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Chapter 131 – The Liu family’s decision

I was woken up by my phone ringing in the morning. When I picked up to see, I saw that it was a foreign number.

“Hello, who are you looking for?” I picked up the phone.

“Is this Liu Lei?” the other person asked.

“Yes, and you are…” Not many people knew about this phone number of mine, so why did a stranger call me.

“Hello, let me introduce myself first. I’m Liu Zhenhai, we already met three years ago…”

Liu Zhenhai! Isn’t that Liu Yue’s grandpa? What is he calling me for? Could he have found out that I xo’d his granddaughter and is now coming after me?

“What did you seek me out for?” I asked carefully. I couldn’t face him as cockily as I had done before, since our identities were different now. First of all, he’s Liu Yue’s grandpa, so he is essentially my elder., and most importantly, no matter what, he was my second grandpa!

“Hehe, don’t worry. Laddie, just what should I call you? Grandson or grandson-in-law?” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

I freaked! It was as I expected, he knows everything!

“Ugh… You know it all…” I said awkwardly.

“I said it already, don’t get so nervous, I bear no ill will! I just want to have a chat with you. How about that? Do you have the time?” said Liu Zhenhai.

“I’ll go back to Songjiang to find you?” I asked.

“No need, I’m in Yanjing! Come to Room 1206 in International Hotel half an hour later,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Okay, I understand,” I hung up the phone. Actually, I’m not afraid even if Liu Zhenhai wanted to denounce me, but it’s just that Liu Yue and I. Ai! Never mind, I’ll take it a step at a time. From Liu Zhenhai’s tone, he didn’t seem all that angry.

I got up and got dressed, then went to Zhao Yanyan’s bedroom, and found that the door was not shut tight.

I immediately understood Zhao Yanyan’s thoughtful actions. She was hinting that I could go in at night, but I did not notice due to my mood being bad from meeting Meng Qingqing.

I pushed open the room door and saw a nosebleed-inducing scene.

Four perfect bodies were entwined around each other as they slept soundly! Xu Ruoyuan was actually naked. She was merely covered in a blanket as she hugged Zhao Yanyan, while her snow white thighs were revealed…

I gulped. I know that it wasn’t the time to think about these sort of things. I walked over to help the four girls put on the blanket properly, then sneaked back out of the room…

However, what I didn’t see was that Xu Ruoyun opened her eyes, then sighed a bit nervously and in disappointment after the bedroom door closed

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I casually washed up, and put on a rather formal set of clothes. After that, I called Du Xiaowei and told him to drive the car over to wait for me outside the mansion.

The Bentley broke last time, and I was too embarrassed to go and buy a car at Liu Yue’s car shop, so I just got Du Xiaowei to randomly buy one elsewhere.

This guy really knew how to save money, he actually bought a Santana 2000! However, out of the cars produced within the country, it was rather comfortable, so I didn’t mind.

International Hotel was a rather symbolic hotel in Yanjing, it was no worse than Yanjing Hotel. When Du Xiaowei and I arrived, the guard intimately helped us park and led us into the elevator.

When the elevator door opened, I walked out and said to Du Xiaowei, “Just wait for me at the entrance, no need to enter.”

“About this…” Du Xiaowei was clearly worried about my safety.

“If I can’t handle it, then it’s pointless if you go,” I chuckled.

Du Xiaowei thought about it, and found it to be true, causing him to nod.

I knocked on the door. Then, Liu Zhenhai’s strong voice sounded out from within. “Come in!”

I pushed open the door. This was a grand suite. At that moment, Liu Zhenhai was tasting a glass of red wine on the sofa.

“How about a glass?” Liu Zhenhai showed me the glass in his hands.

“I’ll pour it for myself!” I picked up the red wine form the tea table, got a new wine glass and poured half a glass.

Since the red wine was in a wine jug, I couldn’t tell what year it was from.

“How is it?” Liu Zhenhai asked.

“Not bad,” I replied.

“It’s from 1972,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“To be honest, I really don’t know much about this…” I chuckled.

“Not bad, you’re pretty honest!” said Liu Zhenhai.

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Liu Zhenhai stopped speaking after that, and started to enjoy the wine. From his casual appearance, I already understood. This geezer wanted to force me to ask.

This way, I would be clearly at a loss. If I didn’t have a grudge with him from before, I would do just that, but now, I didn’t want to submit easily.

I had a sudden thought. Since he was trying to act deep with me, then I’ll see how deep he can be. I drank all the red wine in my glass in one gulp, then poured another glass.

Then, I drank glass after glass. When I was drinking the third glass, Liu Zhenhai finally couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “Are you drinking wine or water?”

“Ugh… I was rather thirsty just now, although it didn’t taste that good, I put up with it and drank it like water!” I laughed craftily.

“Do you know why I called you over?” Liu Zhenhai couldn’t stand me continue to ruin his red wine.

“I don’t know…” I picked up my empty wine glass and stood up. Liu Zhenhai was shocked, he thought I was going to drink more wine. Just as he wanted to stop me, I already walked in front of the wine cabinet, picked up a bottle of water and poured a glass for myself.

Only then, did Liu Zhenhai let out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice that there was water here,” I smiled. “Geezer, you can’t be still annoyed at me for running away from you that time and want to take revenge, right?”

“We haven’t met for three years, and the little child back then had already grew up into a young man. If I wanted to take revenge on you, do you think I need to wait till now?” said Liu Zhenhai. “After you ran away, I found out that you are older brother’s grandson. That’s why I let you off!”

“That means that you knew that my grandfather is Liu Zhenjiang ages ago?” I asked.

Liu Zhenhai nodded, “Of course I know! I did pay some amount of attention to your actiosn these few years, including Liu Yue’s car shop that you invested in!”

“Then you already knew about Liu Yue and me?” I asked in surprise.

Liu Zhenhai nodded.

“****, then why didn’t you stop it?” I couldn’t quite understand what this guy was thinking.

“Why do I need to stop it? The marriage laws state that indirect relatives of the fourth generation can marry,” Liu Zhenhai took a sip of wine casually. “However, us, the Liu family, will not allow this sort of situation. Although it’s the fourth generation, but it is hard to ensure whether the children will have any issues. In order to ensure the excellence of the next heir, I definitely will not take this risk.”

Liu Zhenhai’s words made me even more confused, just what exactly did he mean?


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