Chapter 154 – Yama’s First Disciple

This isn’t right, ever since I got my superpower, I was extremely sensitive. The person behind me was actually so close, and yet I didn’t feel it at all, this doesn’t make sense!?

I quickly turned around, but that nearly freaked me out. It was fortunate that I was stronger that the black shirted person mentally, otherwise I might have collapsed onto the floor as well.

The person behind me was less than half a meter away from me, the moment I turned around, I actually saw a huge face full of wrinkles! This person wore a priest frock, and held a whisk in his hand.

“Who are you!” I subconsciously jumped back three meters and asked.

“This lowly Daoist is Jiaoyazi!” That Daoist with the large face replied.

Footy⌈1⌋? What kind of name is this? He’s probably a con man!

“Sorry, I don’t want need fortune telling! And I don’t believe in fate,” I said coldly. After getting reborn, I have already changed history, so I don’t believe in the so-called fate.

“Almsgiver, do you feel anything weird about your body?” Jiaoyazi continued to ask.

“Ha, are you a fortune teller or a doctor in the society, what does the good or bad of my body have to do with you?” I mocked.

“Almsgiver, did you not notice that your body is a bit different from before? For example, special abilities?” Jiaoyazi continued to ask, his gaze filled with ice.

I felt a bit of shock, this old Daoist can’t have just saw the superpower I used, and have ill intentions towards me right?

“Say, old man, you saw too many tv series right? Special powers? If you continue troubling me, I’ll call the police!” I threatened.

“Almsgiver, don’t deny it, this lowly Daoist has already followed you for three days! This lowly Daoist has even seen the move you used just now!” Jiaoyazi said expressionlessly.

Hearing his words, I was really shocked! So the person following me these days was him! It looks like he had planned it already! From the looks of him, he’s most likely a superpowered person as well, what exactly does he want?

“What-What are you trying to do!” This was the first time I felt so unconfident, this Footy gaze me a formless pressure, causing me to get worried for no real reason.

“Almsgiver, this lowly Daoist came to help you!” Jiaoyazi said.

“Help me? How?” I asked weirdly, it seems like I didn’t meet any trouble?

“Almsgiver, the power you have in your body doesn’t belong in this world, and this power is a bit evil, it seems to be the same as the dual cultivation that has been long lost!” Jiaoyazi said.

“What do you mean by saying this?” I still didn’t understand what this person was talking about.

“The reason this lowly Daoist came today is to take by this power that doesn’t belong in the human realm!” Jiaoyazi finally spoke out his reason for following me.

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Take back? How could I allow him, it was so hard for me to get superpowers, how could I like this old Daoist Footy randomly take it back!

“Take back? That’s out of nowhere! Who are you? Why are you going to take back my powers?” I took two steps back and said.

“Almsgiver, stop refusing to realize your own error! If you continue to do so, don’t blame this lowly Daoist for being merciless!” Jiaoyazi said with a darkened expression.

It looks like this person isn’t some kind of good guy, if I continue to waste my breath with him, then I definitely have some mental illness. Out of the thirty-six stratagems, fleeing is the best. I concentrated, used my superpower, and speedily dashed in the direction behind me.

I only felt the wind breezing past my ears, the scene in front of me also became blurry.

When I stopped and panted, everything in front of me was foreign. I can’t have run out of the province right?

“Almsgiver, this lowly Daoist is old, continue running like this would waste a lot of energy!” Footy’s voice sounded out beside my ear again.

I raised my head, and saw that Footy was standing in front of me while smiling, as if nothing happened! **** this! I am nearly dead from all the running, why is this geezer still so energized?

“Geezer, who exactly are you! Something’s wrong with you right, causing troubles for me for no reason!” Seeing that I can’t escape, I just ignored everything and roared.

“Almsgiver, the lowly Daoist has already said that this lowly Daoist is Jiaoyazi! The reason coming to find almsgiver is to take back the power in your body!” Jiaoyazi said without changing his expression.

“You keep on saying that you want to take back the power in my body, what’s your purpose?” I said in annoyance.

“The power on almsgiver is very evil, once it is completely developed, it will cause damage to the world! This lowly Daoist is going the heaven’s work, if you continue to not recognize your mistake, this lowly Daoist will forcefully take it back! The only fear is that at that time your soul will disperse, never to reincarnate!” Jiaoyazi said solemnly.

“You keep on saying that you are acting out heaven’s will, then I’ll ask you, don’t you have superpowers as well? How are you going to explain that?” I pointed to Footy and swore.

“I’m different from you! This lowly Daoist is the first disciple under Yama, carrying out a mission in the human realm, specifically eliminating people like you that practicing evil cultivation methods and try to harm your surroundings.”

“What? Who did you say you are?” I asked in shock.

“I’m Yama’s first disciple!” Jiaoyazi repeated.

Hearing that, I nearly died of happiness, it can’t be that much of a coincidence right? With my luck, I can’t die even if I want to, this Footy is actually old bro Yama’s disciple!

“So you’re Yama’s disciple, since it’s like this, I’ll tell you, I’m Yama’s didi!” Regaining my confidence, my tone also returned to normal.

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“You said you are shifu’s… didi?” Jiaoyazi momentarily blanked and looked at me in confusion.

“What? Since you know that, then why don’t you just screw off!” I said confidently.

“That’s not right, I never heard of shifu having siblings!” Jiaoyazi’s tone also became cold. “
Almsgiver, stop pretending, ignoring whether shifu has any siblings, even if he has any, it’s impossible for them to practice this kind of evil cultivation!”

“I really am Yama’s didi!” I said assuredly. “Go and ask your shifu if you don’t believe me!”

“Ask? How? Do you think it’s so easy going back to the underworld? I would have gone back ages ago if I could!” Jiaoyazi said.

“…” This is rather troublesome, how am I supposed to explain to this Footy.

“You have nothing to say now right! Hehe! As long as you cooperate with this lowly Daoist, this lowly Daoist will not harm your life!” Saying that, Jiaoyazi took out a red dan and handed it to me.

“What is this?” I didn’t receive it.

“As long as you consume it, the powers on your body will disappear, but it won’t have any other effects,”

“****, why are you so stubborn, I told you that I’m Yama’s didi already, in other words your martial uncle, isn’t this going against your seniors?!” I shouted.

“Hehe, this isn’t up to you! If you aren’t going to eat it, then I’ll use force!” Jiaoyazi laughed coldly.

“Ai —— Wait!” I suddenly recalled the most important thing!

“What is it?” Jiaoyazi asked weirdly.

“I’m going to give old bro Yama a call…” Saying that, I took out the jade pendant that I carried around in front of my chest.


  1. His name is Jiaoyazi (焦牙子), which sounds the same as Foot (脚丫子) except the intonations. I’m using Footy because it’s more like a name. 
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