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Chapter 114 – Meeting a female thief

“Four wives! Hmmph, you still came out to have fun when you have four at home. I look down on people like you the most! Today, this lady will act out justice for the heavens and destroy you, lecherous monster!” With that, she swung her knife towards my lower body!

I immediately got pissed. Even a person made out of rock would have a bit of temper.

I immediately snatched away the knife in her hands and threw it casually, causing it to stab onto the door. Just how could her speed be a match for mine, so I easily praised her underneath!

“Lecherous thief, what do you want to do!” The girl shouted.

“What I want to do? I should be asking you what you want to do!” I couldn’t get more angry. A little chick like this was actually so sinister.

“I’m telling you, if you dare to make a move on a single hair of this lady, I… I swear we will be eternal enemies! I definitely would not let you go! I’ll cause you to suffer the consequences! I will make you regret your entire life! I will make you disappear from this planet…” The girl’s threats caused me to get even more angry! Who the heck did I piss off? I was just drinking in order to wash away my troubles, but who would have thought that I would meet a female thief when I wake up that continuously calls me a lecherous thief!

Hehe, aren’t you screaming! Aren’t you shouting! The primal lust in my heart ignited.

The girl’s call for help caused me to get extremely excited. I felt just like when I played games with Chen Weier?

Games? Could this girl also be a master in this? Just now I had thought that she was a female thief, now it looks to be very possible!

Hehe, since you want to play, then I’ll accompany you to the end! Am I supposed to be afraid of you!

“Scream, the louder you scream, the more excited I’ll get!” Since I thought everything through, then I’ll just okay with her to the end. It’s going to feel pretty good occasionally having an one night stand after surpassing my lust for more than a month!

The girl already wasn’t wearing much clothes, and when I pulled, the small tank top on the girl immediately came off.

The girl wiggled forcefully underneath me in an attempt to escape from my restrain, but how could she match me.

I casually flipped over the girl’s leather skirt, and teared a hole in her stockings.

“No! I’m begging you, let me go! I can give you money! Give you fifty thousand… No, five hundred thousand!” Seeing that her struggle was futile, the girl started to beg.

I thought to myself, this girl is truly acting to the point!

The girl let out a painful and despairing scream as tears begun to flow.

Under the influence of alcohol, I was in a nearly crazed state. Some of it was due to my anger with the girl, some of it due to the sadness of losing Liu Yue…

After letting it all out, the feeling from the alcohol came back. I blurrily put on my clothes and walked out of the room. So, I was still in this bar!

Lil’ Three walked over and smiled naughtily, “Young Master Liu, how is it? Are you satisfied?”

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Hearing that, I immediately understood. So, this brat had organized everything! However, to be honest, the feeling of that chick just now definitely wasn’t bad. How did he know that I liked this sort of play?

I patted Lil’ Three’s shoulders and said, “Good! Not bad!” Then when I saw Lil’ Three’s anxious expression, I immediately understood and asked, “That girl wasn’t cheap, right?”

“Ugh… Yes…” Lil’ Three was a bit awkward having his thoughts known.

I shook my head and said, “Don’t mind with me, you are just working for someone else as well!” I took out several thousand kuai and stuff it in his hands, “This is for you!” Then, I handed him a bank card and said, “Go and swipe it for ten thousand kuai, I’ll put in the password to pay everything with the alcohol money just now!”

Lil’ Three didn’t think that I would be so generous. This means that the bar earned fifty thousand just from being a pimp! Of course, they had to pay for several bottles of Maotai, but that’s nothing!

Lil’ Three went to swipe the card happily and continuously thanked me.

I waved my hand and blurrily walked out of the bar. Then, I waved my hand to catch a taxi before leaving.

Hehe, this girlie really wasn’t bad. She was tasty! While on the taxi, I continued to think back towards the sex earlier. If I have the chance in the future, I’ll get Lil’ Three to call her out for me to play with again.

Under the influence, my brain also started having loads of thoughts. Normally speaking, I would definitely not be interested in calling a prostitute, or at the very least, I have to check if she has any disease when I call despite me being pretty much immune already.

However, I had played with her without caring at all today. That proves that I was truly drunk!

Meng Qingqing tearfully collected her ripped clothes, while being so regretful. Why did she just had to do this sort of ****** investigation, causing her to even lose her chastity!

Yet, she didn’t even know what the person that took her chastity called!

I, Meng Qingqing swears to be your eternal enemy! Ming Qingqing yelled in her head.

As she looked on the clean bedsheets covered in red dots, Meng Qingqing felt a sourness in her heart. Her first time was actually just gone like that!

Meng Qingqing put on her ripped clothes inside, then wrapped herself firmly in her coat.

She surveyed the situation in the room, then tearfully put the bedsheets into her LV bag, causing her bag to become really full.

If Lil’ Three was observant, he would definitely be able to tell that Meng Qingqing’s clothing and the LV bag was worth definitely eighty to a hundred thousand!

Yet. Lil’ Three was just a waiter at the bottom of society. He merely got a thousand something kuai of salary and several thousand kuai of tips. Although he had a bit of money, he was still very distant from the upper class.

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Meng Qingqing resisted the intense pain in ther lower body and walked out of the room like a crab. Seeing that, Lil’ Three felt a sense of joy in her heart, it seems like she really was a virgin, no wonder Young Master Liu was so satisfied!

Lil’ Three took out the fifty thousand kuai that he had prepared and handed it to Meng Qingqing and said, “Here, this is the fifty thousand kuai we agreed on!”

Meng Qingqing momentarily blanked after seeing the money in Liil’ Three’s hands, then immediately recalled that this was the price she had set with the bar.

Back then, Meng Qingqing was just saying, she never thought to really sell her body.

Fifty thousand kuai, was she only worth fifty thousand kuai!

Meng Qingqing felt a sourness in her heart, then immediately smacked the money away and yelled, “**** off! **** off!” T hen, she hurriedly ran out of the bar, while ignoring the intense pain in her lower body. She got onto her red Ferrari, then sped away.

Lil’ Three looked at the money on the floor in confusion and muttered, “The ****? Is she sick in the bed or something? She doesn’t want money after selling herself?”

Seeing that Wang-ge walked in through the bar door, Lil’ Three said to him, “Wang-ge, do you think that girl has some issues? She actually didn’t want money after doing it?” Lil’ Three pointed at the floor of money.

Wang-ge shook his head with a serious expression, “lil’ Three, did you really find out about that girlie’s background? She doesn’t seem to be someone from this circle!”

“She said to me that her family owes other people money, so she only came out to sell herself without any other choice!” Lil’ Three answered.

Her family lacks money? If they do, then would she be driving a Ferrari? Wang-ge shook his head and sighed, “This girl seems to have an impressive background!”

“What, Wang-ge, you’re scared of her causing trouble for us?” Lil’ Three smiled.

“Not us! I’m scared that our act of good will would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for Young Master Liu!” Wang-ge exclaimed.


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