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Chapter 51 – Found me

“Young Master Lei is humorous. It’s already work time, isn’t it?” Jiang Yongfu was still very respectful on the service.

“I’ll treat it like you get it! Help me find information on this person!” Lei Xiaolong handed over the portrait to Jiang Yongfu.

“This, shouldn’t be an issue,” Jiang Yongfu replied as he took over the portrait, and immediately blanked, and shouted, “What? It’s him?”

“What? You know this person?” Lei Xiaolong asked weirdly.

“Kind of, there was some misunderstanding between us police and him,” Jiang Yongfu said embarrassedly, and at the same time he glared at the Defense Team Captain Yang Shuguang.

“Oh,” Lei Xiaolong nodded, and said, “I have something important to find him for, tell me his address.”

“I wonder if Young Master Lei can leak a bit of information on what it is?” Jiang Yongfu asked carefully. He was quite troubled about this, last time they had wronged Zhao Limin because of that Liu Kesheng, it looks like that brat called Liu Lei’s backing wasn’t normal at all, yet this Lei Xiaolong was also the Young Master of a famous company in the country, it would be good if it’s something good, but if the two… Then no matter which side he leaned on it would be bad! It wouldn’t end well for him no matter which side he wronged.

However Jiang Yongfu was really overestimating himself, if the two really came into conflict, what can him, a police chief, do?

“What is it? This person have a large backing in Songjiang city?” As someone who has come from a famous family, how could Lei Xiaolong not understand the underlying meaning in Jiang Yongfu’s words?

Jiang Yongfu nodded embarrassedly, then immediately said, “Young Master Lei, don’t worry, if this person really did something illegal, then I will definitely not stand idle!”

Jiang Yongfu was quite helpless in this situation, but he still emphasized on must have done something illegal, this way, even if Elder Zhao blamed him, he still had something to say.

How could Lei Xiaolong not understand this old fox’s meaning? He mocked with disdain, “Don’t worry, I won’t make it difficult for you, I just want to find him to understand the situation.”

Since he got Lei Xiaolong’s promise, it could be considered that Jiang Yongfu’s mind was set at ease, and immediately ordered Yang Shuguang to find the information on this person.

Yang Shuguang’s efficiency was also surprisingly fast, within the time taken to brew a pot of tea, he found out everything about Liu Lei, including home address, the school he’s in and even parents’ workplace.

Lei Xiaolong too over the information, and left without saying anything…

“Excuse me, are you Liu Lei?”

In the morning, when Guo Qing and I just got to the school gate, we were blocked off by several men in black suits.

“What do you want?” I asked with a sense of unease. Why did these people dress like those crime bosses on TV, what do they want me for?

“We want to understand the situation with you, please don’t worry, I won’t do anything disadvantages to you. Get on the car!” After that, he did a ‘please’ gesture.

My mind was spinning frantically, mob people? What do they want me for? I don’t think I did anything alarming right? Aside from beating up the fat and thin monk the other day, I didn’t do anything related to the mob? Even if it’s because of these two, it should be the police, and not the mob. It seems like those two didn’t have any powerful backgrounds, if they did then they wouldn’t randomly **** women. Did they really have some business with me?

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But it looks like they didn’t have any good will, one’s face was as tight as Ultraman, and was going to capture me for something. Thus I quickly said, “I have to go to school, can you find me another day?”

Just as I was about to leave, the black suit closest to me took out a small black pistol and said coldly, “If I can’t do it politely, then I’ll use force, I don’t want to do it, so please cooperate.”

Seeing the situation develop this, I can’t leave. From the looks of what they’re doing, they might really give me a shot if I don’t cooperate, and it was very probably. I said to Guo Qing, “Go back first, I’ll go with them.”

The black suit didn’t stop me from talking with Guo Qing. I calmed down a little, perhaps they really wanted to find me to understand the situation of something, if they really held ill intentions towards me then they wouldn’t allow Guo Qing to tell other people.

I followed them onto the car, they didn’t make me cover my eyes or something like what would happen in a lot of movies, I was directly brought into a room at Songjiang Guobin Hospital.

“Hello, Liu Lei, I’m called Lei Xiaolong!” Said a young man sitting on the sofa, who was quite particular about his clothes while still giving off a little ruffian-like feeling.

“Say it, what did you find me for,” I had no good impression of this person that looked to be a toff, I could tell he was a rich second generation from the first glance. In my previous life, while I was at Microsoft, I didn’t socialize little with people like this, who showed off the fact that their parents were rich, and had an air of arrogance wherever they went.

“Then I’ll get straight to it!” Lei Xiaolong took out a photo from a file, and said to me, “You’ve seen this girl right?”

Xia Jing! I could be sure, the girl on the photo is definitely the little beauty Xia that I have been spending the last two days with. Although I was a bit frantic when I saw this photo, I immediately calmed down and said calmly, “Nope!”

I couldn’t be sure what these people in front of me wanted, although I could faintly feel that these people are the “them” that Xia Jing spoke of.

“It can’t be? Classmate Liu doesn’t remember something as memorable as saving a beauty?” Lei Xiaolong didn’t think I would say this, from the looks of it, the moment he asked me about it, I would spit everything out.

“I’ve been a samaritan too many times, and I’ve saved quite a few girls as well, if I had to remember every single time, then I don’t need to do anything else,” I really didn’t like the attitude of Lei Xiaolong, so I said displeasingly.

“Heh! Don’t ******* not take it when I give you face! Three night ago, you saved a girl that was about to be *****, and wounded two criminals, you already forgot about it?” Lei Xiaolong couldn’t suppress the normal Young Master attitude that he had.

“Being a samaritan is the responsible of every civilian, I don’t think I need to report it to you right?” I said fearlessly.

“I can get someone to beat you into a plump just because of the random **** you just spewed to me, but I’m not going to since you saved my fiancé, now answer me honestly about where this girl is?”

“I don’t know!” I spitted out without thinking. You want to get something from me with this attitude? You must be dreaming?


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