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Chapter 230 – Jia Daguo Gives In

Ten minutes later, someone knocked on the door. One of Guo Qing’s subordinates asked, “Who is it?”

“We’re here with the money!” The person outside the door answered.

Guo Qing’s subordinate didn’t think too much before opening the door. Just as he opened the door, a bunch of people that looked like rural laborers holding sticks rushed in and shouted, “You are surrounded! Let Guo-ge go if you don’t want to die, or else don’t blame us for being merciless!”

I couldn’t help but be speechless, this Jia Daguo was truly an idiot, he actually came to find a bunch of rural laborers to save him! I glanced at the people, they were clearly not people that are part of the gangs, they were clearly rural laborers that he hired from construction that’s to come and fill up the numbers.

If these people were truly rascals or Jia Daguo’s lackeys or something, I might have mercilessly gotten Guo Qing to beat them all until they’re disabled, but these people are all innocent and have only come for their own income.

It might even be that Jia Daguo knows the labor contractor from their construction site, who forced these people to come.

Thus I said to the people that have come, “I don’t care who sent you, but I advise you not to get into this mess, you all work with your strength, if anything happened, then that’s cutting off your own living, I don’t say too much, think about your family!”

Hearing this, some of the workers looked and each other in thought, the one in the lead pondered a bit, that was rather logical, but the contractor had threatened them with their wage in order to tell them to come and fight, after thinking about it for a long time, he still said, “Heng, who do you think you are? We have a hundred something brothers here, what can you guys do to us!”

“Yeah, do you think you’re some sort of special forces, and can go one against ten?” Another person added.

“Yeah, if we’re scared of them…” The people behind also added.

I sighed helplessly, it seems like if I don’t show these people some colors, they won’t give up! Thus I took the opportunity to snatch away the metal bat in the rural laborer in the lead’s hands and twisted it lightly into a fried dough twist shape, and smiled, “How can a go against ten? Twenty is more like it!”

With that, I returned the fried dough twist shaped metal bat to the rural laborer in the lead. Everyone looked with their eyes wide open, the rural laborer in the lead tried to bend the metal bat in his hand in disbelief, yet it didn’t move at all! That caused him to freak out, throw the metal bat onto the floor with a “bangdang” sound, then shouted, “Monster! Run, they are monsters!”

The others behind were very confused, and after getting shouted at by their leader, they immediately turned and ran without saying anything. In a blink of an eye, no one was left at the entrance.

I shrugged and smiled, “These people are so easy to trick, they were dealt with just like that.”

Guo Qing’s subordinate also said, “Yeah, ances… Grandpa, how did you do this magic? It’s way too awesome, find a day to teacher little bro!” With that, he reached out to pick that fried dough twist shaped metal bat up, and prepared to investigate, but one he held it in his hand, he opened his mouth wide and exclaimed, “It can’t be… This metal bat is real!”

Outside of Guo Qing, none of them knew that I had superpowers, and so seeing that subordinate say that, they all surrounded me with admiring expressions, only now did they understand why did their boss call this person boss, because this person wasn’t human at all!

I ignored their surprise, and turned back into the room.

Just as Jia Daguo was fantasizing about the people he found to ruin this place, he was shocked by m suddenly coming inside, and swore in his head, this Contractor Li, why is he so slow in doing this, he (Jia Daguo) helped him out a lot normally, and now something has happened to him, he (Contractor Li) disappeared. Yet, he couldn’t speak with a false calm look, “This big bro, is there anything else?”

I smiled, “Seeing your unworried expression, you called for backup right?”

“How did you know…” Jia Daguo said casually. However, he immediately realized that something was wrong. Yet he has already said it, there was no helping it, he could only continue on forth and said, “So what! Since you know then let me go! Or else you’ll see! I’m telling you, the people I found are all outlaws! There are a hundred something people!”

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“Jia Daguo, you’re pretty funny, I told you to find someone to bring the money, you ******* found a hundred something rural laborers? Are you sick of living?” I smiled coldly and said.

“You… You know? Then… Then were are they?” Jia Daguo’s expression immediately turned pale.

“They were all scared away!” I said. “I’m still going to say the same thing, if the money doesn’t get brought here, you’re dead!” With that, I threw Guo Qing’s phone in front of him and said, “Deal with it yourself!”

Jia Daguo was rather helpless, he could only pick up the pone and dial a number, “Contractor Li… I’m Jia Daguo…”

A loud voice rang out from that side of the telephone, “Jia-ge, how is it, I’m fast enough right? When I’m doing things, you can relax! Where are you, let us two bros go and have a drink!”

Jia Daguo just wanted to explode after hearing then, but then immediately realized his situation, thus he said with a pale expression, “Your people all ran! Immediately prepare and send thirty thousand over!”

“…” The other side of the phone went silent.

“Hello… Hello?” Jia Daguo said anxiously. “Say something!”

The phone was hung up. When he dialed again, it had shut down.

“**** his mom, when he can use me, he calls me a bro, the moment I ask for money, he disappears completely!” Jia Daguo said angrily.

He dialed a few more numbers, those people either used excuses like they have no money on hand or that they weren’t here, all of them asked Jia Daguo falsely if a few days later was okay. It pissed off Jia Daguo so much that he was nearly smoking, if he wasn’t afraid of getting beaten, he would have gone on a rampage already.

I laughed coldly in my heart, this Jia Daguo’s popularity with people wasn’t just a little bad.

“It’s not that I didn’t give you a chance, you can’t blame me, Guo Qing, do as you se fit!” I said to Guo Qing, who was already standing outside of the door.

“Wait… I’ll call just one more number!” Jia Daguo freaked out and quickly said.

Jia Daguo dialed the number and said tremblingly into it, “Dad… I’m Daguo…”

“****** brat, I’m not your dad!” The other side of the phone hung up with a sentence.

Jia Daguo dialed awkwardly again, and after it connected, the other side of the phone said, “What exactly is it?”

“Dad… Don’t hang up yet, I got kidnapped, quickly bring thirty thousand kuai over, or else I’ll be killed!” Jia Daguo said it all in one breath.

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The other side of the phone went silent and said, “Do you want to lie to your dad for money again? I don’t have thirty thousand, it’s better if you die!”

“Dad, everything I said is real! Quickly come and save me!” Jia Daguo said anxiously, “I’m at Xiaoqing Hair Salon at the north of town!”

“See how I’ll deal with you if you lied to me!” The other side of the phone hung up right after.

Jia Daguo’s expression was full of anxiousness, whether his old man could save him was still unknown, he could only listen to the heavens.

However, Jia Daguo’s luck wasn’t bad, not long later, hurried knowing came from the door, after Guo Qing opened the door, the people that rushed in were police with guns!


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