Chapter 103 – Martial Competition

That’s why, I decided to just give them face. It’s just that Situ Liang was really too disrespectful, this person was trouble brewing when left alone, so I had to find a chance to get rid of him.

Since the proper matters have been finished, Situ Dashan also started chitchatting. A lot of the stuff was related to the Six Renowned Families. Situ Dashan did not mind either, and completely treated me as one of them. This made me very satisfied, since it showed that he truly wanted peace with me.

“Oh yeah, Liu Yue, the Huaxia Martial Competition once every five years is about to begin, who is your Liu family sending?” Situ Dashan asked.

“I’m going,” Liu Yue disliked the Situ family, so she replied very plainly.

“Oh? Hehe, you have to be merciful when it comes around. I’m going to tell Situ Kong and Situ Liang to try. You might be put into the same group with Situ Liang, hehe!” Situ Dashan smiled.

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“My grandpa also has huge hopes for me. So, Grandpa Situ, sorry!” Liu Yue replied plainly.

The atmosphere on the dinner table immediately turned cold. The Six Renowned Families all kept the tradition of ancient times, due to the long history of the Renowned Families. After a woman marries over, she was someone of that family, and no longer had any relationship with her own, so she naturally had to help the people in her husband’s family. This was also the minimal three obedience and four virtues that a woman should have. Yet, Liu Yue actually said something so blasphemous in public as Situ Liang’s fiancé!

Since I was present, Situ Dashan didn’t find it right to get mad, so he only said wryly, “Hehe, young people, that’s natural, natural!” Then he quickly changed the topic. “Liu Yue, you and Liang Liang aren’t young anymore, when are you going to have your wedding so that us of the older generation will stop worrying!”

“Grandpa Situ, I didn’t agree to this wedding yet! It’s just grandpa taking charge by himself!” Liu Yue said with a frown.

Seeing the situation take a turn for the worse since if they continued like this, it would definitely turn into a situation that they break up in discord. I will naturally make clear about Liu Yue’s situation, but not on the dinner table. There are some things that might be very easy to deal with behind the scenes, but if it was put onto the table, a lot of people will definitely refuse to give in for a little bit of face.

“Mr. Situ, what exactly is that Huaxia Martial Competition?” I had an interest in this since I have never heard of this competition before! It was also convenient in softening the atmosphere on the dinner table.

“Oh, that!” Situ Dashan also realized that I was still there, so he ignored Liu Yue’s matter. He replied, “It’s like this, our Huaxia would hold a martial competition every single time, this was a rule that existed in ancient times, but it normally is not open. There are very few outsiders outside of the children from our Six Renowned Families, so it gradually became a competition for the children of the Six Renowned Families to compete over time!”

“I see, I was wondering why I’ve never heard of it! Then what benefits can the person that becomes the champion get?” I nodded and asked.

“The first three place can go and work in a special organization in Huaxia, and can get a large sum of prize money from the Martial Foundation!” said Situ Dashan.

I wasn’t interested in either, but this competition seemed really fun, so I should go and have a look. Thus, I said, “Then can I apply to participate?”

“Of course, anyone has the right to participate. This competition is organized by that special organization, so it also ensures the fairness of the competition results,” said Situ Dashan.

I took a look. It was about time, so I said, “Then we’ll leave it at this today, Mr. Situ. I still need to prepare a bit, I have to return to my hometown tomorrow!”

“Oh, hehe, look at me. I’m getting old, so my sense of time is also getting worse, it’s already ten something!” Situ Dashan smiled apologetically. “Situ Bo, Situ Kong, go and send Mr. Liu off!”

At this moment, Liu Yue also stood up and said, “Then Grandpa Situ, I’ll be leaving as well!” Then, she looked towards me. I know she had something she wanted to say to me, and I also had a lot I wanted to ask her, so I nodded slightly in reply.

When we arrived at the car park, Liu Yue looked towards me, but didn’t say anything. I also said with a smile, “Follow my car!”

After that, my Bentley and Liu Yue’s Land Rover left the Situ family’s car park one behind another.

Just after we got onto the highway, Liu Yue’s phone call came through, “Liu Lei, what’s going on? Why did you come?”

“Hehe, we’ll talk about it in detail later. Follow me to my mansion!” I replied. “Drive properly, don’t get distracted!”

“Oh!” Liu Yue answered, then hung up and followed behind me at a moderate pace. Since my car was extra-long, it was very hard to squeeze forward even though it was night time, since Yanjing city’s roads were still not very smooth. That’s why, Liu Yue’s Land Rover was unable to

We drove on the road for an hour before finally returning to my mansion. Since the guard at the mansion recognizes my original Land Rover, and because it entered with me, they didn’t stop it to ask.

I found Liu Yue’s impatient expression a bit hilarious. Just when has this chick been so anxious! In my memories, Liu Yue has always been very calm and collected.

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were already familiar, and Zhao Yanyan had already put her business with Liu Yue behind her.

Liu Yue didn’t say anything in the living room, she merely looked at me silently. I had thought that Liu Yue would have a lot of questions to ask me, but instead, she became silent when she arrived at my home.

“Alright, I’ll be honest, I have some personal grudge with Situ Liang!” Then I pointed towards Yu Ting. “Because of her.”

I don’t know why, but Liu Yue blushed and rolled her eyes at me. “Pervert!”

“How am I a pervert? This sort of thing have both parties willing. She didn’t like Situ Liang from the start. Am I right, Xiao Ting Ting?” I pulled Yu Ting over so that she was sitting in my embrace.

Yu Ting snorted lightly, then obediently sat in my arms.

“I’m not talking about this. I’m asking why the Situ family is so courteous towards you?” Liu Yue glared at me and said.

“Ugh… I think he’s scared of me?” I answered while acting dumb. After all, Liu Yue wasn’t someone by my side, so I didn’t plan to reveal too much.

“He’s scared of you? Why is he scared of you?” Liu Yue asked.

“How do I know!” I shrugged.

“Liar! Yanyan, Liu Lei’s bullying me!” Liu Yue said to Zhao Yanyan while putting on a very troubled expression.

Zhao Yanyan has always been soft. So, when she saw Liu Yue’s expression, she sighed. Just now, Yu Ting had already told her that Liu Yue is Situ Liang’s fiancé. A woman’s sensitivity made her understand Liu Yue’s thoughts. Thus, she said slowly, “Hubby, do you still need Liu Yue-meimei to make it clear! Actually, she likes you in her heart, can’t you tell? She’s just jealous of our Yu Ting!”


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