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Chapter 102 – The Situ Family asks for peace

Situ Dashan smiled, “My ****** son is a disappointment, so I hope Little Bro Liu will not take it to heart. If there was any time when he has offended you, please forgive him!” Situ Dashan silently cursed his grandson for not understanding the situation, it was as simple as messing around if the other person wanted to kill him (Situ Liang). If he was determined to look for death, then grandpa was unable to help him!

“No problem, no problem! Big Brother Situ is too nice, how could I get annoyed like a child!” I intentionally stressed “child” and said it in a mocking tone.

How could Situ Dashan not understand, thus he played along, “Yeah, they’ll all children, so it’s hard for them to get riled up easily. Since Mr. Liu isn’t taking it to heart, that is for the best!”

Liu Yue looked at Situ Dashan and I flatter each other in surprise, but any understanding person could tell that Situ Dashan was pleasing me! Liu Yue sent a questioning gaze towards me, but I smiled without saying anything.

“Okay, let me introduce you a bit. This is my unworthy son, Situ Bo, you have met before. If he had offended you in any way, just look over it on big bro’s face! This is my eldest grandson, Situ Kong, he’s currently the leader of the Daxing Gang!” said Situ Dashan.

Situ Kong walked over and respectfully shook my hand. Situ Kong was an excellent person in his generation in the Situ family, his line of thought far surpasses his father, Situ Bo, and was comparable with Situ Dashan. Seeing his grandpa’s, Situ Dashan, attitude towards this young man, he silently guessed that this young man definitely wasn’t normal in his heart, so he acted with an unusual amount of respect.

“And this is Situ Liang, he is the youngest in the family. Hehe, he’s a child, so it’s unavoidable that he was spoiled too much!” Situ Dashan continued. “The person sitting beside him is Situ Liang’s fiancé, Liu Yue, her identity isn’t normal either, she is the daughter of the Liu family in the north east!”

Hearing that Liu Yue was actually Situ Liang’s fiancé, I was immediately angered. I had a really uncomfortable feeling, as if something of mine was taking away. This also caused me to be unable to hear what Situ Dashan said afterwards.

“Little bro Liu, what happened…” Seeing that my expression suddenly sullen, Situ Dashan asked since he didn’t quite understand.

“Nothing!” I let out a long sigh. I definitely have to find out exactly what this is about from Liu Yue. My god, the **** is Situ Liang, he’s actually Liu Yue’s fiancé!

Situ Dashan thought that I was going to suddenly cause trouble, so when he saw my expression return to normal, he silently let out a sigh of relief. Then he thought to himself, if this young man was truly going to cause trouble, he would truly find it hard to stop!

After we sat down, Situ Kong ordered the servants to start bringing the dishes. Then he poured a glass for me in person, then went to organize other stuff.

Situ Dashan raised the wine glass and said, “Today is the Preliminary Eve for Chinese New Year, the people here are no outsiders, so let’s not hold back! I will drink first in respect!”

Everybody raised their wine glasses. I also took a sip with everyone else. However, I never would have thought that after Situ Liang saw it, he acted like he found a chance and immediately shouted while pointing at me, “We all drank it all, grandpa already finished, what right do you have to not finish it? Do you look down on grandpa?”

Situ Dashan’s expression immediately darkened, he never would have thought that this grandson was so retarded. Does he not understand the situation now? The Situ family really have no way of opposing the them!

From the attitudes of the officials these few months towards the expansion of the Three Rock Gang in Yanjing, they were able to tell that the Three Rock Gang had a very deep background.

Otherwise, with the Situ family’s relationships, it was very hard for foreign gangs to stick a hand in here.

“My body isn’t good, so I can’t drink!” I said faintly.

“Situ Kong, bring your younger brother back to his room to rest, he’s drunk!” Situ Dashan ordered.

Situ Kong nodded and immediately went over to pull Situ Liang up. Situ Liang roared, “I’m not drunk! What are us, the Situ family, afraid of him, a person without any sort of background for!”

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Situ Kong smiled at me apologetically, then immediately used a hand knife to strike at Situ Kong’s neck, causing him to faint. Then Situ Kong dragged him out.

Actually, Situ Liang wasn’t that dumb normally, it’s just that those closely involved aren’t able to see clearly. The information that had gotten to him first caused him to think that my background was merely in Songjiang province.

After Situ Liang left, Situ Kong said, “Oh yeah. Brother Liu. I heard that a Three Rock Gang had come to act strong in Yanjing city, it’s looking like they will split the city with the Daxing Gang. Does Brother Liu know the people from the Three Rock Gang?”

Although Situ Dashan acted very casually, how could I understand his intentions, so I also answered very casually, “I won’t hide it from Mr. Situ, the Three Rock Gang was established by one of my bros, so I do have some say in it.”

“Oh, so it’s like that! That’s great, our Daxing Gang wants to cooperate with the Three Rock Gang, we were just troubled that there was no middle man, I will be troubling little bro Liu this time!” said Situ Dashan.

“Cooperate? If Mr. Situ doesn’t mind telling, how so, perhaps little bro can help a little!” I replied.

“It’s like this, I hope that the Daxing Gang and Three Rock Gang can coexist together within Yanjing city. Actually I don’t think that there are a lot of real conflicts of interest, our Daxing Gang will run the Daxing Gang’s properties, while the Three Rock Gang can start new properties in Yanjing city. We won’t interfere with one another. If a foreign enemy comes, then we can temporarily ally ourselves to fend off the foreign enemy. I wonder what little bro Liu thinks about it?” Situ Dashan asked.

“Oh? That sounds quite nice! Not interfering with one another! However, I heard that the Three Rock Gang hates the people that forces girls to become prostitutes and sells drugs the most. I wonder if the Daxing Gang is involved in that?” I looked towards Situ Dashan. If he could control these two points, then leaving them be was fine, since the Daxing Gang was different from local gangs elsewhere, the Daxing Gang was supported by a family behind it.

Situ Dashan looked towards Situ Kong, who quickly replied, “I won’t hide it from Mr. Liu, we don’t force girls to become prostitutes, those girls are willing to do so to earn money. As for drugs… I wonder if ecstasy counts?”

I considered a little. Although ecstasy is a drug, it didn’t cause too much harm, furthermore, you can’t stop the supply of this. There are some outsiders selling it in the Three Rock Gang’s properties as well. This was something very problematic, young people looked for excitement, if you don’t have it, then they won’t come, that’s why Guo Qing treated it with one eye closed. As long as his people don’t sell it, he didn’t punish others that came to sell it too much.

Thus, I said, “Just control the amount, it isn’t anything good to take too much of it! Since it’s like that, then I’ll tell him about your ideas. I don’t dare to promise you with anything about the Three Rock Gang’s opinion. I’ll try to speak a few good words for you!”

How could Situ Dashan not understand. Hearing me say that, he knew that it was definitely a success. However, he didn’t pop the bubble, and merely said, “Then I’ll be troubling you!”

After all, as one of the Six Renowned Families, the Situ family had several hundred years of history, even if I get rid of the Daxing Gang, I would still be unable to truly move their family’s foundation.


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