Chapter 165 – Secret Door

I walked out helplessly, and before long, I saw a waiter acting suspiciously not far away. Seeing me dash over, that waiter immediately turned around to leave.

“That waiter! Stop!” I roared.

The waiter didn’t stop, and instead started running. His bring was also heated up, and actually agreed to the messed up request dagongzi of the hotel manager, he only just started being a bit afraid after realizing that. Dagongzi’s family is rich and powerful, and nothing might happen, but if he knows and doesn’t report it, that’s giving false evidence! He is just a little waiter, if anything happened, the person at lost was himself. Therefore, when he saw a person angrily rush towards him, he thought dagongzi’s thing got exposed and this person came to caused trouble for him, causing him to freak out and run. When this person asked him to stand, he thought, he (that person) really came for him, and thus immediately ran.

However, his speed was truly too slow in my eyes, even snails were quicker than him. Before he ran out of the corridor, I already stood five meters in front of him.

“Ah!” That waiter called out in surprise as he stopped, despite that, he still nearly crashed onto me.

“What are you running so fast for!” Instincts told me that there’s something wrong with this waiter.

“I-I’m going to the bathroom!” The waiter said without making any sense.

“If you’re going to the bathroom, then why are you running immediately after seeing me?” I don’t believe this type of low level bullshit.

“I-I coincidentally wanted to pee,” The waiter said in terror.

“Wanted? If you don’t speak the truth, then I’ll make you unable to pee ever again!” I said angrily.

“I-I really have nothing to say!” That waiter still didn’t give in.

“Really?” I snorted, then grabbed the waiter’s collar and lifted him up. “I’m asking you for the last time, think carefully before answering, have you seen Su Yingzi?”

The waiter struggled a bit, then noticed that he was held tight, and couldn’t even move, a wave of terror flooded up into his head, causing him to say fearfully, “Yes… She was brought away by dashaoye.”

“Where?” I asked coldly.

“In-In the bathroom…” The waiter said in a trembling voice.

“Bathroom! Bullshit! Would others not notice in the bathroom?!” I roared. Isn’t this lying, does he think I’m an idiot, if she’s in the bathroom then wouldn’t she be discovered by others ages ago!

“Not lying… I don’t dare to lie to you… There’s a secret door in the bathroom…” The waiter said hesitantly.

“What! Secret door!” I was shocked! No wonder Su Yingzi got kidnapped under the gazes of so many people, it’s done by people from the hotel, and this toilet actually has a secret door!

“Is what you say all true?” I asked fiercely.

“Of course it’s true… I don’t dare to lie,” The waiter said in shock. The person in front of him actually lifted him up with a single hand without any trouble, and has lifted him for so long without any sign of tiredness, the waiter already placed him into a god-like category.

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“Heh!” I casually tossed, that waiter actually flew out, hitting his head on the staircase rail twenty meters away, and with a “dong” sound, he fainted.

****, when did my arm get so strong? However, whether this person lives or dies has nothing to do with me, I turned around into the bathroom, as expectedly, I found a small door on the other side of the washing basin, it looks no different from storage room, if it wasn’t for the waiter’s words just now, I would definitely assume that it is another storage room.

I pushed that small door, it actually didn’t bulge, as if it was locked tight. I used my superpower, and directly kicked the door. Before I entered the room, I heard two shouts of “wawa”, then it became silent.

What’s that? It can’t have been a lie right? I listened carefully again, a woman’s light moan would actually be heard from the inside, although it was very faint, but I could feel the anxiousness of the pain.

What’s happening? The people inside can’t have already ****** right? I dipped my head, and entered into the small room, then saw a very strange scene. Two men were lying stretched out on the floor, the two of their faces were covered in blood, and they didn’t move. One of them had already taken off his pants, what was more weird is that the rod-shaped object on his lower body already turned into a triangle.

It can’t be? What happened? It seems like these two people lost the ability to move.

Su Yingzi had her eyes closed as she bit her lips, her legs relentlessly rubbing against each other in an expression as if she was in deep suffering, her cheeks have already become a fiery red.

Su Yingzi also got shocked by this sudden change, she opened her eyes hesitantly and said, “Why is it you… Quick… Save me quickly… I… feel… so…. Uncomfortable!”

I looked at the clothes on Su Yingzi’s body, it was rather complete, it looks like I got here in time, that guy had already taken down his pants, if I arrived slightly later, the consequences are unimaginable.

Seeing that it was me, Su Yingzi actually held onto my body like a huge koala, her limbs tightly gripping onto my body, her voice membered, “I… I feel so uncomfortable… Help… Help me… Okay? It’s… It’s too hot! Help me… take… take my clothes off….”

“Don’t ******* move!” I roared. To be honest, her current appearance was very arousing. Isn’t this seducing me? Although I came to save you, but don’t force me to make a mistake!

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier trust me so much, and told me to save you, I don’t want it to turn into me…

“I’m… begging you… I can’t hold it anymore… I… I want…” Su Yingzi felt the lust in her body getting stronger and stronger, her whole body was in heat, as if uncountable ants were crawling all over her body, the itchiness continuously assaulted her nerves, her consciousness was gradually getting blurred, her breathing became more erratic, seeing that the person in front of her is no longer the two bad guys from earlier, and the person she just thought of, she also let go of her last bit of sanity, and said the words “I want it”.

Seeing Su Yingzi using her hands to continuously rip her clothes off, I felt seduced to the max. However, I restrained the impulsion in my heart. Although I’m not some sort of just man, but I didn’t have much interest in this sort of illogical sex that had no basis on feeligns. Under this condition, even if I really…

After that, I’m still me, and she’s still her, I don’t think something happened under the influence of aphrodisiac would cause her to fall in love with me, since it’s like that, it’s better not to do it. I said it earlier, I don’t want my women to be ****** by others… If Su Yingzi and I really did something, when she does that with other people in the future, isn’t a green hat going to place onto me?


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