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Chapter 53 – Frozen Account

“Lei Fubai? That director of the board of Lei Corporation Lei Fubai?” I said in surprise. Lei Fubai could be said as an incredible person in Huaxia.

Yet, although Lei Xiaolong is Lei Fubai’s precious son, but how did Zhao Yanyan immediately think that the person that caught me was Lei Xiaolong? There was definitely more to it.

“Yanyan, are you lying to me about something?” I suddenly asked.

“N-No!” Zhao Yanyan denied immediately.

“You already knew Xia Jing right?” I thought of the expression that Xia Jing showed when she saw Zhao Yanyan.

“En, she came to Songjiang that time to, and I also know that she and Lei Xiaolong had an infant matrimony,” Since she saw that I noticed, Zhao Yanyan stopped hiding anymore.

“Then you’re still telling me to sleep with her?” I was freaked out, thank got I didn’t XXOO with Xia Jing, or else wouldn’t I be hunted down daily by people from the Lei family?

“Because I hate that Lei Xiaolong, he was already engaged with Xia Jing, and still pursued me,” Zhao Yanyan’s face was filled with disgust when she mentioned Lei Xiaolong.

****, what kind of reason is that, you hate Lei Xiaolong so you tell me to XX his fiancé, no wonder she was so quick to accept it on this thing regarding Xia Jing. Isn’t this the same as telling me to die? Truly a woman’s view!

“Do you miss Xia Jing?” Zhao Yanyan saw that I wasn’t speaking, and thought I was thinking about Xia Jing again.

“A little,” I answered honestly. Who wouldn’t miss it if a little beauty just disappeared like that.

“Then I’ll tell Grandpa, and get him to tell the Xia family to cancel this marriage,” Zhao Yanyan said naîvely.

I was about to faint, let’s not talk about the success of this first, if Grandpa Zhao found out his granddaughter was helping her boyfriend to pursue other woman, wouldn’t he kill me first. Isn’t this pushing me into the fire!

“Leave it, we’ll talk about this later, if we can meet then it’s for the best, if we can’t then never mind,” I remembered the promise Xia Jing gave me again…

“Leilei, Xia Jing was taken by the police,” my mom said to me when I got home at night.

I knew this already, so I nodded.

“Ai, when someone came to our office and said that they were looking for Xia Jing to me, I didn’t want to tell them at the start, then found out that they were all police afterwards, so I handed Xia Jing over,” my mom muttered to herself.

This Lei Xiaolong really have his ways, and actually got a few fake police to scare my mom, and got Xia Jing this way.

“Leilei, did you ask where Xia Jing’s home is, when you’re on holiday, your father and I will take you to find her, I see that you two get along quite well,” my mom didn’t give up, from her perspective, Xia Jing will be her daughter-in-law in the future, and she didn’t think that the duck in her hands just flew away like this.

“Leave it mom, Xia Jing has a infant matrimony, her family background is better than ours, how can she get be interested in me!” I said this, but I thought proudly in my heart that she did get interested in me.

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Xia Jing did leave for some time, although I would still occasionally think about the little beauty, and think about the excitement on those two nights, but I know these things can’t be forced. Zhao Yanyan didn’t tell me Xia Jing’s real identity in the end, but I could guess that the little beauty’s family was either rich or royalty.

Originally I thought things calmed down, but I didn’t think problem would find me again. Today I received Zhao Junsheng’s phone call the moment I got home.

“Xiao Liu, what did you do recently?” Zhao Junsheng asked anxiously on the phone.

“Nothing much?” I asked weirdly, was it because of Xia Jing? However there shouldn’t be any contact between Zhao Junsheng and Xia Jing.

“I received joint notice from Huaxia Bank and Huaxia People’s Bank today, the anonymous account I opened for you was frozen!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“What? Frozen?” My heart wavered, my hundred and sixty million were still in there!

“Yeah, I thought it was weird too! Logically speaking this type of anonymous account shouldn’t be traced to the account opener, but they found me today!” Zhao Junsheng said weirdly.

“… Do you know their purpose?” I said after a slight pause. Ai! Huaxia’ banks! It looks like I have to get a Swiss account

“Not sure yet, I only got the notice when I got off work, I think I’ll ask my old man later, and see if he knows about this,” Zhao Junsheng said.

“That’s okay, please hurry, my money!” I said regretfully, if all be damned my money was done for.

Zhao Junsheng hung up, then immediately called his own father.

“Hey, dad, an anonymous account of our company’s was frozen, do you know about this?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Your company? You said that account is your company’s?” Zhao Limin asked weirdly.

“Yeah, that account is Xiao Liu’s, Yanyan’s classmate that I mentioned to you before, the boy that developed the Shuguang Input method,” Zhao Junsheng explained.

“Is there some mistake? The account that is being investigated has a large amount of foreign money, no matter how profitable that input method is, it can’t have earned a hundred something million right?” Zhao Limin asked suspiciously.

“What, a hundred something million?” Zhao Junsheng freaked after hearing that, the net worth of his company was only so much, and could be counted among the top companies in the country in 1994.

“And it’s USD!” Zhao Limin said.

“Ah!” It was Zhao Junsheng’s turn to get short circuited, he was now wondering if the account his father was talking about and Liu Lei’s one were the same one.

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“How about this, I’ll ask for you. Wait for my phone call,” Zhao Limin said then hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone on Zhao Junsheng’s desk rang.

“Hey Junsheng, are you guys doing something behind my back?” Zhao Limin said serious and bluntly.

“Behind your back? What happened? Dad, do you not believe me? If there’s anything, then just say it!” Zhao Junsheng said anxiously.

“This account is your Tianheng Computer’s, and it does belong to the Liu Lei that you said, there is a hundred and sixty million USD inside! It was also I who reported it to the higher ups, you should know the severity of this issue, hopefully it’s not related to terrorist organizations, contact Liu Lei quickly, and see if this child was bewitched by some terrorist powers, I don’t want him to go on a misguided path! I have faith in this child!” Zhao Limin said slowly.

“I understand!” Zhao Junsheng hung up the phone with a solemn expression.

Zhao Junsheng understood his father’s meaning very well, he also understood the hidden issues that this large fund will bring in the hands of a terrorist organization. However he couldn’t understand no matter how he thought about it, how that seemingly genius young man could be related to this large amount of money.

Zhao Junsheng thought about it for a long while, then finally picked up the phone on the desk.


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