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Chapter 198 – National Activity

I was truly smacked once, yet I couldn’t dodge. That’s because Chen Weier and I were closely knit together, if we separate, then it would completely be exposed in front o my mom. So, I could only lie on Weier’s body and blocked our sight…

“Mom, did you know that scaring your son like this could easily cause him to become impotent…” I said troubledly. “

“What… exactly are you guys doing?” My mom also noticed that the situation wasn’t like she imagined, Chen Weier had her eyes shut in embarrassment, her cheeks blushing, it didn’t seem like she was being bullied at all, while Zhao Yanyan was sitting on the side giggling.

“Mom, we’re playing a game!” I explained helplessly.

“Playing a game?” My mom blanked, she didn’t think the situation would be like this, but she still asked without giving up, “Weier, is it like that? This bad guy is not bullying you?”

How could Chen Weier not be too embarrassed to speak right now, she only lightly shook her head, the redness on her cheeks were about to turn into the Sun.

My mom said awkwardly, “You guys continued.” Then quickly shut the door and left.

After my mom left, Zhao Yanyan finally burst out laughing.

Looking at the gloating chick, I said, “Keep laughing, let’s see how I take care of you later!”

Zhao Yanyan smiled, “Who’s afraid! I just fear you can’t!”

“Heng heng! You’ll know whether I can soon enough!”

My mom listened for quite a while at the door, then turned back into the room. She shook her head as she muttered, “Young people nowadays, I really don’t get them! It’s perfectly fine normally, why play some perverted game!”

“Wifey, how about the two of us try as well?” My dad’s heart was itching due to that box of high class condom, hearing my mom say that, he immediately added.

“Try what! We’re an old couple now, aren’t you embarrassed!” My mom snorted with a red face.

“Hehe, that’s not up to you. Today, you have to try it whether you want to try or not!” I dad evilly pushed my mom down onto the bed.

“Ah! You’re so old already, yet you still don’t know embarrassment… Help!” My mom shouted…

“Oh~ Wifey…~” My dad was thankful in his heart, the thing this little ******* gave him wasn’t bad, he should blackmail him again another day.

I never would have thought that playing a game with Weier would actually bring so much bedroom fun for my parents.

Within the living room, He Xiyuan sat on the sofa and watched TV with a bright red face, but the piercing sounds from Liu-dage’s room made her unable to calm down to watch the shows.

He Xiyuan’s mouth was dry as she couldn’t help feel troubled. Just now, when ganma pushed the door open, she peaked into the room, and noticed that Liu-dage was butt-naked riding on Weier-jiejie…

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Was this the sort of things that couples do? But mom once told her that girls should only do those kind of stuff after marriage! Then thinking about how Yanyan-jiejie was in the room with them as well, He Xiyuan’s little brain wasn’t quite enough, how could that be? How embarrassing!

However, embarrassment was just embarrassment, He Xiyuan actually got in front of the room door without anyone noticing, and put her ear on the room door to listen…

“Hubby, did you break that Guo Songshu’s legs because of me?” At night, after Chen Weier was infinitely satisfied, she rested on my shoulders and asked quietly.

“If I said no, would you believe it? That guy deserved it, didn’t you see that after he went to hospital, a lot of students started celebrating, all that’s left is lighting firecrackers!” I said.

“Glib tongue! How was it exaggerated as you say! Even after hurting something, you still make yourself seem like a national hero!” Chen Weier snorted.

“I was from the start! Everyone has the responsibility to help the people get rid of harm!” I said shamelessly. “What’s more, how do I have a glib tongue? Try it if you don’t believe me!” With that, I pressed my mouth over to Chen Weier.

“Hmmph!” Chen Weier pushed me and said.

A sports festival meant to encouragement sportsmanship behavior was completely messed up due to a discus I knew, causing everyone to feel endangered, and in the end, the sports festival couldn’t help but be stopped.

Guo Songshu was beyond speechless, he had no grudges with that student, yet was randomly hit to the hospital, what was most unfortunate was that he heard a student’s reminder, yet how was he supposed to know that discus would turn in mid-air, if he knew that then he should have just stood on spot without moving!

The next morning, I saw that it was already seven fifteen after waking up, I brushed aside the two women’s legs, and got dressed. When I got to the kitchen, I noticed that He Xiyuan had prepared breakfast already. Seeing me, she said with a blush, “Liu-dage, you and the two jiejies should come and eat breakfast! I prepared two extra portions.

I looked at the blushing He Xiyuan, I felt a bit confused. I looked to see if my pants were zipped and saw that nothing was wrong, why was this chick getting shy? That’s too weird!

Back in the room, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier had woken up already, and were getting dressed. They were surprised when I opened the door, as they thought it was my family.

“Let’s eat, Xiyuan already prepared it all,” I shut the door and said.

“We’re getting dressed, no looking!” Chen Weier blocked her breasts with her hands and said.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” I said lecherously.

“Hahaha!” Hearing me say this, Zhao Yanyan instantly thought of the scene when my mom suddenly burst in and couldn’t help but laugh.

After eating breakfast, just before we left, my dad pulled me to the side and asked quietly, “Damn brat, do you still have the thing you gave me yesterday?”

“What, you finished using them?” I said in surprise. My dad is too strong, right? He’s already at this age, yet used three in a night?

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“Hehe…” My dad laughed dryly and thought, isn’t it because of you little brat’s inspiration, causing my ability to rise immensely.

“…” I was speechless, I was wondering why I’m so perverted, so it’s inherited! “In the lowest drawer of the desk in my room, there’s still box, take it yourself, if you don’t have anymore, then you can only go and buy it yourself.”

“Alright, then hurry up and go to school!” Getting what he wanted, my dad immediately chased me away.

“Liu Lei, come out for a moment!” Just as I entered the classroom, Ye Xiaoxiao called me out.

“What is it, Ye-daxiaojie,” I asked.

“I told my dad about the donation thing, he wants to talk about the details with you, tomorrow is the weekend, come to my home!” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“Go to your home tomorrow? How?” I asked.

“I’ll wait at the entrance of the school tomorrow eight o’clock at the morning, I’ll bring you there,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“Sure, I understand,” I said. Then I returned to the classroom.

“Don’t forget!’ Ye Xiaoxiao shouted behind me.

“How could I forget Ye-daxiaojie’s invite!” I entered the classroom with a smile.


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