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Chapter 229 – Sign the Agreement

“I…” Jia Daguo hesitated a bit, then asked in a testing manner. “Did Zhangsan send you?”

Seeing that Guo Qing didn’t have any expression, he asked again, “Then it’s Lisi?”

After seeing that Guo Qing still didn’t have any change in expression, he continued to ask guiltily, “Could it be Wanger-mazi?”

“You’re a ******* mazi!” Guo Qing kicked him again, then ignored him and took out his phone to call and report the situation.

Jia Daguo felt extremely guilty, the people he mentioned are all famous people in the underworld of the town, and did have little grudges with him, but using the fact that his father was the village chief, they didn’t dare to do anything to him! However, if they didn’t send these people, then that’s bad! Jia Daguo thought about it for a while, and still didn’t think of who would have come to bring trouble to him.

Yanhe Village was a small village in Zhendong Town, it was only ten-odd minutes of drive from there to Zhendong Town. When I got to that brothel, Jia Daguo was playing dead on the floor.

“You killed him?” I asked as I looked strangely at the “corpse” on the ground.

“He’s probably pretending,” Guo Qing said. He walked up and kicked while aiming Jia Daguo’s ***-crack, coincidentally kicking directly on his butt hole, JIa Daguo’s body immediatelytnse with a “yo” sound, then jumped up and looked at the people in front of him with a face full of suffering.

Jia Daguo had thought about all the rascals and bad people in the town, and there weren’t these people. Yet, from the way they did things, they were people part of the underworld!

Jia Daguo looked around carefully, there was at least thirty to forty people from them entering and exiting!

It was impossible for a rascal group to exist in the village or even in the town! The most likely thing was that they came from the city, directly for him!

Thinking that, Jia Daguo couldn’t help but feel a bit terrible, if they really came from the city, their backing must be huge, it was impossible for his father to use his village chief position to save him, what’s more was that father didn’t even know about the things he normally did. If he knew, he would be the first one to send him (Jia Daguo) in prison! So, Jia Daguo couldn’t help but try to bluff his way through by playing dead, he didn’t think that his butt hole would get ripped apart form a kick!

I glanced at the trembling prostitute in a blanket on the bed, then said to Guo Qing’s subordinate, “Pull her out first.” Then I casually pulled over a char, sat in front of Jia Daguo and said, “Aren’t you supposed to be ******* awesome, I didn’t think you were someone that only bullies the weak as well!”

“Big bro, don’t mess with me, who sent you, tell me, I’ll give twice as much as what they gave you, please let me go…” Seeing that someone was finally willing to speak to him, Jia Daguo immediately said a bunch of stuff like a machine gun.

“It seems like you’re pretty rich! If I tell you that someone was willing to spend ten million to buy your head, are you going to give me twenty million? I chuckled.

“You…” Jia Daguo didn’t know what to say, if it was just taking out several tens of thousands, he could, but several tens of millions was just impossible!

“What, you don’t believe me? But even if you have twenty thousand, it’s useless, because the one that came to find you is me!” I continued, “Jia Daguo, you’re a smart person! You should know by now that there are some things you can’t do, you pissed off someone you can’t afford to piss off!”

“Big bro, did you make… make a mistake… I don’t know you?” Jia Daguo said tremblingly.

“No mistake, unless there’s someone else called Jia Daguo here?” I asked as if I was confused.

“This… This might be possible… The world is so large, there are a lot of people with the same name…” Although Jia Daguo knew that there was no one with the same name as him, he still help a get-lucky attitude, and hoped that the person in front of him would let him go!

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“Jia Daguo, you know He Dali right?” I suddenly stood up and asked seriously.

“He Dali? You are… No, I don’t know any He Dali…” The moment Jia Daguo heard this name, he knew what’s up. However, he didn’t hear about He Dali’s family having any powerful relationships! Or else, they can’t have waited so long to find people, thinking that, he wanted to understand what was going on, “Bro, He Dali and I do have some issues with each other, but it doesn’t seem to be brother’s business right?”

“Who’s your brother? He Dali is my ganba! Tell me if it’s my business or not?” I said fiercely.

Seeing that I didn’t seem to be lying to him, Jia Daguo couldn’t help but speak guiltily, “Bro… Big bro, tell me what to do…”

“What to do? It looks like you’re a smart person, very will, I will get straight to the point with you! Let’s be open, you should know clearly what I do right?” I said expressionlessly.

How could Jia Daguo not know what the people in front of him do! He quickly shook his head, and didn’t dare to say too much.

“Since you know, then I won’t say anymore useless matters, here’s an agreement, sign it…” I looked at my watch and said to him. “It’s three thirty now, the bank isn’t closed yet, you still have time to make a call to get them to bring the money over.”

With that, I threw over an agreement I had prepared before hand.

Jia Daguo was really confused, why did some sort of agreement pop up? But he still carefully picked it up to read, on the agreement was that he will return the fruit garden to He Dali’s family without any conditions and compensate He Dali’s family with a medical fee of thirty thousand Yuan. Jia Daguo hesitated a bit, then still shouted, “This is impossible! I’m telling you, don’t go too far! If you push me in the corner, we’ll get screwed together!”

“Haha! Screwed together?” Guo Qing chuckled on the side, as if he heard the most hilarious thing in the world. Then he said, “You don’t seem to understand the situation right?”

“What situation? Heng! I’m telling you, my old man is the village chief of Yanhe village, no matter who you are, he can still screw you guys over!” Saying that, Jia Daguo regained his confidence and roared cockily.

“Is that so? Then I do want to see how we’re going to get screwed together, ten minutes, make him sign the agreement, is there any problems?” I said to Guo Qing.

“Yes there is,” Guo Qing said. Just as I wanted to ask what problems there were, Guo Qing continued, “To deal with people like him, five minutes is an overestimate.”

I nodded and said, “Then do as you see fit, I’ll go out and wait a bit.”

Guo Qing chuckled in a sinister manner and nodded. Just as I walked out the door, I heard a howling noise like the slaughter of a pig, right after that, a lot of noises sounded up. Then the door opened, Guo Qing walked out with the contract and said to me, “This brat really couldn’t take the beating, our brothers haven’t even warmed up yet, and he’s done for. The contract is signed, he’s calling his home for money right now.”

I looked at the watch, a minute and twenty seconds, causing me to shake my head, it’s really too hilarious that someone like Jia Daguo could become an evil tyrant like this.


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