Chapter 126 – Going back to the Underworld to be a lord

“I like you! I love you! Actually, I have always liked you in high school! You’ll be fine, don’t worry, I will definitely make you fine!” I said in a worked-up manner.

“I… also… love… you!” Xu Ruoyun finished speaking these four words in difficulty, then closed her eyes.

“Xu Ruoyun!” I yelled out painfully, but little chick Xu could no longer make any sound.

I put Xu Ruoyun to the side and grabbed Li Boliang with red eyes, “I make it so that you wish you were dead!”

“What are you doing, she sought death herself! What does it have to do with me!” Seeing that he lost something to blackmail with me, Li Boliang yelled out frightenedly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I said that I’ll make you wish that you were dead!” With that, I reached out my hand to break all of Li Boliang’s joints in his limbs, then carried him to Antarctica to dump him beside the four cyborgs. “Enjoy the Antarctic scenery with your cyborgs! I’ll come and see you in a few days! I hope you don’t die!”

When I turned around to find Liu Kesheng, I found out that this brat had already disappeared. Never mind, so what.

I carried Xu Ruoyun and returned to my mansion. When Zhao Yanyan saw us, she was shouted. Just when she wanted to ask something, I waved my hand and signaled her to wait a bit!

That’s because every second counted right now! It wasn’t impossible to use my powers to heal Xu Ruoyun’s wounds, but I had to be fast, otherwise, if she becomes completely dead, it would be pointless even if I did heal them.

I opened my eyes tiredly after two hours. I had completely healed all of Xu Ruoyun’s wounds with my powers, but Xu RUoyun still didn’t wake up yet. Her heart didn’t beat, nor did she breathe. Her body was completely cold.

No! I have to think of a way! I can’t let Xu Ruoyun just die like this!

However, this doesn’t make sense? I had already healed Xu Ruoyun’s body!

Oh yeah!

I dead once! Could it be that Xu Ruoyun’s soul had already left?

I looked at my watch, it was already 11:40, according my experience of death in my previous life, normally, the likes of ox-head and horse-face would bring back the souls at midnight. If I let them bring Xu Ruoyun’s soul to the underworld to get registered, then it wouldn’t be easy to get the soul back even with Yama’s relationship with me!

That’s why, I had to hurry and find Xu Ruoyun’s soul before they did.

Since my powers came from my old bro Yama, even in the world of the living, I can easily see the ghosts that have come from the realm of the dead to here in order to work, or the souls of the deceased.

However, it was the first time I used the power of separating my soul from my body. However, I will not give up no matter how difficult it is for Xu Ruoyun. Back then, Jiaoyazi had told me that the risk of this move was huge. The soul cannot leave the body for more than twenty four hours, any longer, then it would cause the body to completely die, so I won’t be able to return.

What I thought of was that Xu Ruoyun’s current situation seemed very similar to having her soul escape from her body! If I quickly find her soul, can’t I fuse her soul and her body back together!

Due to the importance of it, I told Zhao Yanyan and co. to not disturb me no matter what. Zhao Yanyan didn’t ask why, she merely nodded in response.

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I used the method that Jiaoyazi taught me. After a while, I felt like my body lightened and slowly floated into the air! I looked down, there was another me sitting on the bed with his eyes shut tight, while being expressionless.

I hurriedly flew out of my mansion. It was already 11:50, I won’t be in time if I don’t hurry! I swiftly flew towards the scene of the incidence, since the souls of the just deceased normally would not go more than a hundred meters away from their place of death.

When I just arrived, I saw a xiaogui pulling on Xu Ruoyun so that she would go with him.

“Wait!” I quickly flew over to stop him.

“Who is it! Actually daring to stop this guard from conducting official business!” that xiaogui turned around in annoyance. Suddenly, his expression changed into a bright smile. “Aiya! It’s Liu-ge… Ah, no! It’s your Royal Highness! Why did you have time to come here?”

Seeing that the person facing him was Yama’s bro, he immediately changed his tone.

“Your Royal highness?” I asked in confusion.

“Yeah, you are Yama’s brother, then naturally you are our prince!” the xiaogui explained.

****, I didn’t even know that I was that amazing in the realm of the dead, I even became a prince!

“Liu Lei!” Xu Ruoyun shouted happily after seeing me. However, then she noticed something was wrong, “Why did you come? Didn’t I die? Did you die as well?”

“Aiya, missy, just what are you saying? Do you know what to say at all! His Royal Highness is extremely fortunate, how could he die. Even if he wanted to die, Yama will not allow him. You actually dare to curse His Royal Highness with that mouth, see if I get someone to tear your tongue out to be fried!” the xiaogui said menacingly.

“Ah!” Xu Ruoyun jumped. The xiaogui looked rather menacing already, and now, he was even more terrifying.

“Ugh… Actually, she’s my wife, I came for her!” I laughed coyly. I specifically said that Xu Ruoyun is my wife, since it would give me a proper reason to bring her away. Otherwise, it would be difficult to do anything if I had nothing to do with her.

“Ah? So it’s the princess! I’m very sorry, this puny one did not know, princess, don’t mind this puny one’s fault, don’t get angry!” the xiaogui was shocked after hearing that. He couldn’t afford to offend the person in front of him. They say that, in the realm of the dead, aside from Yama, even Daoist Jiaoyazi, who was managing the xiaogui and spends a lot of time in the mortal realm, has to call him martial uncle!

Hearing me say that, Xu Ruoyun couldn’t help but blush, while she felt really sweet in her heart. She was really smart, and saw that the xiaogui in front of her was clearly flattering her hub… Ya! How can she think that! Xu Ruoyun couldn’t help but say quietly in her heart. She actually thought of him as her hubby!

“Alright, then I’ll take her home. We still have to sleep… I’m so sleepy!” I said to that xiaogui. Hearing me say that, Xu Ruoyun blushed even harder.

“Ugh… That isn’t much of an issue, but if big bro Ox-Head and Horse-Face asks…” said the xiaogui after a brief hesitation.

“Don’t worry about this, just say that she’s my wife and that we were dying for fun. Now that we had enough, we’re going back to live again!” I replied. “Ox-Head and Horse0Face won’t trouble you! No matter what, you are my friend!”

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Hearing that, the xiaogui thought that I was right! Ox-Head and Horse-Face had to be extremely respectful even in front of this one and he said that they were friends. If Yama got happy, he might even get promoted. Thus, he nodded towards me, then happily flew away.


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