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Chapter 205 – Drank too much

“You brat did consider it thoroughly,” Ye-bobo smiled and said. “Okay now, Xiao Liu, now that the serious matters is done, accompany this old man to play go!’ With that, he took down the set of go from the book shelf, and put the board on the tea table, then said to me, “Xiao Liu, this time, neither of us hold back, and kill happily!”

Neither of us hold back? It can’t be? Last time, he was clearly weaker than me, and he said kill happily? No matter what, he’s still my senior, isn’t this troubling me!

Seeing my troubled expression, Ye-bobo guessed my thoughts and said, “The match last time was just an accident, I got messed up by Elder Zhao, so when you came and changed the style, I naturally lost!”

“Then alright, since Ye-bobo have this interest, the wanbei, I, will naturally accompany you!” I said.

Like last time, I was black. In go, the difference between going first and second was rather large, if two people were of similar skill levels, the person that went first had a higher chance of winning.

“Xiao Liu, go first!” Ye-bobo said humbly. However, from his eyes, I could see a hint of anxiousness and unease.

“Ye-bobo, you’re the Zhangbei, you go first!” I said. From the looks of him, I might as well do him an easy favor.

“Alright, then I won’t hold back!’ Hearing me say that, Ye-bobo easily accepted.

From his appearance, it seemed like he was waiting for it. This geezer, he doesn’t know humility at all.

The match was unusually heated up, after five hours, there was no place to put a piece down on the board anymore. However, the result still ended in a draw. This was in my control from the start, so I held back rather smartly, and the game was played very naturally, without any obvious pretentious actions, as if it was natural. Despite this, it still raised Ye-bobo’s suspicion.

“Xiao Liu, we have met for several months, your skill has improved greatly! If I didn’t know your ability beforehand, I would have thought there really were such coincidental things in the world!” Ye-bobo gazed at the go board and said.

“How! It’s Ye-bobo’s ability that has improved! Wanbei had unusual difficulties during the match!” I pretended to say full-heartedly.

“Okay now, Xiao Liu, stop laying to this old man! I think even international masters most likely can’t compare to your ability! You actually managed to calculate it so well, I really suspect whether your brain is a computer or not,” Ye-bobo pointed to my head and said.

“Actually, the best thing is still a human’s brain! No matter how amazing those computers are, aren’t they made by man!” I sighed and said.

Hearing that, Ye-bobo’s eyes lit up and said admiringly, “Xiao Liu, this is the first time I’ve heard of this view point, but I do find it rather logical!”

“Okay now, old man, it’s already three something, even if you don’t need to eat, Xiao Liu has to eat! I’ve called you guys to eat from twelve o’clock, the rice an dishes have been heated three times already!” Mother Ye glared while standing at the door. “Xiao Liu is growing his body, with your old bones, eating one less meal is fine, if any damage happened to Xiao Liu, wouldn’t Xiaoxiao take apart your old bones!”

Any damage? That’s too exaggerated! What’s more, what does me not eating have to do with Ye Xiaoxiao! She can’t be imagining things again right!

“Eat, eat! We’ll go now!” Ye-bobo chuckled. “What, did Xiaoxiao mind?”

“Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything, but she did go and blank out in her room, I think this girlie must be thinking about her crush!” Mother Ye said.

“Then let Xiao Liu go and see her!” Ye-bobo looked ambiguously at me and said.

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These two old people chatted, and treated me as thin air? I felt rather helpless, I haven’t seen such shameless parents before.

“About that, I am a bit hungry…” I changed the topic.

“Then go and eat! Old Ye, go and call Xiaoxiao, I’ll take Xiao Liu to the dining room!” Mother Ye said.

Only after entering the dining room did I notice that this lunch wasn’t just a little extravagant, it had everything from chicken to duck to fish to meat, there were actually two bottles of whiskey! Although my alcohol tolerance was incomparable in my previous life, but that’s towards beer and the traditional alcohol, I will faint rather easily within a few glasses of this kind of western wine.

“Xiao Liu, see if the dishes bomu made are suited to your appetite!” Mother Ye asked.

I looked at the alluring dishes covering the table and said, “Bomu’s cooking is truly first class, just looking at it raises my appetite! Smelling it got my saliva flowing, it is no worse than the ones made in those five star hotels! Ye-bobo is truly lucky!”

“Hehe! Old Ye says that as well! It’s great that you like to eat it, however in the future you can also enjoy your Ye-bobo’s treatment!” Mother Ye giggled.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked weirdly.

“Bomu will tell you a secret!” Saying that, Mother Ye winked strangely at me and said. “Xiaoxiao has inherited I, bomu’s, craft! And she’s even better!”

What? Ye Xiaoxiao inherited her craft? What does this have to do with me? Wait, was she hinting that in the future Ye Xiaoxiao and I will…

“Xiao Liu! Aren’t you going to give Ye-bobo face?” Ye-bobo raised the wine glass at me and said.

“Ye-bobo… I really can’y drink anymore…” I said drunkenly. I already drank five or six glasses of whiskey due to Ye-bobo’s forcing, if I drink anymore, I really might faint here.

“Xiao Liu, you’re a man, how can it be acceptable without alcohol tolerance, come, let us cheers again!” Ye-bobo had no intention of letting me off.

I helplessly raised the wine glass, what do you mean no alcohol tolerance, if it’s beer or white wine, I dare to say that no one is my opponent in this Songjiang citiy, but this kind of western wine, it gave me a natural terror. The reason I died in my previous life was because I drank two extra glasses of whiskey.


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