Chapter 73  – My mom is back

“Mom, you guys are back!” I fixed the collar of my shirt at the last minute, and opened the door.

“Why are you so slow! Didn’t I already tell you to wait for us by the door!” My mom asked me weirdly after seeing me pant.

“This… there’s a guest over,” I said awkwardly.

At that moment, Zhao Yanyan also walked out of my with herself properly dressed, she said quietly when she saw my mom, “Hello Auntie!”

“Aiya! Leilei why didn’t you say that we have a guest earlier, do didn’t eat lunch yet right? Old Liu, wash the fish quickly, and hurry on making food!” My mom ordered, causing my dad to get through into the kitchen without even having time to change.

“Auntie, don’t get so busy, I’m alright,” seeing that my mom started to make lunch right after she got back, Zhao Yanyan immediately tried to stop her.

“It’s alright, even if you didn’t come we still have eat, let Leilei’s dad get busy, we’ll chat,” my mom said affectionately

I was going to faint, what’s wrong with my mom, she’s getting even more enthusiastic than me after seeing a beauty, last time was Xia Jing, this time was Zhao Yanyan.

“Guinv, sit, don’t stand there! Leilei, quickly pour some water for your classmate, aren’t there drinks on the balcony, take it all here!” My mom roared at me.

“Auntie, it really is fine, I don’t need to drink water,” Zhao Yanyan immediately shook her hands.

“It’s alright, let Liu Lei busy himself,” my mom didn’t know that Zhao Yanyan’s heart would hurt even more with her working me so hard.

As expected, Zhao Yanyan gave a sorrowful look at me, I returned an “it doesn’t matter” smile to her. When I brought the drinks there, I heard my mom chatting with Zhao Yanyan, “Guinv, what’s your name?”

“Auntie, I’m called Zhao Yanyan,” Zhao Yanyan also relaxed quite a bit, and didn’t have that restraint that she had before.

“Zhao Yanyan, this name is good. Are you in the same class as Leilei?” My mom asked while smiling.

“Yes, the two of us are desk mates,” Zhao Yanyan answered.

“Oh, so you’re desk mates! Desk mates are good, you can help each other in academics!” My mom took over the drink in my hand and passed it to Zhao Yanyan.

“Auntie, how does Liu Lei need help with his academics!” Zhao Yanyan started to make me look good again.

“Then let Leilei help you,” my mom was also really happy to hear Zhao Yanyan praise me.

“Mom, just say a few less words, Zhao Yanyan is second in the year, she doesn’t need my help,” I also opened a bottle of drink, to be honest, I really a bit thirsty. The XXOO in the entire morning was physical exercise.

“Ahh, that’s even better! One of you is first, the other is second, you have to communicate more in the future!” My mom already started holding hands with Zhao Yanyan in this short period of time.

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“Leilei, go and help your dad out in the kitchen, don’t just stand here,” my mom found something for me to do when she saw me standing there idly.

I gave Zhao Yanyan a look to signal her not to say too much. Zhao Yanyan immediately returned a “don’t worry” expression to me.

“Dad, you don’t need to make so many dishes, enough is fine,” I said to my dad, who was dealing with the fish.

“How can that be, we have to make it look better with a guest at home!” My dad placed down the cleaned fish, and started to heat the wok.

“Oh yeah, Liu Lei. Tell dad, what’s with that girl?” My dad finally had some time, and started to interrogate me.

“What do you mean what’s with her? She’s my deskmate!” I started to act dumb.

“Deskmate? If she’s a deskmate you would let her visit? You better be honest with me, do you like her?” I didn’t think my dad wouldn’t cut any corners and went straight to the topic, causing me to be unsure of how to reply.

“I——I——“ I really didn’t know what to say.

“Leilei, there’s no outsiders in the kitchen. Just the two of us man here, Dad is going to warn you right now, if you like her then tell her earlier, don’t drag it on. I can tell that girl is quite pretty, there must be no shortage of people that fancy her right? Children your age getting into a relationship isn’t anything special, your mom and I were also around your age when we met back in the day, your old man, I, will tell you one thing that, and that’s he who strikes first prevails, if it wasn’t I who confessed to your mom first, then you might not exist!” My dad said exultantly.

I was completely shocked after hearing that, is this still my dad? Why is he completely different from the serious and solemn father he usually was?

“Hai—— Hai——! Don’t space out, hurry up and help me wash the vegetables. Don’t tell what I told you to your mom, it’s our Liu family’s ancestral esoterica!” My dad coughed a few times and said to me.

Ancestral esoterica? Why haven’t I heard about it before? If you guided me like this in my previous life, then I might have gotten Zhao Yanyan at the time.

“Okay now, son! This chick isn’t bad, there’s nothing wrong with her looks, don’t disappoint your old man!” My dad clapped my shoulders, causing all the fish scale to stick onto me.

“I ——“ I felt so awkward that I didn’t know how I was supposed to reply, was I supposed to say I already did it with Zhao Yanyan?

I helped out my dad familiarly, actually I know how to make all these dishes as well, since I didn’t lack any chance to make them in my previous life, but I can’t give away too much. Even so, my dad still praised me with a hint of confusion, saying that the vegetables are cut much tidier than before.

After the two of us got busy for a while, three dishes, a soup and a fish was very quickly placed on the dining table.

“Come over and eat!” My dad set the table, and said to my mom and Zhao Yanyan who were chatting happily in the living room.

My mom led Zhao Yanyan to the dining table with a smile, Zhao Yanyan’s expression was also full of smiles. What did they talk about? Looking at their intimate expression, my mom couldn’t have taken in another goddaughter right?

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“Yanyan, you’re hungry right, eat first, there’s no need to care about anyone else! Treat this as your own home,” my mom handed Zhao Yanyan a pair of chopsticks.

En? This phrase seemed really familiar, I remember the last time I visited Zhao Yanyan’s home, Zhao Yanyan’s mother also said this to me.

Thinking to this point, I raised my head, and noticed that Zhao Yanyan was looking at me, we smiled at each other, most likely she also thought of this.

I felt really confused the entire lunch, my mom kept on getting food for Zhao Yanyan, every time I wanted to reach my chopsticks over, my mom would take away what I was going to get, I even started thinking if she really gave birth to me. My dad didn’t say much at the table, it was my mom talking most of the time, many times it was my mom that said something which caused Zhao Yanyan to laugh out loud after hearing it, while my dad and I remained confused, was this what they called women’s topics?

Furthermore, what made me extremely annoyed is that, my mom didn’t just complain once about how she really regretted giving birth to a boy, it would be great if she gave birth to a daughter, not only could they chat normally, they can also go shopping together. Zhao Yanyan immediately said that she would often come over to my home and talk with my mom after hearing that, making my mom really happy.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yanyan would laugh sneakily like a cat that successfully stole fish.


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