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Chapter 204 – Hint

“Hai.. Hai! Ye-bobo cleared his throat. “Perhaps he isn’t now, he would be later!” Before I said anything, he continued, “About that… Xiao Liu, I heard Xiaoxiao said that you’re going to donate ten million? Is that real or fake?”

“Yeah, contributing to education right!” I laughed dryly. If I knew Ye Xiaoxiao’s dad is this fellow, I could not have come in person no matter what, his gaze was like Mother Ye’s, Ye-bobo’s eyes were full of ambiguity, if it wasn’t because his daughter was so old, I would really suspect there to be an issue with his sexual preference.

Hearing ten million, Mother Ye’s eyes turned into golden stars, that expression clearly treated me as a rich husband.

I felt extremely coldness in my heart, Mother Ye’s gaze made me really uncomfortable, thus I said, “Ye-bobo, let’s talk inside!”

Hearing me say that, Ye-bobo reacted, “Look, I was too focused on talking, you’re still standing at the door! Come, Xiao Liu, come to my study, let’s talk while playing go! Xiaoxiao, go and make us two cups of tea.”

I changed to slippers, then followed Ye-bobo into the study, while we were talking, Ye-bobo said, “Do you have any interest in my daughter? Do you need me to help?”

“About this… Ye-bobo, you misunderstood. Xiaoxiao and I are just teacher and student,” Just as the words left my mouth, I regretted it. ****, my ****** mouth, I actually called her Xiaoxiao, it would be stupid if such an ambiguous way of addressing her didn’t make people misunderstand.

“You’re calling Xiaoxiao so intimately, and you’re still saying there’s nothing?” Ye-bobo’s tone was exactly the same as Mother Ye’s, it truly was as they say, if the bride wasn’t meant to marry into the family, fate wouldn’t have brought her to their door.

“There really is nothing between us!” Why did I feel like the more I said it, the more suspicious I got! Truth be told, it’s not that I have no thoughts about Ye Xiaoxiao at all, the lure of exploding breasts excited me every single time.

“Oh! I understand!” Ye-bobo suddenly hit his head and said. “You’re afraid of the little chick from the Zhao family finding out, right? You don’t have to worry about this, Old Zhao and I are war comrades, we crawled out from the same trench, our relationship is very close, if little chick Zhao is unwilling, I’ll go and speak to her grandpa!”

I could only smile wryly, if this was really known by Zhao Yanyan, she might even support it. Thus I quickly changed the topic, “Ye-bobo, let’s talk about the donations first.”

“Yes yes! Talk about serious matters! From the looks of it now, it’s me, the old man, that’s not doing his job!” Ye-bobo smiled and said, “Xiao Liu, did you really consider it properly, this is ten million, it’s enough for a family to not spend it in several lifetimes, you have to consider it well! Don’t just do it on a whim!”

“Ye-bobo, I already thought about it carefully! This money isn’t much to me, but to those children in the mountainous areas that wish to study, it is definitely giving them coal in the snow! That’s why this money isn’t anything I’m doing on a whim, and competing with that Li Dahai. Even without Li Dahai’s things, I would still donate!” I said.

“Ten million isn’t much? Xiao Liu, I’m more and more curious, no wonder Elder Zhao’s appraisal of you is so high, and refuses to let go, from the looks of it, you’re a mountain of gold!” Ye-bobo said in surprise.

“What I mean is, I can’t use ten million myself, so putting it with me is equivalent to scrap paper,” I could only continue to explain, was I supposed to tell him that Shuguang Corporation is mine, and I have tons of money?

“Scrap paper?” Ye-bobo mattered. He got even more certain that the person in front of him is a mountain of gold, throwing out ten million just during chitchat, his achievements in the future would be far greater as well.

“However, Ye-bobo, although this ten million isn’t much to me, I hope that it can be used properly! I don’t want anything, such as getting it getting held back or allocated to other places, to happen to this money. I don’t dare to saw all, but at least some village and town officials are rather corrupted, and often use public funds for their own use!” I said. At least the officials at the village and county that He Xiyuan resides in aren’t that good.

“You can relax about this, the project of building hope primary schools are all done by the provincial education bureau, specialized funds used for specialized needs!” Ye-bobo said.

“Then there’s not much else, also the only request I have for the donation is using Shuguang to name all of the hope primary schools!” I raised the request for my donation. This is also to increase the fame of Shuguang Corporation in the country.

“This request can be completely satisfied! What’s more, Shuguang has the meaning of hope, and the meaning is rather similar. However, I’m curious, why don’t you use your own name, and use Shuguang instead, isn’t Shuguang the name of Xiao Zhao’s company?” Ye-bobo asked weirdly.

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“Yeah, this ten thousand was given to me by Shuguang anyways, what’s more isn’t my father-in-law’s company my family’s!” I couldn’t say too much, and could only explain it like this.

“Hehe! I was saying! How could I forget about this relationship, Xiao Zhao only has that one darling daughter, isn’t the company just doing to be dowry for his daughter in the future!” Ye-bobo smiled strangely.

I sweat! This Shuguang Corporation was mine from the start. However, it wasn’t appropriate for me to say anything, so I could only smile on the side.

I took out a chequebook, and signed a ten thousand kuai cheque. The cheques for Shuguang Corporation would only be effective with mine or Zhao Junsheng’s signature, however if it’s a movement of over a hundred million, then only my signature would work.

I signed my name swiftly on the cheque, due to having practiced my signature in my previous life while I was the CEO, it was very simple for me after getting reborn as well.

I handed the signed cheque over to Ye-bobo and said, “Ye-bobo, this one still have a presumptuous request, I beg of Ye-bobo to agree to this.”

“Hehe, the cheque’s in my hands, aren’t you afraid of me not agreeing raising a request now?” Ye-bobo chuckled.

“Of course not! I know Ye-bobo’s personality!” I flattered.

“Xiao Liu, you don’t need to flatter me, you have done so much for education, raising some request is normal, as long as it’s not too much, I can satisfy you!” Ye-bobo said.

“Actually it’s nothing, it’s just that I hope you try your best to say that the money is donated by Shuguang Corporation!” I said.

“About this, no problem at all! I’ve never seen anyone like you, spending money to help others make a good reputation,” Ye-bobo said speechlessly.

“Hehe, I’m not so scared about other things, but if I was exposed, then wouldn’t all sorts of organizations block me off at the school entrance to ask me for donations!” I said.


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