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Chapter 130 – Decision

Meng Qingqing hesitated for a moment, then finally put her bag down as she clenched her teeth. However, she actually took out a small knife from her bag the next moment.

“You can’t be wanting to murder your husband, right?” I exclaimed.

“I naturally wouldn’t murder my husband, but it’s a shame that you’re not,” Meng Qingqing looked at me in pity.

“What sort of joke is this. No matter what, we already had skinship…” I wasn’t scared of the small knife, but it didn’t mean that I enjoyed being stabbed by it.

“You’re still speaking!” Meng Qingqing said angrily.

Taking the chance while she was off guard, I snatched the knife from her hands and threw it into the bush on the side.

“Ah!” A sharp scream sounded out from the bush…

“What sound is it?” Meng Qingqing asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, it seems to be a terrible scream…” I said. “Come, let’s go over and take a look.”

Meng Qingqing was also curious, so she jumped into the bush with me without any objection.

“Who the **** is so terrible to use a knife to stab laizo’s butt!” A loud roar rang out from the bush.

Immediately after that, two snow white bodies came into our view. A young man was laying on a woman’s body, while a small knife was stabbed into his butt. It was the same knife that I just threw.

“Ah!” Meng Qingqing quickly closed her eyes after saying and, and pointed at the two people in anger. “You guys are actually doing this sort of thing in public under braod daylight!”

Since the young man was doing some special sports, he didn’t dare to stand up. He could only swear, “**** you, it’s night right now! Laozi can do whatever laozi wants, it’s none of your damn business! Did you guys throw this knife?”

“It’s him!” Just as I wanted to refuse and say that I don’t know, Meng Qingqing already pointed her finger towards me.

When the young man raised his head, I found him to be very familiar. I thought about it for a while, then remembered, this person was actually that Zhang Jiaming that pursued Zhao Yanyan!

Originally, I had wanted to bring him to see the doctor, but when I saw that it was him, I immediately felt a sense of joy. He so ******* deserves it! An evil thought begun to develop in my mind. I glanced around and saw Zhang Jiaming and that woman’s clothes on the branches not far away…

“Run!” I grabbed Meng Qingqing’s hand and sprinted towards the tree with the clothes. I took the clothes, then pulled Meng Qingqing and ran like my life depended on it…

“Hai! Hai!” Meng Qingqing patted her chest as she panted, then said angrily. “Is there something wrong with you! You pulled me and ran for so long. It’s nearly been one kilometer, are you trying to tire me to death!”

“This time, this guy is going to get screwed!” I chucked the clothes in my hand to the side.

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“How can you be so terrible, you stabbed him and stole their clothes,” Meng Qingqing said with a hint of disdain.

“I’m telling you, I know that man. He’s one of my love rivals! He was also pestering my wifey before!” I explained.

Meng Qingqing didn’t know why, but when she heard that I have a wifey, she felt a sense of sour in her heart. Thus, she said in anger, “So that’s why you used such an underhand method against him?”

“So what? A casual throw managed to stab on his butt, it means that the he has angered the heavens already,” I said.

“Disgusting. I’m just getting screwed over with you following me, causing me to see something so disgusting,” Meng Qingqing was really annoyed.

“What do you mean you’re getting screwed when I follow you. If it wasn’t for me, could you have found your LV bag…” Before I finished, Meng Qingqing yelled loudly.

“Where’s my bag? My bag! Why is it gone!” Meng Qingqing yelled out with empty hands.

****, I can’t believe this woman, she’s so pretty for nothing. Just why is she so clumsy!

“It must have been lost when you pulled me and ran…” Meng Qingqing said anxiously.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Go back and look for it!” Meng Qingqing said unhappiy.

However, ti was as if the bag had disappeared completely, we were not able to locate it at all.

“What to do!” Meng Qingqing asked sullenly.

“How would I know?” I replied. “It’s wasn’t lost because I was following you.”

“Could it have been lost if you didn’t pull me?” Meng Qingqing asked.

“Then I’ll buy another one for you,” I didn’t want to argue with her.

“You can’t buy it, mine was limited edition,” said Meng Qingqing.

“****, then I won’t compensate you. Do whatever you want!” I glared at her and said.

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“Why are you like this! I’m really confused about how your girlfriend can put up with this!” Meng Qingqing snorted coldly.

“I’m very gentle to my girlfriend, thank you!” I replied. “Don’t mention a limited edition bag, I would find a way to get the moon in the sky if she wants it!”

“Then why are you treating me like this!” Meng Qingqing said angrily.

“You aren’t my girlfriend,” I answered.

“But you wronged me!” said Meng Qingqing.

“Please! Did you make a mistake! You went to sell yourself at the bar, I only bought you!” I said in annoyance. “What’s more, I already paid. Technically speaking, we aren’t related at all! I’m just a rather nostalgic person, so I keep putting up with you!”

“But I didn’t take a single cent! What’s more, I didn’t go there to sell myself!” Meng Qingqing said anxiously.

“What did you go to that sort of place for if not to sell yourself!” I said.

“I need to write a thesis. I merely went to the bottom of society for research! I didn’t think that you…” Meng Qingqing said furiously.

“Ah?” I momentarily blanked. “I thought that you were perverted and had that sort of kink…”

“Kink my ***! I was still a virgin before, okay!” Meng Qingqing was about to cry. She didn’t think that the other person would have treated her like that sort of person after getting taken advantage of.

Seeing Meng Qingqing’s pitiful appearance, I felt a heartache. ****, now I screwed up big time! I thought she was some sort of kindy person, but after finding out that she was a virgin, I dispelled the thoughts form my mind. However, just how should I place her? I had just wanted to develop into my mistress or something. From the looks of it, it isn’t that simple anymore.

Although I know that Meng Qingqing didn’t intentionally go to that sort of place, I said that she went to sell herself was just in the heat of the moment. Now that I actually found out that she was a virgin, I really didn’t know what to do.

Thinking about the tight feeling that night, I felt cold sweat run down my back…

Did I actually like Meng Qingqing as a person? Or did I like the feeling which was close to craziness?

I don’t know. I can’t deny that Meng Qingqing was definitely a beautiful. She was no worse than my other wifeys. She also had a good body, she was definitely the best of the best.

The craziest thing is that I actually got into such a situation on my first time with a prostitute!

I was completely drunk that day and everything was really blurry. I didn’t know that it was Meng Qingqing’s first time!

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My mind was in chaos. No matter what, I had to take this responsibility!

I let out a long sigh, since I can’t avoid it, then I’ll face it.

“Meng Qingqing…” I raised my head, but found that Meng Qingqing had already walked out of my sight…


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