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Chapter 247 – Cards Cannot be Used in this Shop

Thinking that, Su Yingzi’s face couldn’t help but heat up! Why did she unwillingly link back to that thing again!

Yet this time, he actually dared to not speak with her, and is making her take the initiative to speak with him! The more Su Yingzi thought, the more angry she got, eventually causing her to swing a fist over.

I was just wondering how to open to an entertainment company to earn money when a fist suddenly smashed over. I could completely dodge it then counterattack, but seeing her angry look, my heart softened and so I didn’t dodge.

Seeing that I didn’t dodge, Su Yingzi didn’t care anymore, she smashed onto my chest with a “dong”, however, she felt like she had hit her hand against a metal plate as her hand felt immense pain, causing her to yell, “Aiya, are you an iron man?”

“Iron man?” I momentarily blanked, then immediately understood after thinking about it, in recent months, I followed the training method that Footy gave me, not only did it improve my super power, it also made related changes to my body, it was as he said, even a nuclear bomb would only hurt me!

“Iron man is Wang Jinxi! A national hero, didn’t you learn that in primary school! It would be great if I was iron man!” I retorted.

“…” Su Yingzi was speechless as she continuously shook her hand.

When the car got to the business street in front of Xuanmiao Temple, we found a place to park. When Su Yingzi saw those clothing stores, all her negative emotions were good as she happily opened the car door and ran off, of course, she didn’t forget to put on her sunglasses as she got off.

She walked a few steps, then noticing that I was still on the car, Su Yingzi turned back and called, “Liu Lei! Get off the car! Walk around with me!”

I helplessly went off the car, I have had a taste of a woman’s ability to walk around! If she doesn’t walk through all the stops, she definitely would not give up!

“Look, does this clothe look good?” Su Yingzi had already asked me this question ten odd times on the way.

“Good,” I had replied the exact same question ten-odd times already.

“Does it actually look good or does it not look good… Hey, are you looking at me at all!” Su Yingzi said angrily towards me, who was resting my eyes.

“Of course it’s true!” Of course I said what she wanted, in hope of her quickly finishing her sopping! There were more than ten bags in my hands already! I felt angry in my heart, the few brats Zhang Mengjun and co. were following far behind, they still haven’t come over to help!

“Xiao Zi!” Just as I was speaking, a voice rang out.

“Li Xiangdong? Why are you here?” Su Yingzi frowned and said.
I raised my head and looked, ****! This world isn’t just a little small! Isn’t this fellow the fellow on the plane that was fighting over inheritance with his didi on the place! Why does he know Su Yingzi as well? You have to know that with Su Yingzi’s curren look, if they weren’t very familiar, they can’t recognize her at all.

“Xiao Zi, Su-bobo already told me about the two of us…” Li Xiangdong said happily.

“Oh,” Su Yingzi said expressionlessly. She felt a bit angry, father’s speed is way too fast, she had just agreed yesterday, and this fellow got the news today.

“Xiao Zi, are you buying clothes? Did you pay yet? Choose a few more, I’ll pay!” Saying that, he took out his wallet form his pocket, then casually handed me a suit he just bought. “Help me hold I for a while!”

I swore silently in my heart, ****, he thought I was a baggage carrier! I said coldly, “I don’t know you!”

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“You——!” My sentence made Li Xiangdong unsure of what to do, the hand he reached out felt wrong to both retract and leave there, and thus his arm froze in midair.

“Xiao Zi! Why is this servant so disrespectful! Fire him!” LI Xiangdong roared furiously while pointing at me.

All of the people shopping in the clothing store looked over to see what was going on.

Su Yingzi lowered Li Xiangdong another level in her heart. Why is this person so uncivilized, yelling like this in the public! She really doesn’t understand how her father set his eyes on him!

“This is my bodyguard, not a servant!” Su Yingzi said plainly.

“Bodyguard? Heh! You think bodyguard’s amazing? Xiao Zi, fire him, from tomorrow onwards, I’ll be your bodyguard! Look at his frail look, he’s obviously a little white face, he’s more suitable to be Niu Lang!” Li Xiangdong said in contempt.

When Li Xiangdong said “be Niu Lang”, Su Yingzi didn’t know why her face actually blushed, but obviously others didn’t notice anything.

Seeing that Su Yingzi didn’t say anything, Li Xiangdong thought she silently agreed with his decision and pointed at me proudly, “Brat! You’re unemployed!” While saying that, he even threateningly waved his fist towards me and continued, “I’m level 9 in karate!”

I frowned after hearing that. What’s there to show off about karate, let’s be honest, isn’t that the martial arts that they stole from our country! They only altered it a bit later, then shamelessly said it was their’s!

“How is it, Xiao Zi, I have the right to be your bodyguard right?” Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Li Xiangdong thought I was scared, and got even more prideful. He was very proud of his martial arts normally, in the karate dojo, very few people can be his opponent, outside of those Japanese coaches Li Xiangdong was essentially unparalleled. Actually, how could those people not know that he is the young master of the Li family! They are just unwilling to piss him off and intentionally went easy on him. Yet he just thinks that he’s martial arts is amazing.

“No need, Young Master Li is a hero of business, how could this little woman afford it,” Su Yingzi said smartly.

“What do you mean cannot afford it? Being a bodyguard for you, Xiao Zi, that is Li’s honor, I’m willing even if you don’t pay me salary,” Li Xiangdong said colorfully.

“How could I accept that, Young Master Li is joking again,” Su Yingzi said with a smile. Actually she was extremely annoyed already, why was this Li Xiangdong so relentless!

“Haha, a man has to keep his word! Xiao Zi, I’m not joking, let’s make a promise, from today onwards, let me be your protector!” Li Xiangdong deliberately said it in a cool manner.

Su Yingzi felt helpless, she never would have thought that such thick skinned people existed! However, due to her father, she didn’t feel it right to refuse in person, she really didn’t know what to do.

With a stooge around her, Su Yingzi lost all interest in continuing to shop, and thus randomly picked a few clothes, then said that she was tired.

Li Xiangdong went to pay in order to flatter her, he took out a gold card from his pocket, and handed it to the cashier lady flauntingly. However, what he heard was, “Sorry sir, this shop is a small business, so cards cannot be used.”

Li Xiangdong momentarily blanked, his face instantly bright red. He swore in anger, “What kind of ****** store is this, not able to use a card at all!”

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The cashier lady was very civilized and didn’t argue with Li Xiangdong, she only said patiently, “Very few shops of our scale can use a card.”

Despite swearing Li Xiangdong felt a bit dumb, he normally doesn’t buy stuff in these small casual clothes store, he only came in after passing by and seeing Su Yingzi inside.


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