Chapter 74 – It would be a lie if I say that I’m not jealous

I put on my clothes to send Zhao Yanyan home after eating, under my mom’s fierce demand. It was winter, and was the New Year, there weren’t much people on the streets, a girl alone was not very safe.

My dad was also on the side, smiling craftily, clearly it was to create an opportunity for me. Towards parents like these, I was already speechless. Good grades were really more important than anything, I’ve never seen them so cheerful in my previous life.

To be honest, even if my parents didn’t say anything, I would definitely send Zhao Yanyan back, this is my own wife, who’s going to care about her if I don’t?

When we just walked out of the compound, Zhao Yanyan placed her hand on my arm, and leaned in towards me.

“Heh, you’ve done my mom in!” I said in a displeased tone, I currently felt that my mom wasn’t my mom, but Zhao Yanyan’s mom. Just take the meal for example, not only did I barely ate anything, I had to pretend to be really full.

“Ai, you’re so stingy! Getting angry with me just because of this!” Zhao Yanyan pouted and said in a tone like she was wronged. “Aren’t I just trying to establish a good relationship with your mom so I can successfully become your legal wife in the future! What’s more, isn’t my dad done in by you? Look at how happy my he gets every time you go over!”

I sweat! So she still remembers about the legal wife thing, this chick is pretty smart, she knows that she has to pass by my mom if she wants to be my legal wife, as long as my mom agreed, then no other woman can take her place.

“What did you say with my mom?” I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand and asked.

“Nothing much really, I just told her how we got to know each other,” Zhao Yanyan said with a smile.

“My mom doesn’t know we’re already together right?” I was scared that Zhao Yanyan accidentally said something about how I already ate her, then problems will arise.

“Who got together with you?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“We didn’t get together? Who was it just now that wanted to be my legal wife?” I pinched Zhao Yanyan’s bright red cheeks and asked.

“Don’t flatter yourself, your mom was just selling you to me, and kept on talking about your virtues! Haha~ Liu Lei, we’ve been together for so long, why don’t I know you have this many merits?” Zhao Yanyan rocked with laughter.

“What did my mom say to you?” I couldn’t help but asked.

“I’m not telling you, haha, this is way too funny! Why couldn’t I see a single virtue that your mom said about you?” Zhao Yanyan laughed so much that she almost suffocated.

“Heh! Laugh, laugh some more! You’re not telling are you!?” I put my hands into the shape of a claw and started tickling Zhao Yanyan under her arms.

“Aiya~! Stop it, haha, quickly stop it, I’ll say it okay, haha!” Zhao Yanyan immediately surrendered after I started tickling her.
“What did she say?” I retracted my hands and said.

“Your mom said you’re honest, and didn’t like to talk. Although you’re a coward, you’re reliable! Haha! I forcefully withheld my laughter! You’re honest? Don’t like to talk? You’re cowardly? Hahaha! Liu Lei, how do you act at home? Why did you leave such an impression for your mom!” Zhao Yanyan laughed.

So it’s this! If I hadn’t been reborn, what my mom said was indeed the truth, but why did I feel like these aren’t any virtues? They are obviously faults! I really don’t know if my mom’s helping, or ruining things. Thank god Zhao Yanyan is already mine, and what she said was only more laughing material.

“What else did my mom say?” I felt like that spoke for a long time, and not just these things.

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“Your mom also asked me if I had in-laws etc., haha!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Then what did you say?” I quickly asked.

“What else can I say? I just answered honestly,” Zhao Yanyan said mysteriously.

“My young mistress, can’t you just say everything at once! What do you mean answered honestly?” I really couldn’t help it, why did girls pause so much when talking.

“Answered honestly means no, I’m not like Xia Jing, who’s already decided by both your mom and the Lei family as their daughter-in-law,” Zhao Yanyan glanced at me sourly.

Why was Xia Jing brought up again? Ai! I wonder how this chick Xia Jing is doing, it has been a month since she was brought back to Yanjing. There wasn’t any news in the meantime, she didn’t even call once, and then there’s that annoying Lei Xiaolong, he pisses me off just when I think of him! ****, I’ll speak to old bro Yama one day if I get desperate, and get him to send to xiaogui to end that Lei’s life earlier.

I was originally in a joyful mood, when I thought of Xia Jing, it turned sullen. Although I hadn’t been with the little beauty for long, only three days, but her figure couldn’t be erased from my memories, whenever it is in the middle of the night, I would think of this little beauty that stayed on the same bed as me for three days, and about the ambiguous rubbing between us.

“What is it, hubby?” Zhao Yanyan also noticed my silence, and asked anxiously.

“Nothing really, I just thought of some unhappy things,” I said. Just let nature take it’s course when it comes to Xia Jing.

“Do you miss Xia Jing?” Zhao Yanyan asked carefully.

“En,” I nodded and didn’t deny it.

“Don’t worry, Liu Lei. I have a feeling, Xia Jing will definitely return to your side!” Xia Jing embraced softly and said.

I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s face that was frozen red, and kissed that little mouth.

“En… Meanie… This is on the streets!” Zhao Yanyan resisted a little and said unclearly.

I tightly embraced Zhao Yanyan, our tongues entwined together.

“Yanyan, thank you,” I said softly.

“Hehe, idiot! What are you thanking me for,” Zhao Yanyan said lovingly.

“I’m thinking about other women, yet you’re not angry and is counseling me instead,” I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s hair and said thankfully.

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“Don’t be a fool, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t jealous. Which woman wouldn’t want their lover to be devoted to one? You’re so excellent, it’s hard to prevent others from seducing you! But we’ll make it clear now, you can only have one Xia Jing apart from me!” Zhao Yanyan said calmly to me.

“Then what about Ye Xiaoxiao?” I looked at Zhao Yanyan with a smiling yet not smiling expression.

“Ye Xiaoxiao?” Zhao Yanyan momentarily blanked after hearing this name, and then said angrily, “Wow, you really have a relationship with Ye Xiaoxiao! I’m not going to care about you anymore.” However she still fell into my embrace.

“I’m sorry, Yanyan! I’m really sorry!” I didn’t know what to say. “This mouth… Ai, why did I mention her now!”

“Don’t say anymore, I’ll support you. Who made it so that I like you so much,” Zhao Yanyan laid in my embrace, feeling my heartbeat and said softly.


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