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Chapter 125 – I’m very happy

Now that Situ Liang had already been dealt with by Situ Dashan, he couldn’t come out and cause trouble… Could it be that Liu Kesheng found another support?

However, Liu Kesheng did not give me too much time to think. He waved his hands at the cyborgs and said, “Go together, kill this brat!”

The four cyborgs leaped towards me at once. One of them waved his fist towards me. I quickly dodged to the side, but before I could react, I felt a heavy blow on my back. Although it couldn’t do much damage to me, it still hurt a lot!

As I was hesitating, I got punched in the ribs! These cyborgs were truly too quick, and they could cooperate very well with each other.

I quickly used my ability to slow down time, causing the scene to turn to slow motion, allowing me to easily parry the attacks of the four people.

When I noticed an opportunity, I sent a flying kick on the stomach of one of the black-clothed man. I used a lot of force into it, enough to break a metal board, but despite the black-clothed man having his stomach dented it, he still attacked me!

“Haha! I forgot to tell you, they have no life, so they are not afraid of pain at all!” Liu Kehsneg said proudly.

My heart tensed. ****, not afraid of pain. That means that no matter how much I hit them, they won’t get hurt, nor die!

I traded several tens of blows with them in a split second once again. I couldn’t do anything, the four black-clothed men were not afraid of being beaten at all! After getting hit by me, they would continue to attack me without any pause!

Although I was not afraid of them, this endless fight caused me to get annoyed.

I wanted to find a weakness, but there was none. They weren’t human at all. It was like I was fighting a bunch of rocks… Even after a flattened once of their heads, it didn’t have any effects at all!

They had no brain, and no thoughts. I think that even if their heads fall off, they can continue to attack me.

That was because I noticed that they did not use their eyes to judge where I was positioned. Rather, they used an unknown method. Even after I moved behind them, they could still relentlessly attack me without turning around.

Leg! If I break their legs, then perhaps I would be able to stop their attacks towards me.

Thinking that, I immediately did it. I directly attacked the leg of one of the cyborgs in front of me. This time, I used all the strength in my body, causing the leg to be broken with a crack. This did work as I expected. After breaking a leg, the cyborg’s attack speed towards me and its agility clearly decreased, it could only limp towards me.

Using this method, I broke his other leg as well. When the cyborg lost the support of both of his legs, he immediately kneeled on the floor and was unable to move forward once again.

I felt a huge joy in my heart, and immediately beat the other three cyborgs using the same method. In an instant, four crippled cyborgs were born.

However, I had gotten happy a bit too early. The four of them, who had their legs broken, were still able to crawl over to me little by little… It truly was disgusting…

There was no helping it. I could only break their arms as well.

Since I couldn’t kill these things, and even when they are crippled, they were a threat to the normal people when left here. I decided to just do it to the end. I picked the four of them up and teleported to Antarctica to dump them there.

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After that, I returned to my original location. Liu Kesheng watched me disappear and return with an expression of confusion as he asked in surprise, “Where-Where are my cyborgs?”

“I chucked them to Antarctica!”

“Ah!” Liu Kehsneg had thought that the cyborgs he spent so much money on could deal with me completely, but he didn’t think that I could actually fight back and cause him to lose the cyborgs!

“Hehe!” I walked up to him and grabbed his heck. “We are sort of old rivals, I’m rather confused, you clearly know that you can’t beat me, why do you have to bring yourself in front of me over and over again? Are you the legendary suicide lover?”

“Tsk! The result isn’t set this time. Heh, don’t think that I can’t deal with you. Hahahahahaha! You could never imagine that I have more up my sleeve!” Liu Kehsheng laughed loudly.

“What’s up your sleeve?” Just when I asked, I heard another voice say to me.

“Let him go, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

I raised my head to look. Two people had appeared in front of me starting from an unknown moment! The man talking to me was actually Li Boliang, someone I haven’t seen for many years! At this moment, he was using a knife to threaten a girl. This girl was actually someone I was very familiar with as well, she was Xu Ruoyun, the girl that was once her by me…

I snorted and through Liu Kesheng to the side, and cursed about him being despicable.

“Hehe, this little beauty isn’t bad, but it’s a shame, this chick has always been thinking about you. Ai! I really don’t want to kill her, who she just had to be so head over heels with you!” Li Boliang pushed the knife down a bit more, causing a blood mark to appear on Xu RUoyun’s white neck. “Liu Kesheng, give him the knife!”

Hearing that, Liu Kehsneg threw a knife towards me and said, “If you don’t want her to die, then commit suicide!”

I received the knife Liu Kesheng threw towards me and looked at the distance between LI Boliang and predicted how large were the chances of me saving Xu Ruoyun if I slowed down time and teleported.

I instantly had the answer. The most important thing right now was to calm Li Boliang down, then take the chance to make a move when he lets down his guard!

Thus, I said while pretending to be very depressed, “Alright, I submit this time! However, you have to keep your word and let Xu Ruoyun go!”

“Don’t worry about this, to be honest, I’m really reluctant to kill her!” Seeing that I agreed to his demand, Li Boliang replied very excitedly.

“Alright! I hope you keep your word!” With that, I started to stab the knife towards my stomach…

“Liu Lei, no!” Xu Ruoyun suddenly shouted. Then she clenched her teeth and moved towards the dagger in LI Boliang’s hand, causing a ray of blood to spurt out…

“Xu Ruoyun!” I ran over in shock. I complained in my heart, why was this chick so dumb! Originally, I completely had the chance the save her.

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Li Boliang was stunned as well, he didn’t think that Xu Ruoyun would be so intense as to commit suicide! In the heat of the moment, he released all his anger on Xu Ruoyun, causing him to raise his dagger and stab Xu Ruoyun a few more times, causing Xu Ruoyun to mumble and cough up more blood.

I couldn’t think about dealing with Li Boliang, I ran over to pick up Xu Ruoyun maniacally, “Ruoyun, are you alright!”

“Liu… Lei, I… can’t make it. I’m very happy… to be able to die in your arms… I want to ask you… Have you… liked me before?” Xu Ruoyun stuttered with a pale face,


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