me that you don’t, how could I not know how you ran away from my place three years ago!”


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