Chapter 69 – Is this person an idiot?

“Ge, why did you come?” Chen Weier asked weirdly after seeing Chen Yong has come.

“Weier, you and mom all shouldn’t work so hard now! That person gave me another fifty thousand,” Chen Yong said while patting his satchel.

“Which person? Is it the big boss that wants to reserve… reserve my that?” Chen Weier asked shyly.

“En, I saw him just now. He was really angry, and scolded me about not telling him that we ran out of money,” Chen Yong nodded and said.

“Ge, don’t you think this person is an idiot? Why is it for?” Chen Weier asked weirdly. From Chen Weier’s perspective, the person that could make this request would be no different from Yu Gang, and just wanted to possess her. How could he be like this guy, reserving herself then continuously throw money at them, and not take any actions to her, isn’t he scared of her running away?

“Weier, don’t say stuff randomly! I think your brother met a good person! Don’t talk about reserving you, even if that person wants to marry you, mom will agree!” Chen Weier’s mother said.

“Mom, don’t say that. They are so rich, they wouldn’t be interested in me,” Chen Weier lowered her head and said.

“But this is quite weird, Da Yong, what does that boss do?” Chen Weier’s mother asked.

“Would they tell me that? Okay now, just don’t ask, those are their business secrets,” Chen Yong said.

“Okay. Oh yeah Da Yong, since you came, then help mom a little, and let your meimei go out and take a break, the waking up early and sleeping late has made her really tired recently,” Chen Weier’s mother said.

“Sure, Weier, didn’t you say you wanted to go to the book store last time? Go, let older brother look over here for a while,” Chen Yong said.

“But, what about dad’s side?” Chen Weier said worriedly.

“It’s fine, dad already slept after finishing drip-feeding, and there are also nurses,” Chen Yong said.

After Chen Yong left, I wandered around near the market aimlessly, it really was a lonely New Year’s Day.

Suddenly, I noticed that there was a group of people in front of me. I was just bored, if I didn’t go and look I would be an idiot.

So it was a young man selling Babao Candy having an argument with their customer. I’ve seen Babao Candy in my previous life, it is just candy that is made using a mixture of walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, peanuts and other similar nuts and sugar. This thing is very heavy, and the price is also ridiculously expensive, about ten kuai per 50 grams. Just a small piece would require, seven, eight or ten kuai.

What made me most surprised was that the customer buying the candy was Chen Weier!

“I asked you how much is it just now, you said ten kuai!” Chen Weier said.

“I did say ten kuai, but I didn’t say ten kuai per 500 grams!” The candy selling youth said.

“But this is too expensive!” Chen Weier said like she had been wronged.

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“Expensive or not, you wanted to buy it, did I force you with a knife?” The candy selling youth snorted.

“Then I’ll just not buy!” Chen Weier said quietly.

“Not buying? You buy when you want to, and refuse to buy when you don’t feel like it, you think the market is your home?” The candy selling youth immediately got annoyed when he heard Chen Weier said she wasn’t going to buy it.

“That’s right, the candy’s already been cut, if you don’t buy it who are we supposed to sell it to?” The other youths with him started fanning the flames.

“Quietly, be willing and take out eighty kuai!” The candy selling youth said.

“Aren’t… aren’t you just robbing!” Chen Weier bit her lips and said angrily with a red face.

“You can’t say that, you got me to cut the candy, how am I robbing? Be careful with what you say girl!” The candy selling youth got even more annoyed.

Seeing the situation like this, I pretty much understood the goal of this bunch, they are just a group that scam people with word play, and doing so really cause you to unable to actually pick out anything wrong.

“Don’t say anything, if you don’t give over the money today, then don’t think that you’re going to leave!” The candy selling youth slammed down the knife onto the table with a “pa” sound and said cockily.

I did see enough fun, if I just look anymore I think that Chen Weier will cry, thus I walked up, and said to those selling candy, “What’s going on?”

Seeing that I stood up for her, Chen Weier looked thankfully towards me.

“It’s none of your business here, wait on the said!” The candy selling youth said impatiently seeing that someone was being a busy body.

“What do you mean none of my business? Haven’t you heard that “Everyone mind everyone’s business’?” I said uncaringly.

“****, where did you brat jump out from, who didn’t let you out without tying up your pants?” The candy selling youth’s partners pointed at me and said.

“Please don’t use your fore finger to point at me, because when you’re pointing towards me, there are three fingers pointing towards yourself!” I remembered a sentence said in “Youth and Danger”.
“Ha—— Ha——” The moment words I said it, everyone in the surroundings including Chen Weier all laughed.

“****, you’re looking to get beaten up right!” The candy selling youth shouted.

“Who’s looking to get beaten up? **** him, I can’t even feel fine playing pool. Let’s see whose acting so cocky?” A voice rang out, I could recognize this voice even if I turned into dust, it was definitely Guo Qing.

As expected, the crowd gave away a path the moment Guo Qing came over.

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“Guozi-ge!” Those selling candy immediately calmed down, and said respectfully.

“Aiya, isn’t this Boss? Why are you here?” Guo Qing immediately noticed me, who was standing on the side.

I was going to faint, why does this brat come to ruin it every time something good happens, last time it was when I was going to kiss with Zhao Yanyan in the classroom, this time I was about to save a beauty, he came again.

“Hello, Lei-ge!” Those delinquents behind Guo Qing also recognized me, and immediately greeted me.

“What Boss, these few candy sellers are about to beat me up!” Since Guo Qing came, I won’t be able to save the beauty anyways, so I sold everything out.

Guo Qing stared at them, those candy sellers immediately came over and bowed, and kept asking us to forgive and forget, they had eyes but didn’t recognize Mt. Tai, don’t go onto their level, they nearly kneeled down for me.

“Okay now, what are you pretending to me? Where did the will to hit people go?” Guo Qing used the knife on the table, and casually cut off a piece of candy and placed it in his mouth, he chewed a bit and said to the few delinquent lackeys, “****, this candy is pretty good, came and have a taste.”

Those delinquents weren’t anyone someone easy to deal with, they were used to bullying people, and forcing people to buy and sell, now that their boss spoke up, they immediately surrounded them and started eating.

Guo Qing casually handed me the piece that Chen Weier wanted just now and said, “You wanted this right?”

I didn’t refuse, and immediately took it over and handed it to Chen Weier.

“This isn’t good right?” Chen Weier said. Although she also dislikes those people selling candy, she still couldn’t do this kind of taking without paying.

“It’s fine, take it, I’ll give him the money later,” Guo Qing ate another piece of candy and said.


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