Chapter 140 – The Rich Husband that Fell Down from the Sky

“About this… It’s a classmate in Liu Lei’s class,” Chen Weier immediately noticed that she said something wrong. She can’t tell her mother that her boyfriend has another girlfriend no matter what, although she was sold out in name, but any girl’s mother wouldn’t want their daughter to marry over to be a mistress.

“Oh,” Mother Chen didn’t continue asking, she just said. “Can that something software be worth so much?” Although Mother Chen also hurt people talking about computers, high tech, software and the like, but she was still questioning about something that couldn’t be touched selling for two hundred and fifty thousand.

“En, the money for father to get treated was only a part of it. Every time his software is sold on the market, he can get a portion of it, therefore as long as this software is not outdated, he can get quite a bit of money per month!” Chen Weier explained.

“Ah…!” Mother Chen was completely shocked, she could never imagine in her dream that money could be earned like this! They could just sit and wait to receive money at home, while she had to work hard to sell even one extra bowl of Mala Tang. The difference was too great right?!

“However, are you sure he really is that big boss that gave your older brother money?” Mother Chen still couldn’t accept it all of a sudden.

“Aiya! How could I be wrong! Mom, do you agree or not!” Chen Weier pulled on Mother Chen’s shoulder and acted spoiled.

“You are already sold to him, what’s there for me to agree or disagree about…” Mother Chen said with a smile.

“Mom you’re amazing!” Chen Weier happily kissed Mother Chen. Chen Weier had thought that her starting to date in high school and had intercourse with her boyfriend would have caused her mother to seriously scold her, she never thought that it would pass so easily.

But how would Chen Weier know that actually Mother Chen couldn’t be any happier! If what Chen Weier said was true, then it really was a rich husband that fell from the sky, the big boss that took out the money was actually Xiao Liu-tongxue, and it looks like Weier likes him quite a lot, it really is resolving two issues at once by them getting together.

“Then you’re saying that your older brother knew about this ages ago?” Mother Chen asked.

“Yeah! Even I only found out about it not long ago!” Chen Weier pouted and said in dissatisfaction. If it wasn’t for gege making decisions on his own, she would have been with the one she loved ages ago.

“This damn Dayong! He actually dared to lie to his own mom and meimei, watch how I take care of him later!” Mother Chen said as if she was angry, but she had an expression of joy.

Mother Chen already thanked all sorts of deities in her heart, today really is a great day, she could finally put down this knot in her heart, she couldn’t help but sigh, her daughter must have done a lot of good deeds in her (Weier) previous life for the heavens to give her such a good love life.

I waited a while in the big room, then saw the mother and daughter walk out full of smiles.

“Old Chen, let me introduce you, this Xiao Liu-tongxue…” Mother Chen smiled and said.

“I know, we’ve met last time!” Father Chen looked weirdly at Mother Chen.

“Old Chen, let me finish! Xiao Liu’s identity this time is different from last time, he’s coming to our home as our son-in-law this time!” Mother Chen continued.

“Son-in-law! You guys…” Father Chen had a face of confusion.

“Dayong, why aren’t you telling us exactly what happened to us!” Mother Chen scolded.

Chen Yong freaked and stood up from the stool, and sent a gaze towards me seeking help. Since we said it at the start that it was to be kept confidential, so Chen Yong didn’t dare to say anything without my permission.

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Only after seeing me nod did Chen Yong saw out exactly what happened.

At this moment, Mother Chen fully believed everything Chen Weier just said, and thought that there isn’t anything worth being doubtful about anymore.

On the other hand, Chen Weier’s father didn’t show too much excitement, after all he is someone that has experienced life and death, and didn’t have lighter feelings on things, but he still had a smile on his face. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface about his daughter selling her body to get him treated, he still felt really guilty about it, now seeing that his daughter not only found a good home, but that contract is moot, he was a lot more relaxed.

Now that everything’s clear, everyone no longer acted so distant, Chen Weier had no qualms, and leaned her head on my shoulder, a smile appearing on her lips.

“Bomu, I came here firstly to tell you about Weier and my relationship, but more importantly, I have something to discuss with Bomu!” Seeing that the timing was about right, I changed the -topic.

“Discuss with me?” Mother Chen didn’t understand, what could I want to discuss with her about, could it be marriage? Impossible, just how old is Weier! What else can it be though?

“It’s like this, I heard Weier said that the Mala Tang you are selling is passed down from Bofu’s family?” I asked. When I heard Weier talk about it being a family secret recipe, I immediately felt that it was definitely a business opportunity. After a few years, all sorts of family recipe, unique snacks will be everywhere, how could I miss out on this chance!

“Yeah! The people that have ate our Mala Tang all can’t help but praise it, Xiao Liu-tongxue, didn’t you only meet Weier due to this Mala Tang!” Mother Chen immediately got proud of herself when she heard me mention the Mala Tang.

“It’s like this, Bomu. Since this Mala Tang is so popular, we have no need to wake up early and close late for the stall, we can completely turn it into a larger franchise corporation,” I raised my idea.

“Large corporation?” Making the Mala Tang big, it’s not like Mother Chen has never thought about it, ever since a young age, she was rather interested in running a business, and have sold stuff with her father from youth. After marrying into the Chen family, she heard about this secret recipe, and immediately decided to start selling in a stall at the market place. After that returnee customers gradually increased, Mother Chen also saved quite a bit of money, and prepared to get a larger shop to sell it in, who would have thought that Chen Weier’s father got sick. The savings over the year turned red over months like flowing water, where would she find the money to expand.

“En, I feel like the food industry has a lot of potential in the following years,” I spoke out about the experience in my previous life.

“That’s true, people are richer, and thus would naturally have higher expectation for what they eat!” Mother Chen nodded.

“So, Bomu, since we’re going to do this, we should make it big directly!” I said.

“Xiao Liu-tongxue-, your idea is good, but our family situation…” Mother Chen said awkwardly.

“Bomu, what I mean is that we should cooperate, I’ll spend the money, you should work. I have quite a bit of spare money on hand, if I don’t do something with it then it’d be a waste,” I said.


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