Chapter 166 – Saving the Superstar

“I… want!” Seeing that I didn’t react, Su Yingzi, who was in heat, couldn’t control herself anymore, and forcefully used her lips to seal mine, and frantically sucked.

“Clear up! Don’t mess around!” I pushed her away, this drug effect isn’t just a bit strong, if my restrain was any worse, I might really get forced by her!

I took a deep breath, seeing Su Yingzi’s painful expression, I felt a bit reluctant.

I understood very well that if the people that have taken aphrodisiac don’t get their release, then it might harm their body, it could even be lethal! Especially these intense drugs made in Japan.

I turned around and walked out of the room, this was a bit troublesome, but of course I don’t need to worry about such complex problems, I chuckled coldly and called out a name in my heart.

“Martial Uncle, you’re calling for me?” In the blink of an eye, Footy appeared before me and said respectfully.

“Footy, I’m going to ask you something!” I said.

“Please ask Martial uncle, Footy would definitely say what he knows, without any exception!” Footy nodded and said.

“I’m asking you, if a woman have that sort of need, but doesn’t want to have intercourse with a man, what should she do?” I thought about it and said.

“About this… Martial Uncle, you’re talking about… that… masturbation? Footy said with a red face.

“****! ********** your ***! If masturbation can solve it, then I don’t need to find you! What I mean is the kind that masturbation can’t solve! Essentially getting drugged!” I said angrily.

“Oh, so that’s the case! If this sort of thing really happened, then by using psychic abilities, it can help her get released!” Footy thought about it and said.

“Psychic abilities? What’s psychic abilities?” I asked.

“It’s one of the superpower you, Martial Uncle, has!” Footy said.” You just have to do this… and that’s it!”

“Okay, I get it! You can leave!” I waved my hand and sent Footy away. I don’t want others to see the scene of Su YIngzi, am I a bit weird? I couldn’t explain it well, but basically I have really weird feelings towards this superstar, I kind of like her, but more of it was rejection!

I turned back into the little storage, Su Yingzi has already pretty much torn the evening dress on her body to shreds, the white cartoon underwear was revealed. It made my nose want to bleed.

I quickly walked in front of Su Yingzi, and did as Footy said, I pressed some of her acupuncture points. It looks like it has already been dealt with, I let out a sigh of relief. It looks like, I still am a gentleman.

I placed her lightly back onto the floor, I know that right now she didn’t have any more strength in her body, and so didn’t disturb her. I went out of the storage door by myself, when I arrived back at the entrance, I notice a video camera that was playing. I turned back, turned off the power of the video camera, and took out the recording tape from within, then I threw it beside Su Yingzi’s body and said, “Remember to destroys it!” With that, I turned back out of the storage.

Su Yingzi opened her eyes in exhaustion, and looked at me, she didn’t say anything. At this moment, Su Yingzi’s feelings were extremely complicated, she was both thankful and annoyed at this person. She was thankful for him appearing in front of her at the most crucial moment, that was way too cool, he actually sent the door flying! How much strength would it take! What was even more weird was that the door actually smashed the two bad guys that had ill intentions towards her unconscious! But what was annoying was that, did she really have so little charm? She had already hinted towards him that he can to that to her, yet he didn’t care at all!

I didn’t want to have anything more to do with Su Yingzi, when I just returned to the banquet hall, Su YIngzi was found by the few special forces and her bodyguard. At this moment, Su Yingzi had already gotten into a change of clothes, and put on a jacket, her expression seemed very tired, but you could still see the redness on her face.

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Su Yingzi didn’t mention anything about what happened with me just now, she only said that she was drugged with aphrodisiac, and was threatened by Wang Weicheng and Rat-eye, in the key moment, that storage door actually flew over for some reason, and hit the two bad guys that failed to **** her unconscious.

Very quickly, the police arrived, and secretly arrested the two, but Wang Weicheng was sent to the hospital. The reason was that the sponge-like tissue on Wang Weicheng’s genitals was broken by a powerful external force, causing unhealable destruction.

Then the police asked Rat-eye to make a statement, what he said was about the same as Su Yingzi, it was also at the key moment that the door suddenly flew up, smashing him and Wang Weicheng unconscious. As for how this door flew up, it could only be put to the side, it might have been the accidental action of some drunkard. However, the only suspicious thing was that the tape in the video camera mysteriously disappeared.

“Didn’t I tell you to post bail? Why did you come back yourself?” The general manager of Guobin Hotel, Zhang Guoping, roared furiously to a lawyer of his hotel.

“Director Zhang, the people at the police station aren’t allowing me to post bail…” The lawyer said troubledly.

“Not allowing you? On what grounds! It’s only attempted ****, it can be settled with a little bit of money!” Zhang Guoping said in despise.

“Director Zhang, I fear this isn’t going to be that easy, the victim’s background is very huge, and put a lot of pressure on the side of the city’s police… I fear young master is most likely going to be sentenced…” The lawyer said truthfully.

“What are you saying? Sentenced? Didn’t he not ******* **** yet? Sentence for what!” Zhang Guoping has no idea about law, he doesn’t understand the severity of the issue at all.

“Director Zhang, the law states that, attempted **** also needs to take legal responsibilities, furthermore, this time Young Master did indeed go over the line a bit, the situation is very terrible…” The lawyer explained.

At the same time, in another office, the chairman of broad of Tempest Real Estate, Huang Youwei, was furious after finding how his son has been turned into a “useless person”, he immediately called over a bunch of subordinates, then slammed the desk and yelled, “I don’t care how you’re going to do it, you have to find the culprit of this incident no matter what!”


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